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Brings Germany’s stars, shine: brings Germany’s stars, shine: make-up artist and hair Katja Holtzel presented their new website! Good looks is their profession, a great appearance their vocation and that from now on the Internet. On their new Web site is the freelance hair and makeup artist Katja Holtzel from Munich an overview of their skills. And that can be seen. Katja Holtzels everyday life reminiscent of the contents of a glossy magazine photo shoots, TV shows, music videos, fashion shows at first glance. For more information see Nieman Foundation. And indeed: glamour and determine the life of the Munich top make-up artist.

Studios after she worked a hairdressing apprenticeship with Rudolf Niesner, as well as the training to the makeup artist at the SZM for six years as a makeup artist for the ProSieben Sat1 production GmbH. TV quota Kings such as Stefan Raab and Arabella Kiesbauer, but also whole TV formats such as the ARD series Marienhof”, Galileo”, Taff, the news and the Topics of the day”blindly relied on her strong sense of the latest beauty trends. In May 2007 Katja Holtzel ventured as a make-up artist in the independence and worked potent, Oliver Pocher, Michaela May, silver Moon, Sandy Meyer-Wolden that 03/09 in the right light they moved for the title – and Editorialshooting for MAXIM since then with celebrities such as Peter Maffay, Franka. Katja Holtzel rely on politicians like Edmund Stoiber, Horst Seehofer, Claudia Roth.

Precious Stones

Skin aging legends delay high-calibre against wrinkles – with precious stones and say there are surrounding the origin of precious minerals, occupied, however, are the effects in healing and cosmetic studies from the history. Cleopatra bathed in ground pearls and drank this rejuvenation, because you still praises her beauty, this treatment gives right her in retrospect. LIGNE SAINT CLAIRE – this means the old knowledge of the powers of crystals and minerals combined with high-tech active ingredients from our laboratory. 30 gems have been tested by a team of researchers on the skin, our largest organ of the body, on their compatibility, streamlining and cellular action. Ligne Saint Claire – research with gems in cosmetics Ligne Saint Claire researches in the area of precious stone powder as an active ingredient in cosmetics for 20 years. A team of researchers test 30 mineral and gemstones on effect and impact regeneration. If you would like to know more then you should visit Boy Scouts of America. The targeted use of precious stone powder in conjunction with high-tech active ingredients such as nano gold, hyaluronic acid, argan oil, champagne uva.

complement or enhance the positive Properties of other care substances. Ligne Saint Claire products are manufactured according to European directives in Germany and certified. Animal testing is waived with respect to the creation. Research is not finished for Ligne Saint Claire, specially developed, innovative treatment methods are presented in the 2008 Academy and can be learned there. That includes essential walk massage facial, Michael facial and the face. In January 2009, managed the research team to develop a combination of active ingredients of sea sale gene and botanicals to a special serum.

Ligne Saint Claire calls this new “Michael serum”. The term anti aging, refers to measures, which aims to delay biological aging of the people. In cosmetics is the term for products and treatments that delay the aging of the skin. LIGNE SAINT Claire, this term for products and treatments that have the skin rejuvenation to the target, and this is as long as possible at a high level to keep. See wellness,. is translated good health, increasing today primarily methods and applications to the physical, mental and spiritual well-being. LIGNE SAINT CLAIRE wellness products are for prevention to work stress and weariness contrary to. Central to the well-being, LIGNE SAINT CLAIRE’s FACE WALK MASSAGE developed. The singer and Kaitlyn original Marita Kollner – known as Fussisch Aki – is enthusiastic Ligne Saint Claire, Queen Charlotte as the first providing a massage with Michael serum with 90 years daily. For more information about applications and the complete range of products see: Ligne Saint Claire Spa SL Kerima Kellermann

Make Up

Mascara and shadow gives an expressive look, lipstick draws attention to the seductive lips, blush animate the face, and hair products to help him create a worthy setting. All this – make up the concept of 'Make Up', and although each of them in their own way is important, but none yet is not principal. In contrast to the foundation – the basis of any make-apa. Indeed, in cosmetics, as well as in painting: no paint will serve not as it should, if the canvas was not good primed. A professional make-up a priori implies the use of colors. Mistake to think that it is only necessary as a means of camouflage that hides imperfections. For more information see Boy Scouts of America. Even if your face in a perfect condition, you should not abandon tonal framework, and not just for evening makeup.

Most of the tones of creams available for different skin types. Cinematic history Did you know that the emergence of tonal cream, we are obliged to cinema? This is a cosmetic product was invented 90 years ago, the legendary master of make-up by a notorious Max Factor – our former compatriots, among other things. Future celebrity was born Russia, in the city of (now the territory of Poland). As a youth he worked in opera, where the actors' makeup, and then for nearly a decade was an expert on makeup in the court of Nicholas ii. But early last century, before Revolution, prudently moved to America in Los Angeles. His famous invention of Max Factor made while working make-up artist in Hollywood.

Scientific Advisory Board

High-quality nutritional supplements for more well-being GesundheitsWelt directly which from Wolfsburg would be glad to be able to present the prestigious FitLine-products of PM-International AG on its online portal health world as of 1 July 2009. The PM-International AG sold in over 30 countries around the world developed, partly patented premium products for health, fitness and beauty, and is the German market leader in the field of nutritional supplement FitLine product line. The FitLine products speak to sustained performance of the basic needs of the people in old age, after good look and a youthful, natural appearance. This show visible results and offer a benefits comprehensible in the long term. The FitLine product line characterized by a unique concept of nutrient transport (NTC ) for more cellular energy, which supplies the body with exactly the right nutrients that make up beauty and well-being. The defense forces as well as heart and circulatory system strengthened. An immediately noticeable increase of performance and concentration in addition, supplemented by exterior features, such as better skin, hair, and nails. Features that make FitLine an indispensable basis for a successful anti-aging strategy.

The development of FitLine products based on the latest scientific findings and corresponds to highest quality, purity, and safety guidelines. The Scientific Advisory Board this occupies a special position. For a company in the beauty and wellness area unique, interdisciplinary know-how of specialists is bundled in this facility. These form the collected expertise related to PM International’s products and ensure that they meet high expectations and meet the highest standards. In addition, the production allows a high purity and an uncompromising level of quality the FitLine products according to strict GMP standard of pharmaceutical. What should apply to the health-conscious people, this is already true since for the sport for many years: effective increase the performance and fitness with the FitLine cell energy concept.

Numerous, strong partnerships between PM international and medal winners of summer and winter, world champions and elite athletes, teams and major sports federations show this. Purity and an uncompromising level of quality the FitLine products play an important role in the sport. Therefore FitLine products are regularly and independently of the Swiss vitamin Institute of Lausanne and controlled by the Center for preventive doping research (ZePrDo) of the German sport University Cologne (info at). Christina Impala