Ecologically Correct Responsibility

In the last times, following the word: Support, Social, Ecologically Correct Responsibility and Sustainable Company, had gained space in all the medias, recently transferred to very debate it the subject inside of the political parties, mainly in the last election of the Country. To define a sustainable company is not an easy task for the consumers who are worried about the subject, therefore the consumers does not obtain to visibly observe the practical ones of the companies in its internal processes, since they happen in the internal part of the majority of the companies, examples is: if the products really are ecologically correct, as they are the treatment of its employees, the community where it this inserted one or acts, and finally a sustainable company acts in a production branch that is social and culturally accepted for the human environment where she is inserted. The ethics of the actions and the acceptance of the productive processes must be full. It is not possible, for example, to say that one company who acts with contraband, either a sustainable company. Therefore, beyond morally questionable, its activity is illegal and passvel of punishment. Also a company can be assumen of the word in fictitious way or for interests and if not fit inside of the concept of sustainable company. This can happen because notable is who the great population passed if to worry about the environment, starting to have conscience, in this way classifying the degree of importance of the subject for the planet. Some of ways that the population can use to be along with the practical ones of the companies, are to be of eye in news articles in media, periodicals, also are of great value that population understands that the same one is crucial factor in this campaign in favor of the support, starting for its action, that can be through small diverse gestures who make the difference, between them is the option for household-electric with Procel stamp, that points levels of energy efficiency, to attempt against itself for the consumption of sanitary and chuveiros vases, if possible, developing regulating of flow, the discarding of inks, light bulbs, furniture, at last, everything must be thought about the optics of the corresponding ambient impact.

United Nations

Beyond the consecration of international the enviromental law, the Declaration reaffirms the resultant document of the Conference of United Nations on the Human Environment, adopted in Estocolmo in 16 of June of 1972, as well as, the definitive option, for the beginning of the established sustainable development in 1988 for intermediary of the Report of the World-wide Commission on the Environment and Development, Our Common Future. ' ' Currently the application and instrumentation of the politics public do not favor the incorporation of the ambient support, to the process of exploration of resources and the occupation of espao' ' (Cavalcanti et al., 2002, P. 45). Spm Llc contributes greatly to this topic. The speech around ' ' sustentvel' ' , it searchs to reconcile the contradictory points of the desenvolvimentista argument, that is, the environment and the economic growth. This ideological mechanism means, not only a return of the rationality in the economy, but also the announcement of a growth in the same one, as a process really supported. When one becomes related tourist activity, environment and ambient support, the geographic landscape and the planning of its rational use will have to consist in the base of any type of tourism that if it projects.

In reason of this, they will have perfectly to be understood, to be analyzed and to be interpreted all the pertinent questions to this association. According to Wheat (2001, P. 13) ' ' the necessary to be planned, sustainable tourism and to restrain the discrepancies sociais' '. Pearce & Butler (2002, P. 87/88) affirms that: In the tourist context, however, we can use ' ' planning and development integrado' ' as the process to introduce the tourism in a form area that it if mescle with the existing elements already. She is implicit here that such introduction and mixture if make in harmonious and adequate way, so that from there results an acceptable and functionally ideal community, in ecological terms as in such a way human.

Rain Water Captation

Helber Enrique de Oliveira Lorenzete: FAAL Dr. Ricardo Bruno Luiz: Professor FAAL Summary the water is one of existing substances most common in the nature, covering about 70% the surface the planet, where all the organisms need water to survive, being its availability, one of the factors most important to mold ecosystems. Please visit Jo Mackness if you seek more information. Currently, with the increase of the demand to the population growth, the water has if become a natural resources each scarcer time and one in the found ways to minimize the problem are the implantation of the system of rain water captation, where the caught water can be used in domestic activities, as cleannesses of yards and lauderings of clothes, beyond reducing the ambient expenses and impacts, as overflows and floods. After research on systems of rain water captation was concluded that the implantation is viable. Word-key: Water, systems of captation, rain, I reuse. Abstract Water is one of the most common substances existing in nature, covering about 70% of the planet' s surface, where all organisms need to water you survive, and its availability, is one of the most important factors in shaping ecosystems. By the same author: Eliot Lauer. Currently, with the increased demand with population growth, to water has become natural resource increasingly scarce and one of the ways found you mitigate the problem is you introduce the system will be capturing to rainwater, where to water collected can be used in domestic activities such cleaning the yard and washing clothes, while reducing costs and environmental impacts such flooding and floods. After research on systems will be capturing to rainwater was concluded that it is viable deployment.

Keywords: Water, fundraising systems, rain, reuses. 1? Introduction the water meets available under some forms and is one of existing substances most common in the nature, covering about 70% the surface the planet. It is found mainly in the liquid state, constituting a renewable natural resources by means of the hidrolgico cycle. All the organisms need water to survive, being its availability one of the factors more important to mold ecosystems. It is basic that the hdricos resources present adequate physical and chemical conditions for its use for the organisms, them must contain essential substances to the life beyond being exempt of other substances that can produce deleterious effect to the organisms that compose the alimentary chains. Thus, water availability means that it is present in amount not only adjusted in one given region, but also that its quality must be satisfactory to supply the necessities of one definitive set of beings livings creature (biota). (BRAGA ET AL, 2006) Currently, with the increase of the demand due to the population growth, the water if has become a natural resources each scarcer time. One in the viable ways for the minimizao it problem is the rain water captation, where the caught water can be used for domestic ends, such as discharges in sanitary vases, taps of gardens, lauderings of clothes, sidewalk, automobiles and even for the human consumption, since that it receives the due treatment. With a system of rain water captation it is possible consequentemente to reduce the drinking waters consumption and the expenses, to minimize overflows, floods, rationings of water and still to preserve the environment reducing the scarcity of the hdricos resources, beyond minimizing drags it of lixos and residues of automobiles for the hdricos bodies through pluvial waters. The present article has as objective to show the advantages in if using systems of rain water captation.

The Effect Greenhouse

The Effect Greenhouse is a process that occurs when umaparte of the solar radiation reflected by the terrestrial surface is absorbed pordeterminados gases gifts in the atmosphere. She is generated by the falling of trees of forests and pelaqueimada of the same ones, therefore they are who regulate the temperature, the winds and onvel of rains in diverse regions. As the forests are diminishing nomundo, the terrestrial temperature has increased in the same ratio. Nosltimos years, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has increased annually, this increase if it must to the use of oil, tropical gas and dasflorestas coal and to the destruction. The concentration of other gases that also contribute for oEfeito of Greenhouse increased quickly.

The joint effect of taissubstncias can come to cause an increase of the temperature of the planet. If the land was not cobertapor air mantle, the atmosphere would be too much cold for the life. They would condiesseriam them hostile to the life, which of so fragile that it is, would be enough a pequenadiferena in initial conditions of its formation. Preocupadoscom these international problems, organisms, Organizations Governamentaise governments of diverse countries already are not taking measured to reduce ambient apoluio and the naatmosfera emission of gases.

Research Land

When I say ‘ ‘ ns’ ‘ I am including all without distinction: formal education, to be able public, great companies, civil society, rich countries and poor eoutros. Consideraes final Is evident, therefore, that the EA, as a educaoholstica of the citizens, it is facing great challenges in the attempt of umasubstancial transformation. For being the so complex nature, a science is impossible queapenas obtains to explain all its especificidades. What obrigaprofissionais of all the areas to be worked together, becoming the EducaoAmbiental a transversal subject, as it is treated by the PCNs. Thus being, the paper d@ profess@r as motivad@r, is to foment ideas and aesconcretas, through pedagogical practical its, of its behavior, the suasprodues and its procedure. That is standed out that the State has primordial paper in this tarefardua of improvement of the quality of the education and the applicability of the laws, that orase finds as cake prescription, not yet was made. Is to have dainiciativa private public and the sistmica boarding of the ambient questions, consequently, to prepare the citizens for the new eresponsvel ethical paradigm that the necessary humanity to ahead have of its house/land.

compassion for the land. .

Brazil Energy Stadium

The 8,844 panels produce electricity enough to light the 3,300 lights of the stadium and to make to function the two immense screens of TV that it possesss. With a cost of 150 million dollar, the stadium can, potentially, produce about 1.14 Gwh for year, energy enough to supply about 80% the neighboring houses. The greater solar stadium of soccer of the world, is the Stade de Suisse Wankdorf, is in Bern, Switzerland and has capacity for 32 a thousand people. With 10.738 solar cells (1.346.774 kWp of power), the complete plant produces an income annual of energy of 1.134 Gwh and saves in the emission of 630 tons of Co2 per year. Boy Scouts of America might disagree with that approach. In all the surveys and studies made in the field of the solar energy, are unanimous that Brazil is one of the countries with more potential for use of this clean energy due to constant exposition to the sun during every month of the year. We can say that we are privileged with the many, but this, use possibility not only other clean power plants and you renewed. ‘ ‘ pantry verde’ ‘ still it is only one hypothesis, but since the taps of the public money already had been opened, the minimum that would have to be fact, was to standardize this use in all the new stadiums pra Pantry, to leave the least an inheritance for the local population, in view of that many stadiums will be constructed in places where does not exist a movement, a constant use of a soccer stadium. As in Cuiab, that possesss the fourth worse average of public between the teamses who dispute the 4 divisions of the national soccer. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Boy Scouts of America. The pantry already comes bringing changes, as for example, in the real estate sector.

United Nations

Deoutra forms, the costs of the management of residues can increase consideravelmentecom the increase of the volume. The collect and treatment of implicamcustos residues particularly raised, and the production of residues is, for definition, umaperda of recursos.' ' 1 the commitments of the governing of the most powerful naesmundiais stops with the sustainable development of the planet, assumed atravsda signature of dosdirigentes agreements and treated international and the disposal to the great corporations through the actions of responsabilidadesocial, despite they are of the biggest importance and basic for asustentabilidade of the planet, they will not be enough if it will not have polticaspublicas and commitment of the municipal governments with the efficient effective and gestodos urban residues, that when not treated adequately, they possess condode to transform our cities into true lixes the opened sky, as queest happening in Naples in Italy: The authorities of Naples had started in the friday to aenviar garbage mountains for other parts of Italy, what it generated conflitosfora of the region of the Campnia, for the first time since the beginning of the crisis of the garbage, weeks behind. The inhabitants of the island of the Sardinia had entered in shock compoliciais when a loaded ship with garbage arrived of Naples, in the night dequinta-fair. The Sardinia was the first region to receive part from about 100mil accumulated tons of garbage in the area Naples. The concern and the brainstorming for the partner-ambient confrontation dosproblemas caused by 2 the human development temsido constant enters the controllers of developed countries or emdesenvolvimento, exactly that the first ones reveal not worried about industrial apoluio, the scarcity of energy resources, the decay of suascidades and other decurrent problems of its processes of development eos seconds, with the poverty and the questioning of the validity of same desenvolvimentonos molds that the first ones. This concern with ambient problems and its dimensoque is planetary and local or not only national it was that it took the dSucia government to carry through, in 1972, the Conference of United Nations on the Half AmbienteHumano, in Estocolmo, where developed and not developed countries had been evidenced the differences of entreos interests. Passed 36 years of the accomplishment of the Conference of the NaesUnidas on the Environment, and of others as many important eventosambientalistas as the ECO-92 carried through in Rio De Janeiro, of the signature deacordos and treated international in defense to the environment as it is the doTratado case of Kioto, are in the example of what it is occurring in Npolis in Italy, queencontramos subsidy to call the attention for essential importnciaque if it must give to the management of the urban residues, therefore case the opposite, nossolegado for the future ones generations, the sky will be an immense dump total abertoem a planet degraded by the indifference and the most absolute lack ambient deconscincia. 1 2 the definition of development human, for effect of this article, consideratodo and any process that of one forms oude another one, either understood as responsible for the development promotion, independentedo segment where it occurs..

Social Responsibility Profitability

RSE at a first moment in ‘ ‘ comovemos’ ‘ with so good undertaken actions. For times we even ask in them if the empresariado one really is more conscientious and with a softer and benevolent heart. If the heart improved does not know. But that the results – dim dim in the pocket – improve with the RSE it is fact. The RSE alone functions and is of ‘ ‘ p’ ‘ , a time that is lucrative to be sociamente responsible and to tread the way of the sustainable development.

Contrary case would not have miracle capable to make an entrepreneur to go to the search of the RSE. You pray that entrepreneur in s conscience searchs damages? This new trend in the behavior of the companies already demonstrated that the social responsibility propitiates better sales, increases the slice in the market, the loyalty of the clientele and still the motivation of the collaborators. The social responsibility can and must be adopted for practises business-oriented more responsible and sustainable. Already if the importance cannot more subestimar> of this it stops with the consumers, a time that the options of purchase and the competitiveness in prices increase day-by-day. It does not have as to adapt the RS of one day for the other in a company: Defined the focus of the strategy, the support better to manage this tool must break of the top and the bases of the company, involving all the even though supplying collaborators and, for, then, being carried to the exterior.

Undeniable the positive effect in adopting strategies and action as: cleaner production, reaproveitamento and I reuse of water, better treatment with effluent, logistic reversa, projects directed to the education and culture, investments in security and health of the collaborators A married strategical management with actions directed to the support will propitiate profitability the medium and long run. Beyond other innumerable advantages, the financial performance also improves because the companies obtain to attract more investments. Although not yet it is a niche, the investment in RS is one of most dynamic and greater growth in the financial world. Therefore companies directed to the ethical and ambient concerns accede more and more to a capital that of another form would not be available.