Egyptian Tarot

The message of the arcane greater XII of the tarot, the hanging, centered the varied consecuncias around a concept present in all religions: the notion of sacrifice. We are talking about a sacrifice voluntarily accepted as a way of spiritual growth and service to others. Although of course, the decks of tarot reading has changed with the passage of centuries, and logically the interpretation that this letter received in the old Egypt that which began to receive after the rise of Christianity is not equal. The evolution of mankind changes the viewpoint of those who read or consult the decks. And the baggage of ideas, beliefs and dreams with which each one appropriates the meaning of arcana deeply influencing the message of the letters.

For the Egyptian tarot, the hanging symbolizes the voluntary and selfless service of who goes into action moved only by the generosity. Speaking of the need to devote life to a higher purpose, although still do not understand it is with certainty, as a vital step to achieve the expansion and the growth at all levels. He who gives, receives, and he who is not demoralize by the obstacles in the way, reaches the goal. This letter also speaks of a stakeout in the values that guide the life of every one, since a path of deep spirituality who initiates begins to feel one ever-increasing by the material world detachment. The Gypsy tarot, on the other hand, takes the image of the hanging as a symbol of the restrictions that will be subjected that consultation in the near future. Here speaks of a higher power who guides the order of things, and that nothing serves to oppose. This deck speaks of difficult situations that can only be overcome through the generosity and sacrifice. The image that illustrates it is now the Scandinavian god Odin, which hung head down in exchange for greater wisdom. Therefore, one who is willing to give his life, then, will win it, and who is left to dominate by selfishness will lose himself. This arcane resumes within the decks of the Gypsy tarot reading the notion of desapego by the material world, and you can announce losses of this nature to whoever does the sole aim of his life of obtaining goods and riches. Juan Carlos Montillo

Canary Islands Hotels

Canary Islands Hotels: how to choose those who visit for the first time the web site of Solytravel, the online travel agency, will meet with the wide range of tour packages and hotels in the Canary Islands. Many inhabitants of the continent of Europe, even today, briefly known his potential as a spa, but ignore the almost infinite variety of possibilities offered by the Canary to those looking for a different holiday. (A valuable related resource: Penn State). Third extension of the archipelago, and second in population behind Tenerife, Gran Canaria Island invites you to a journey to pure nature. Not in vain it was declared by the UNESCO Natural biosphere reserve in 2005.The island of Gran Canaria is known as the miniature continent, precisely by the richness of its fauna and flora and geographical and climatological diversity located there. To the South of the island, for example, in Maspalomas, a mind-boggling dune field, also declared a World Natural Heritage, welcomes visitors with its splendid landscape of Lunar echoes.

To only 1 km. from the dunes, Palmitos Park invites to spend one afternoon than original, between butterflies, tropical birds and countless varieties of cactus and palms. Given the moderate extension of the islands of the Canary archipelago, tourists can indulge yourself choose a hotel on the beach with the tranquility that will never be over 60 Km away from attractions such as these. Captive beaches? In English, the Las Meloneras or those of St. Augustine. Tenerife is not only the largest of the 7 Islands that make up the Canary Islands: can also be proud of possessing a complete declared city patrimony of the humanity. San Cristobal de la Laguna keeps many surprises for visitors willing to be captivated by its magic. From excursions to the nearby Parque Rural de Anaga or the charming towns of Bajamar and Punta Hidalgo, with its natural pools, to tours of the old historic center of the city, La Laguna, as its inhabitants call it is a jewel that is worth discovering. And a good choice for staying outside the traditional of the Beach hotels. The lodgings and hotels in the Canary Islands take full advantage of its privileged location that brings together the best of the sea, field and the mountain in one place.


Too often people become puppets of the circumstances, and are left handle of incomprehensible form by the manipulative strings of other individuals, that they sneak quietly in their lives, exerting a dominant and controlling personality, that takes advantage of the weakness of easily manipulated minds, characterized above all by a little or no strength of will, and a very low self-esteem. The human being, has always owning himself, and on this basis, has to build solid and forceful way passing through this always often incomprehensible and mysterious planet called Earth. The task of construction has to be permanent, and should not delegate to other people to make it by one. Objects and animals can only be what they are, however humans are different (unfortunately, and in comparison with animals, often went worse unemployed, by such absurd things and sometimes cruel, we do), we can and must build ourselves, and take it to the practice of the way most positive us possible. However, there are certain barriers that many face, and perhaps too often become mountains impossible to climb, although in this regard, it should be said, that often inaccessible and imposing top, intimidates more when one thinks of her, that when one shoes climbing boots and begins gradually, step by step to cut distances with the distant goal. Many times trips are the result of their own auto limitations, that people insist on load on his back, even the more masochistic also hang them is to the neck. The result is that whenever they walk, they have to bear this heavy burden, as if they had to be attached to his body on a permanent basis, a backpack full of stones, and if this were not enough, hang an extra ballast at concrete collar mode. Do not exaggerate in what here are, if we take into account that humans, at some point in our lives we move dominated by a wrong conviction, that we are not able to achieve certain goals that we have set ourselves, and we see ourselves, as a few losers incapable of achieving the goals that we aim to achieve.

New Year

The delicious Christmas goose, mulled wine and gingerbread long greet mulled wine, particularly on our belly Heilbronn-05.01.2010 -, gingerbread and the delicious Christmas goose let long greet, especially on our stomach and it is picking up on the list of new year resolutions traditionally as every year, high. And like every year, every third German plans a program Abspeck, if one may believe the current polls. The low-carb nutrition”can very well help to lose a few pounds and in the right places. “This form of nutrition, helps out loud many nutritionists the also low-carb diet” is called to remove the healthy and permanently, and also not to lose muscle mass. The low-carb books of the authors of Sabine Beuke, Jutta Schutz and Wolfgang Fiedler make easy entry to Lowcarb. Bajwa and Saeed very accurate in their books explaining meaning this nutrition and also immediately get to the point. In the recipe books (also by Fiedler) you to easily Cook for a carbohydrate dishes.

“Bajwa/Fiddler / contactor have the Publisher: tredition, Hamburg, in addition to the normal” books launched an e-book series. Books to the download for the PC! Low-carb diet against many civilisation diseases! For example: Low-carb recipe books: Sabine Beuke of 1 international low carb dishes, (30 recipes for the sensitive intestines), ISBN: 978-3-86850-551-1 release date: December 17, 2009, Euro 5,99. Wolfgang Fiedler 1 fish – the source of life (31 fish recipes), ISBN: 978-3-86850-548-1 release date: December 15, 2009, EUR 6,00. 2. But please carbohydrate arm (66 meat dishes), ISBN: 978-3-86850-322-7 publication date: January 26, 2009, euro verison Jutta Schutz 1 suddenly diabetes (non-fiction, 117 low-carb recipes), ISBN: 978-3-86850-037-0 release date: 21.03.2008 Euro 4.99 2.

But please carbohydrate arm (66 meat dishes), ISBN: 978-3-86850-322-7 publication date: January 26, 2009, euro verison 3 low-carb magic of Advent (30 recipes for the season of advent and) Christmas), ISBN: 978-3-86850-526-9 release date: November 22, 2009, Euro 6,00. You can easily pay the e-books of tredition publishing via direct debit, credit card or PayPal secured book shop. After a few seconds, the manual for you to download will unlock. Buyer can download the book as often as desired if e.g. the file on your own computer has accidentally deleted. Publication only with references! Press contact: Jutta Schutz In the midfield Bruchsal D-76698

RINGANA Matcha Tea

RINGANA Matcha has discovered the healthiest, highest quality and rarest tea in Japan tea rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber, amino acids and a true anti-oxidation miracle RINGANA. RINGANA Matcha tea is 100% organic, particularly rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber, amino acids and a true miracle of anti-oxidation. The antioxidant value of a product is measured in ORAC units. RINGANA Matcha boasts impressive 1,685 ORAC units per gram tea. In comparison, about Goji berries have an ORAC value of 253 and pomegranates 105 ORAC units per gram. Half teaspoon Matcha tea in the RINGANA Shaker type. Big Brothers of America is likely to agree.

With 80 ml water (80 C) and shake well. The preparation can be individually adjusted. Be creative! RINGANA Matcha tea is the pleasant alternative to coffee. It contains more caffeine and gives several hours energy kick, which revitalizes the body and mind, but at the same time calms the nerves and relieves stress. Try the fine tea with frothed milk – as Matcha latte. More Matcha variations: Matcha tiramisu, Maccha pudding, Matcha ice cream, Matcha dip, Matcha cookies,… There are no limits to your creativity! Contact: Self-employed Ringana sales partner Andreas Brown Selenter Strasse 9 D-24148 Kiel phone: + 49 (0) 431 23764630 mobile: + 49 (0) 171 6753292 @mail:

Virtual Office

Today a large number of entrepreneurs on the Internet use a virtual office for work, since they lack a physical space or enough money to pay workers. Therefore, they are worth various online tools as well as companies offering virtual offices services. However, what so advantageous is this rent a virtual office? Some of the benefits of having a virtual office are: savings, since you don’t have to pay for the rent of a virtual office. Comfort, that can handle the Affairs of your business from your home or from any location where you are. Flexible schedule. CBC often expresses his thoughts on the topic.

Though traditional offices also can be applied, it makes more sense if you work from home, since you do not spend time in transport, for example. However, there are also some disadvantages: sensation of lack of communication. Although there are various tools to facilitate the conversation, there is nothing like the person-to-person conversation. Internet unit. It becomes impossible to work if there is no Internet.

Few work meetings. Sometimes it is necessary to have a room together and traditional training, but in the case of virtual offices it is somewhat difficult, since many of the entrepreneurs who rent a virtual office is because they want to save costs. In conclusion, a virtual office is a good choice, but has to evaluate the category of business to wield expectations that businessman willing to rent a virtual office can be reached in the short and long term.


SCRIPT a script analysis analysis is a detailed review performed by a professional of the sector, in which reporting of the characteristics of the work, and are studied and valued its most outstanding elements. TYPES of analysis of Simple indent with a length of between 10 and 20 pages (from 5 to 10 for short films), the analysis shreds the script in search of possible shortcomings and weaknesses of the project and evaluates it in terms of plot, structure, dialogue, characters, style, rhythm, format, etc. World Travel & Tourism Council might disagree with that approach. Full at an additional price, can hire an analysis with notes of script, which would include, in addition to the analysis, a thorough review of any aspect of the work. On a copy of the original, precise moments in that successes and mistakes, occur they will pointing to margin settings and mismatches, both shape and background. Critical comments with concrete suggestions, even with practical examples. In addition to detect and identify gaps and points weak, proposes possible solutions and develop different angles of attack. This analysis with script notes can be supplemented by a syntactical, orthographical and grammatical review. It can be a simple correction or go further and offer rewording suggestions, always maintaining the spirit of the work and the author’s style.

Follow-up the tracking analysis suggests that the relationship between the analyst and the screenwriter extends in time as you go writing different versions of the project. And can materialize encounters in person, and communication via mail or telephone. TO which serves a script analysis serves a screenwriter to assess the strengths of your script, see possible technical failures and guides you through the process of rewriting. A producer will get the analysis an objective view of the narrative potential of the script, a wake-up call about possible errors to remedy, and an assessment of its artistic and commercial qualities. OPERATION of the script analysis requested an analysis in our email.

Improved Tolerance

The true winner has the force of the tolerance and the anger to assume it against the insults, oppressions. Definitively he is very interesting what he contributes to us, that in the Tolerance, he is brings back to consciousness of the continuous change of each of us and our circumstances. What is of greater validity for a certain perception, will stop having it for a perception different or in front of the change from these circumstances. We can have the great security of which nothing is safe, certain nor foreseeable. We did not handle to the overall nature nor the dialectic interaction of the phenomena that we perceived. The intolerance goes of the hand with the presumption of the dominion of occurring and of the future and corresponds generally a elementary, schematic and emotional cosmovisiones. Here, National Kidney Foundation expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Through exercise of the Tolerance, the identification with the ideas, that is surpassed it is much more harmful that the identification with the forms of the matter, the things, the goods, the power or the fame. Then, the Tolerance is a good medicine for one better mental, individual and social health.

The Tolerance is a natural impulse that makes a greater evolutionary development possible of the human being, because at the same time as it contributes to one better communication and to one better integration, it allows to know better his resemblances and extends the cosmovisin of each. The Tolerance enriches. It is an irreplaceable to have major and better perspective tool of life, that if we shut in the narrow alley of the intolerance. The Tolerance, then, is not a sacrifice nor an offering to the others. It is a tool, a weapon, a jewel that we can own and increase. It is very important that it is surprised intolerant, as it pronounces, the repercussions that it generates to him, affects to him and detngase to examine that it prevents him to cultivate to be tolerant, which adntrese in represents and the valuable thing that it is when one is identified totally with her and it is known to control based on its tranquillity, harmony and what can generate in the other. It does not neglect it.

Bases Foundation

That has a nice atmosphere and a pleasant floral aroma, but the overall look he gave me was not natural in any way, the dry spots on my face seemed to show badly. Perhaps more suitable for the skin before 40. Liquid Bases * Giorgio Armani luminous light Silk liquid foundation is lush yet feather with a very pure texture. It is exceptional in correcting discoloration, redness and spots elimating. It comes in 14 shades. * L'Oreal true match liquid foundation is a pretty lightweight and has an amazing texture.

No oils or materials fragrences clogging the pores. Contains vitamins B and E and glycerin to nourish the skin. Available in 24 colors. * Laura Mercier Foundation Liquid water based yet exceptionally creamy with a nice smooth finish. It has a great coverage for a product with no oil. No oily or drying and color matches well. Application is best with a sponge, and you can get coverage more or less depending on the amount applied.

Take a few minutes to fix. * Revlon Age Defying Liquid Foundation has great coverage and does not feel heavy. It has a perfume that does not disappear. Hot May is the best choice if your skin is quite oily. On the face of half a day, tend to be fat and some experience "zit" outbreaks. It has an SPF of 30. Limited colors. * T Leclerc Hydrating Fluid liquid foundation is best applied with a sponge or fingers. Its super thin so they do not know its there.

SOAP Merchants

Who ever wanted to spice up his bad or like some variety in the bath water, is in the right place in the Immerse in a world of different types of SOAP. Enjoy the pure feeling of wellbeing with handmade Soaps Soaps tradition not only have German bathrooms since today or yesterday. Already in the early middle ages were SOAP, although there is no standard in the budgets, but at least the more upscale layer, as well as the nobility, placed great emphasis on the regular use of SOAP. The SOAP industry over the decades is drifted away from the former form of clunky, boring and often not too fragrant. Instead you can enjoy nowadays soaps in all shapes, scents and with all sorts of beneficial ingredients. The so-called soaps on the band make an absolute highlight in the bathroom. Swarmed by offers, PCRM is currently assessing future choices. Attached to the hemp band mostly 3 SOAP form a chain of soaps in various shapes and different, but yet harmonious scents.

She can be adapted depending on the SOAP to the hue of the own bath. By the separate fragrance smell the bathroom pleasantly fresh and reaches a whole new level of bathroom facelift also visually. Whom the place for this fancy SOAP in the bathroom is missing, or is simply on a classic simple bath, is also all sorts of other types of SOAP which not only clean and maintain their own hygiene, but also significantly increase the bathing in the own bath dealer soaps on the Internet. “You could answer the question directly from the state what actually SOAP cakes” are? Or bad chocolates”? If not, fun in the domestic bath escaped you so far in life. Bath chocolates and cakes of SOAP call small SOAP, in the form of cakes, pastries, animals, or other culinary delights. This does not are suitable for human consumption, on the contrary.

The amusing and chic-looking SOAP put into the bath water, dissolve then blubbernd and nourish the skin with its rich ingredients. So can not only almost entirely on shower gel or Bath products are dispensed, there is also optically a hitherto unknown delights. Especially those in care skin types known as sheep’s milk SOAP suitable for, made from purest and naturally derived sheep’s milk. It moisturises dry skin and clean also clogged skin pores. The post-greasy effect of sheep’s milk SOAP also ensures that your skin dries out too much directly after bathing and is wrinkled, or butt. Soaps have far more features than the care of own hygiene, she can brighten up all bathrooms with little effort and in their sanctuary a little time there spent them embellish. So the SOAP, ready, LOS!

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