Christian Charity

Ambrose lived as a hermit giving of love and mercy to the dead, the cemetery of Saint Teresa of Cofrentes (Valencia, Spain) in very poor conditions without basic amenities of modern civilization,. He was faithful to his principles and had absolute resistance to living in other living conditions. She spent her days surrounded by crosses, which produced all kinds of material and feeding his vocation with his thoughts, but once surrendering his isolation from the world of the hermit to get involved in supporting the needy. Simple and austere, know if you had a mystic experience and I'm afraid I would have never commented. Brother fossor and cruciferous, so humble and orthodox in his belief that he was unable to remain in community with the Brothers of Mercy Fossores Guadix, Trappists and Carthusians. His death occurred the day of the dead, as a providential gift in communion with his biography.

If we made a short course of the life of Ambrose, it was because he may be unrelated to any claim, has managed to synthesize the contemplative life, praise God and preach and practice Christian charity. He does not ever endorsed the dying of not dying of our Teresa of Jesus. For a person in direct communion with the dead, life was nice and felt that enables you to perform well and grow in virtue. Death should not be feared, they say, if any life, understood as the classic ascetics past, ie as a preparation for death. Linking to question Scholastic, Ambrose learned to communicate to others what you watched, but did so with their lifestyle dump in helping his fellow man, with his sanity in his madness, thinking to himself: all the people who love me are committed to living away from the cemetery, but I must live here, along with the Cross. His response was vital not an irrational act, obstinate in living suffering and enduring discomfort, was an autonomic response of his firmness and faith. Discuss their work and shut the philosophers. Further information

Orthodox Russia

Especially those characterized Elizabeth. Very pious empress was, however, this did not prevent her commit reckless acts by the Church. But the "time thing unusually long, there were times were epic." Today, Russia has found itself at a new stage in its development. Having a difficult path of historical ups and downs, having experienced many difficulties, disappointments, passions, and plunged into the spiritual emptiness of a niche, Orthodox Russia seeks revival. Reinterpreting the past, she tries to reconstruct it in detail to feel the spirit that prevailed in those days, by virtue of which failed to break any troubles or would-be rulers. Hence the special interest in the life, customs and mores of past generations.

But to return to Holy Russia is not easy. Realize that "do not live by bread alone" in our time is not so easy. "The time". For several generations were brought up in the spirit of atheism under the slogan "charity begins at home", "will be bread – will be the song." Today's youth are imposed on the ideas of pragmatism and practicality. The market becomes the main deity of worship, obscuring the true purpose of a human being.

When the sinister brilliance manit fake metal hard to think of his soul, to do good "by throwing him into the sea" and to repent. Today in Russia responsible for the spiritual development of the nation state is trying to split with the Orthodox Church. But "Caesar and to God and the gods. " Religion is not yet public, but to be Orthodox now prestigious.


Tax advisor Ute Marseille from Bochum informed principle charitable and ecclesiastical authorities are subjected to a sales tax of seven per cent. That looks at the event of a sales tax free seminar but again different. The reason is the possible accommodation or meals of the seminar participants. It can cause that nonprofit seminar provider for a seminar offered must observe three separate tax regimes. That was made from the judgment of the German (BFH) on 8 March 2012 V R 14/11.

The accountant Ute Marseille from Bochum informs about the confusing tax situation and shows their backgrounds. Nonprofit organizer of seminars were confusion in the tax rates has typically believes that it is sufficient to disconnect the share price of accommodation and meals such as lunch or overnight stay including breakfast from the participation fee and settle this part in accordance with the reduced rate of tax. From a Dispute dating back to 2007 out now decided the BFH that meals and accommodation of the participants must be subject to the rule tax rate of 19 percent. The new rules for the reduced rate of tax in the hotel industry ( 12 para 2 No. 11 UStG) in 2010 creates confusion. Seminar providers provide this services which relate to three different control schemes. The services or the offer must be taxed here separately.

The seminar itself is exempt from tax, the accommodation for the participants of the seminar must be settled with the reduced rate of tax of seven percent for the hotel industry and a lunch or breakfast is taxable to the RuleSet by nineteen percent after the night. For detailed information the tax advisor Ute is hesitate Marseille from Bochum available. Press contact accountant Ute Marseille Josef-Baumann-str. 21 44805 Bochum phone: 0234-96431 31 fax: 0234-96431 91 email: website:

Haiti Tragedy

Haiti child Gallegos then that in Haiti the dead buried their dead from the rubble who survived walked as dead in life, receiving the charitable solidarity human interventionism and the occupation military, because when it has been victim of colonialism, nothing better than helmets blue UN and marines los from USA, will hear say: vale later which was never, as an anthem among the dilapidated buildings and the crushed bodies, paying the orphans of children with the Rapture and the adoption of an expectant mother to Angelie Jolie. After that in Haiti the living buried their dead from the dead, taking them out of the rubble as those who were no longer bodies but mounds of meat and bones rotting outdoors, because there is no more place in the devastated graveyards of memory and oblivion, they were taken to mounds to bury them in graves’s history. A tremor in another poem, another poem in a tremor in the memory of the Haitian poet, Evelyne Trouillot: The quivering of our breath scatters petals prisoners of the hand that Withers would keep time in a memory without sinking or tremors and find the virginity of hope where no die darkened mothers of destroyed dreams of broken children of buried sorrows of thousand stories that nobody will say only this memory full of tears. Will not be enough three years for Islanders crowd of the dead memory, because on every mirror in human tremor flowers will be trembling in the winged petals of remembrance, paying in a devastated country gardens cirios of powder with shovels of Earth in the desert streets where once loneliness and poverty, the sweat of slaves and the chain of the releasedthe city sunny islands of black clouds, crossing them Sun with his solar knives and pirates, because the Kingdom of this world Alejo Carpentier, seems Ti Noel converses with the mulatto Obama democratic, with the colonialist Sarkozy, with the model of ebony Naomi Campbell, with the multiracial chorus of We Are The World, with blue helmets and the Marines, saying: suffers, expected and works to people who will never know and that in turn will suffer, will wait and will work for others, that neither will be happy, because man always craves happiness located beyond the portion that is awarded.


Today we go to speak on pendant, a so old object and that it always is if bringing up to date, they are diverse the models, in gold with diamonds, with crystals, but its presence it is constant in the neck of the mulherada one, rapaziada or even though in its bichinho of esteem. These pendants can also have one meaning for the person who this using, and also to mark a special moment. Every year in commemorative dates we give to gifts for our relatives and wanted friends, the ideal we would be not to wait a concrete date, but yes to only give they something who we had will at any time. However nor always he is easy to give to a gift for a person, after all the gostos so are differentiated that we do not know to the certainty what will please each person. But he is possible to adhere to an infallible option. We gain that pretty gold Pendant and we ask in them:

Oh! Cruel doubt! Where I must place this Pendant of gold? Calm girls and boys! Soon we find that necklace or gargantilha that this pendant falls that nor a glove, or then, that bracelet that was made for that gold Pendant. The end Pendants is pretty and fits in any necklace, bracelet or earring. The important one is always to be beautiful fashion. It has people that they use until gold Pendants in its cellular one, looks at that pretty! You badalando with its device and that pretty gold Pendant making that success! that such to make one mimo for its bichinho of esteem? They also deserve to walk fashion with that pretty gold Pendant have of as many types and sizes the doubt is to choose prettiest.

Use Of Pimer Is Important

One of the beauty products that have earned the attention of the consumers is the use of face primer or to primer of eyes in the maquiagem. According to marks that are producing the product, primer serve to keep the maquiagem in the place for more time. Primer must be applied after the hidratante and solar protector and before the application of the base, that is the first layer of maquiagem in contact with the skin. Primer will also function as a protective layer of the skin, preventing the direct pigment contact contained in the base with the skin. Some formulas exist that are currently available and the ideal is to choose one that if adjusts its type of skin. Many specialists have fond the concliso that the use of primer if becomes necessary only at some moments where the maquiagem needs special durability: photographic sessions, parades, the day of the marriage or a party or social event. Of this form, the use of primer in its daily maquiagem is not absolutely necessary and you with certainty it does not need to invest in a product where it perhaps does not need as much. If still thus to want to invest in primer, send regards one of eyes, therefore it functions as a base for the shade, helping in the more alive setting of it and becoming corews..

Jiu Jitsu

Ahead of this question, the JJB athletes finish reduced the mental models that display the risk situations still more to them, forsaking instead of protecting, not only physically, but in the psychological dimension also, going against the main one felt that she developed the strategical techniques and of the old Jiu Jitsu for the current JJB: to protect weakkest in any situation, as much in foot how much in the soil. 2 – The rules of fight and contractual requirements of the MMA harm the correct execution of the techniques and strategies of the JJB, for example: closing of round when the JJB practitioner has a dominated position or an incased finishing, pressure of the controllers so that the more aggressive fighters are each time, duly warned to become uninteresting and contracts not to be renewed. As it can be observed, the MMA generates diverse artificialidades that do not condizem with the proposals of the soft arts, does not condizem with the JJB, seno sees, the techniques of body control is preferred by the practitioners of the soft arts in damage of the traumatic blows (they are used, but as complement), has seen the risk of breaking of the hands, as well as revealing aggressiveness, although to be arts that make possible the users to cause the worse damages, in case that they desire. Let us see the case of the Aikido where its techniques are extremely dangerous, capable to direct the body of the aggressor for the direction that to desire thus and, to have its projected head against the ground, wall or another solid extremity, however, the objective of the soft techniques is not to cause the destructive result, but yes, to control the causes, to control the aggressiveness and to brighten up it the maximum, searching the composition of the conflict by means of action that takes the aggressor to give up its violent intention, without suffering to injuries and if this to occur, controlled for the possible minimum..