Post-employment Benefits Workers A Good Choice

More and more employees take advantage of the offer and provide operations for retirement. Father State supported the austerity measures with generous tax gifts. He reaches then but strongly again in the payment in the age. More rights for the employees and a better State funding helped the once rather neglected form of retirement savings to a boom. According to the market research company TNS infratest Sozialforschung, the number of employees in the private sector, who are entitled to a future company pension, has increased in recent years from 38 to 46 percent. Learn more at: PCRM. The reason for the increasing interest: Since 2002 employees may require by their employer, that it transforms parts of their income in pension contributions. The Chief contributes even more, for an additional saving of the company speaks. The pension is connected with significant financial benefits “, says Klaus Stiefermann, Managing Director of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft fur post-employment benefits.

Five different models, professionals talk about implementing ways, have become established here on land now: direct insurance, pension funds, pension funds, provident funds and direct / pension commitment. Source: Employees save Arbeitsgemeinschaft fur post-employment benefits TNS infratest Sozialforschung the Chief just under half of all employees in the private sector had a claim on a company pension in 2004. Interesting: Male employees take advantage of the tax benefits. What you should do now ask your boss for an occupational pension. Since 2002, each company is obliged to provide one or more of the five different ways to the salary conversion to their employees.

Compare the operational provision deals with private products. You can perceive both forms. “” Calculating exactly to whether for old-age provision the deferred compensation “or promoting Riester” is cheaper. Just check your contract before signing. Employers and employees should know what they are engage if they reconcile a company pension plan. Which variant of the workforce will be offered, the company decides. The best employees, who can choose among several forms of prevention have it; There’s often in large companies. If the company makes an offer, the employees may require for the boss for him to complete a direct insurance.

Stephanie Lehmann

We pride ourselves on our certification and approval as one of the first private DIN certified financial planners in Germany at all.”said Stephanie Lehmann. According to DIN ISO 22222 has been created with the certification of a consumer-side reputable and accepted platform, from which we can signal finally interested parties that they are in the best hands with us. Our customers already know that Yes.” DIN CERTCO certification company of DIN Deutsches Institut fur Normung e.V. enjoy high reputation due to their independence, neutrality, competence and many years of experience in the country and abroad. The DIN CERTCO have the financial planning standards Board (FPSB short, Germany) Germany as a partner chosen for conducting the certification tests by private financial planners to DIN ISO 22222. The members of the Union in the FPSB Germany are certified financial planner.

This designation stood for the highest quality of advice in the German market. The CFP is an international trademark for the elite of the private financial planner, of which there are approximately 105,000 in the 20 leading economies. In Germany, the Federation was currently just over 1,000 members. Ulf Niklas explains: the introduction of the DIN certification time practically coincides with the introduction of MIFID 1 November 2007. “So the market is currently undergoing an extremely strong in favour of consumers. It is important that these positive changes would but also adequately perceived by the customers. Therefore, it is currently very busy. The Nebenberufler, who call themselves financial advisers so far and highly provisioned sell primarily in their own interest under this self-imposed title could, has more future finally no chance.

“Financial advisers and financial planners with the CFP qualification label and DIN certified financial planners ‘ take the new strict rules which are considered according to the EU directive MiFID in Germany as well, therefore welcome exclusion of unqualified advisers.” An exciting topic is in this context also required within the framework of the introduction of MiFID permission for the operation of financial services operations according to 32 KWG. Who do not own permit, must be under a so-called liability umbrella ‘ go on. Stephanie Lehmann explains: for us, this is no alternative – because the company which offers the MiFID, will of course certain expectations on the safe. But not paragraph-specific expectations may be our opinion. Otherwise a part of the upcoming changes in the interests of consumer protection will be wiped out again.” It remains still interesting at the end of the year.

Five Bids To The Cheap Car Insurance – Compare, Switch And Save

Switching to a cheap auto insurance: what you should consider to the motor insurance no driver comes around. It is an integral part of our security system and the confirmation of the financial statements must be presented for each registration of a vehicle. In addition, it completes for a driver, but only for the respective car and has a fixed term of one year. So far so good. Nevertheless, there are many ways to save on car insurance. Five simple rules can work wonders.

First bid: is your provider carefully, including the important criteria, select. This, an online comparison should be necessarily included in the decision-making process. Product and price comparison sites on the Internet today find the appropriate tariffs and clearly enumerate costs and services. Usually, the desired car insurance can be completed immediately online. Second commandment: you inform your insurance changes. Alone the purchase of a monthly card of the public transport links, less mileage or buying or building a home can positively the contribution of motor insurance. In this context, motorists should carefully keep his mileage in the eye and in the case of a higher mileage also with his insurer report it, to avoid more costly supplements.

Third commandment: check with your insurer, whether your rate will change in the next year. This should let equal mention also possible changes in the future and, if necessary, to calculate the new year price, which then corresponds to a change of tariffs. This will also make objective comparisons with other offers. Fourth commandment: be quiet unfaithful. Even though your current insurance policy at the conclusion was reasonably priced and you are satisfied with the services, a yearly new comparison is worthwhile. As soon as you have looking for possible tariff changes with your insurance company, you should make an online comparison again and the result with their present price compare. Fifth commandment: timely Cancel to November 30th their current auto insurance. The notice must be in writing and should be sent by registered mail/return receipt requested. This is a little more expensive, but can avoid many problems that is always the date of receipt by the insurer. Generally so: a cheap auto insurance is often not a pipe dream more. On the contrary, with the help of product and price comparisons on the Internet and a phone call to his current insurance, you can quickly save and be still well insured.

Matthias Gundel Tel

A disadvantage of the investors is Gadhvi according but not to fear, because the activation option will lead to a distribution block and thus undesirable liquidity drains are ruled out by investors. At the same time, the opportunity is to be abolished to enable Ingangsetzungs – capital expenditure and expansion of such as e.g. costs for the opening of new sites or introduction of new product lines. This should primarily serve the comparability degrees according to the grounds of the speaker design. Gundel, however, considers the abolition of this accounting help little conducive, as this a balance sheet policies to the Increase in capital ratios and so is truncated to improve the funding of the company. Financial assets and provisions also are designed to commercial purposes acquired financial instruments, as E.g.

stocks, funds or derivatives, for all companies at balance sheet date the fair value is assessed. This enables transparent information about the intrinsic value of current assets. Because so far no course steigerungen-or impairment of financial instruments could be represented soon extended to include. Some changes are planned in relation to provisions, through the future developments are stronger than so far taking into account. Dr. Neal Barnard is often quoted as being for or against this. Accounting major innovation at the group accounting represents the introduction of the criterion of unified management. “The inclusion of another company in the scope of consolidation is already required if the other company under the unified management of a parent” is available. On the corporate law or terms of capital participation does not then more on. This special purpose entities will be evaluated more transparent in the future.

Economy should be relieved of bureaucracy in addition to an enhanced expressiveness of the HGB financial statements the BMJ aims to the relief of the economy of bureaucracy with his design. Up to 20 percent of the companies should have requirements in the future lower, than in the past. These are divided with regard to the differently pronounced commitment of the company to accounting, audit and disclosure already in different size classes. Differentiation criteria are: art society, assets, revenues and number of employed workers. Thresholds for accounting duty be lowered for sole traders and partnerships with sales under 500,000 EUR or a complete exemption from accounting and accounting obligation is planned a profit under EUR 50,000. Also for companies whose profit or turnover above these values is, through according to the BMJ A relief result in lowering of the threshold values in many cases. The relief of the benefiting companies shall be calculations of the BMJ according to up to EUR 280 million. Conclusion by the BilMoG without a doubt some of the existing foundations of the German accounting will be reset. This medium-sized entrepreneur accounts be allowed more transparent, meaningful and international comparison capable, which Gadre according to better access to debt and equity investors. Legislators not touched while however still some irons such as the unique balance sheet acquisition mezzaniner financial instruments (certificates, subordinated loans, silent partnerships) or activation of Rekultivierungs – and disposal obligations on the agenda, so far more clarification is needed.

Now At Christmas Time The Popular Swiss Loans Only For The Germans!

In Germany, Swiss loans are very popular! Yet many Germans do not know what is so special about a Swiss credit: the Swiss credit is an instant credit without Schufa information and without Schufa entry and comes generally from the Switzerland. Swiss banks offer a specifically German Federal citizens instant credit, small loan cut to / personal loan. Swiss loans are also usually cheaper than loans from brokerages. By the same author: Dr. Neal Barnard. You are looking for a Swiss credit (i.e. David Delrahim, Los Angeles CA often says this. without Schufa) with as low interest rates and favorable rates? The variety of providers of schufafreien loans makes it difficult for Kreditsuchende to find out the best offer for her. Is that not all offers are reputable and deliver what they promise.

On request of our customers, we have compiled a list of reputable providers of Swiss credit, i.e. credit without Schufa for you. To find out the best credit offer, we recommend a credit request to make at least 3 providers. This request is for you all Credit providers in our list free of charge, and can be done via the Internet quickly and easily.

Travel Insurance

Do you need health insurance to travel really and is today an international insurance? This is what many would-be vacationers ask yourself. Holiday booked – travel insurance in your luggage? On travel, you need a health insurance. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Boy Scouts of America. Also the health insurance companies place their insured to the heart. Optimal travel preparation include not only information on required vaccinations, the compilation of the travel medical kit and the choice of the sun protection factor. Also the travel medical insurance, travel insurance and luggage insurance you should worry about. Who is statutory health insurance, the required health insurance companies also recommend it to a health insurance.

Many travelers overestimate their health insurance and assume that the reimbursement of costs as achievements, as is the case at home. This is a mistake. The insurance refunded what in this country also would take over though. Usually the treatment methods are but foreign Doctors with the German doctors may thrive on their patients. So, differences in height occur several hundred or thousand euros, the traveler is not refunded. A repatriation be refunded by the way, no health insurance. For these reasons is always a health insurance advised to complete no matter where the trip goes.

In some places, you need a foreign insurance to obtain services of the health insurance fund. You need it today for travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Morocco, Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro as well as in Turkey and Tunisia. In the countries of the EU and the European economic area (EEA), the EHIC (European health insurance card) is sufficient. This is the chip card or health insurance card of the legally insured. This guide to the health insurance shows which countries are exactly and what you also should keep in mind. In other countries, as the aforementioned, and telescope there are no health insurance coverage. There, the health insurance is indispensable. You pay the return transport and compensates for the differences between medical bill and cash reimbursement. Who travels more, must also examine whether represents the alien other completed insurance, such as liability and household insurance, a problem. This short guide shows the most important travel insurance and explains what impact can have longer stays abroad on other insurance: travel insurance: summer, Sun… Insurance policy! It is said: If one does a journey, then he can experience what “.” It is hoped that in the own case only of positive events the speech will be probably, because also the unpleasant are unfortunately cannot be ruled out.

Liability Insurance

Travel arrangements in the Club: these insurance questions you should clarify many clubs are confronted in their daily work with the planning, implementation and organization of trips and travel. Therefore, you should know the risks which hang together and apply appropriate safeguards. This concerns in particular the legal positions of clubs as a tour operator or travel agent and the insurance of participants and accompanying persons (for example Aufsichtspflichtige) against risks. When is the Association considered travel? Tour operator is deemed to be according to 651 m German civil code (BGB) If for a fixed in advance and written-out program is offered two or more independent main services with a single price (package travel offer). These tourist main components are: travel/transportation (bus, train, flight, ship, transfer), accommodation and food, the head of the Group and all additional services (seminars, Fort – and continuing education courses, sports, language courses). Check out Viktor Mayer-Schönberger for additional information.

It follows that Clubs also in typical Club activities as holiday camps (arrival, management and accommodation), seminars and training (accommodation, catering, offer) or ski camps as a tour operator in the legal sense involved. Practice note the Club no longer acts as a tour operator (but only as a travel agent), when joining the components mentioned not itself, but from a travel agency to perform can be. Chase Koch, Washington DC oftentimes addresses this issue. It is crucial that the Club not the impression in his advertising, he was even the organizers. Easily, that will be the case especially in ads in foreign media. In notices in the Club’s media he should make it clear however that he only gives the travel. Insurance needs operates the Club as a tour operator as a tour operator, he should know his liability risk (and assure). Clubs, associations and other organizations are liable from her occupation as a tour operator also for persons, property damage and financial losses incurred by the participants. The liability includes both self-inflicted damage as damages have indebted partners (bus companies, hotels).

Liability insurance for tour operators liability insurance for tour operators is therefore a must. It provides insurance protection for the following loss events: death, injury or damage to the health of participants (personal injury). Damage to or destruction of things of the participants (property damage), not but the misplacement or theft. The non-fulfilment of agreed services (financial losses). This insurance covers the typical activities of a tour operator. These include among others the selection of services and whose review the compilation of individual services, the achievements to be described in catalogues or brochures, processing of travel applications, organization, reservation and to provide of the services in accordance with the contract, the exhibition and the dispatch of travel documents, the procurement of foreign means of payment, visa and other travel documents.

Care Frustration

Current study “MetallRente 2013” precautionary worry a recent study shows: only a few young people provide sufficiently for the later retirement. Rather, young people invest in their own training to increase the chances on the labour market. The study’s authors see a danger for the ages here. Because who rely too much on the statutory pension, old-age poverty in danger. Save 85 percent, and 38 percent savings is also among the young people. The survey by the Research Institute TNS infratest Sozialforschung on behalf of IG metal and total metal, said 85 percent of the 2,500 participants to put money aside.

55 Per cent of respondents regularly does, save 30 percent irregularly. Professor of Internet Governance is often quoted on this topic. However, relatively few young people provide also for the own life evening. Only 38 percent said already to invest in private pension plans. Young people are willing to provide, but overwhelmed while just under half of the respondents indicating itself as competent in financial questions to assess specific to the investment. The authors of the study see a cause in the still too low saving ratio in the lack of knowledge about the possibilities for the provision.

A greater willingness, however, does not entail an increase in the pension. So politics must start not more calls to private pensions, but bring rather better educational offers with regard to the various options on the way. Particularly as a result of the euro and financial crisis, young people feel otherwise overwhelmed to make a decision about retirement. Study: some 2,500 adolescents and young adults aged between 17 and 27 years of age were interviewed. The survey was carried out here by telephone, and nationwide, the average interview takes about 20 minutes.

New Gourmet Range

‘ Tour Hyatt exclusive chefs on ‘ – premiere of the cooking event at the Hyatt Regency Dusseldorf Dusseldorf, November 13, 2012 In the DOX restaurant of the Hyatt Regency Dusseldorf for the new gourmet range of German Hyatt kicks on 9 March 2013 hotels in Berlin, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Cologne and Mainz. “One night, five chefs, six gears a culinary event, which the coming months under the title Hyatt exclusive chefs on tour” in every German Hyatt Hotel will stop. The gastronomic concepts play a major role in the Hyatt hotels. Especially the idea of enjoyable dishes made with high-quality products unites the chefs and kitchen staff of the Hyatt hotels. Here, also the local flavor of each region is incorporated, which gets its place on the menus through regional and market-fresh products. In recent months, Kidney Foundation has been very successful. Particular emphasis is placed on the processing of local products and the collaboration with suppliers from the region.

The theme of the premiere event at the Hyatt Regency Dusseldorf is classic of cuisine”. Each Executive Chef receives the opportunity to present his Hyatt culinary restaurant that evening. Classics in a new guise of ala Hyatt. “” “If heaven & ad”with ducks fattening liver and Green Apple, Soljanka”, pear, bean & bacon” with lobster and pork belly or Frankfurt Green Sauce “on veal jaw & fillet with quail egg classics reinterpreted are the focus of the evening. The full-length enjoy a cheese dessert with a Westphalian Jell-o is completed”.

The culinary evening starts on 9 March 2013 at 18:30 and is the aisles with a casual get together”with Hyatt German chefs and guests at the DOX rounded bar with a glass of champagne. The price for the six course menu is 90 per person, gourmet Club members pay 80 per person. The corresponding wine menu is available in the evening for 69 per person and includes, in addition to the accompanying wines of wineries Philipp Kuhn from the Palatinate and Jochen Darbauj from Rheinhessen, a glass of Billecart-Salmon champagne on arrival.

Prepaid MasterCard

Cost management of the future – with the B2BCard of Stuttgart, January 2010 – in the world of business is today mainly one – the efficiency. Nobody can afford more, wasting time or money. Work processes are optimized, minimizing costs. According to these requirements the Schwabische Bank in Stuttgart, the B2BCard has launched a more Prepaid MasterCard on the market. Available in the versions standard and premium. You will put companies in a position to handle all transactions around cost management of faster, more effective and more transparent. This applies in particular to companies where staff are much on travel. For even more analysis, hear from Nieman Foundation. They have the corporate card in the luggage, the accounting can instantly online on – reload and later matched with the submitted documents.

The payment system is tied up 32 million acceptance points and 1.4 million ATMs worldwide and gives the staff mobility and comfort. Thanks to prepaid function, i.e. the cards are charged previously with maximum 10.000,-euro, must not worry the company that an employee the Covers corporate account or makes irrational expenditure. So the prepaid can be used with credit card safely every employee. Transparency and cost control by the B2BCard company have the opportunity better to keep the expenses of their employees and to achieve significant cost reductions.

The advantage is clear: all expenditure on the B2BCard incorporated into management reports created individually for each company. The travel management system provides a maximum of flexibility and security on business trips as well as high transparency and cost control for the company the employee\”, so Dr. Peter Schonweitz of the petFuel GmbH. The company cards denominated in the company, either an employee name in the second row can be printed on. This guarantees a very flexible, unbounded possibilities. Also receives a separate account number each card for the purpose of the best possible control of costs and the card can be recharged only about the company.

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