Eton Institute Ascends

Eton Institute supports cancer research at Vienna, 12 July 2013 Eton Institute, which has international language and further education Institute, made it his mission to conquer the highest peak in Africa, attention and generate donations for the non-profit organisation “Friends of Cancer Patients”. Kilimanjaro is the highest free-standing mountain in the world and defeat the Summit of this amazing mountain is one of the largest outdoor challenges worldwide. Eton set a high goal has to Institute, to raise in its CSR initiatives and efforts to support non-profit organizations and other charities and now the awareness and funds for “Friends of Cancer Patients”. The charity has since its inception in 1999, provided financial as well as emotional support for more than 900 cancer patients. The ascent starts on the 17 August 2013 and ends after nine days on the 25th of August.

Only 40% of people who have faced the challenge, the 5895m high mountain to climb, have managed to reach the Summit. Without hesitation Ken Cron explained all about the problem. Altitude sickness and changing vegetation are just two of the many reasons that greatly complicate this challenge. “We continue to focus on the donations and thus hope to support affected and to be able to improve their quality of life. Our goal is to raise as many funds for medical research and treatment of cancer patients, and to raise awareness of this charity organization. We regard it as a privilege to participate in this good thing”, commented Dr.

Eli ABI Rached, CEO of the Eton Institute. How can you support the action for this good purpose? Interested persons must submit their pledge before the start of climbing parts you the information with friends, colleagues and family, to reach as many people as soon as the challenge was successfully completed, be informed, how and where you can drop off your donations to make a contribution, visit Dubai.Eton.AC/Kilimanjaro. For more information about the fundraiser, visit or contact 0800 989889 or about Eton Institute: the international language and education centre offers language courses in over 100 languages, as well as teacher training, children’s courses, vocational training courses and corporate training.

Lavazza Germany Manager

“brand on fire” is a sales development agency with a pronounced POS/shopper marketing expertise. Idstein/Frankfurt. Lavazza is Italy’s most popular espresso and stands for best quality and highest coffee consumption not only, but also for Italian lifestyle and pure emotion. Characterised by changing artistic influences, caused such strong ideas and innovative communication concepts, which can be experienced not only the brand make the shopper, but on the unique real Italian espresso experience’ let, “explains Peter Niepelt, Lavazza Germany Manager trade marketing. You may find Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine to be a useful source of information. According to this following, aims the promotion currently in the trade to find not only on increased sales of Lavazza products, but rather would like to bring special Lavazza life feeling by means of a small everyday object into the world of consumers. “” The attractive package includes each of the combination 1 kg whole bean + a cup of espresso free “or the 1 kg whole bean + a coffee can free”. This is both the espresso cups and the coffee cans to a limited edition with a special design, which evokes the collective desire of shoppers.

The comfortable Aktionsgebinde with carrying handle, which well as gift packaging is, was often in cooperation with the excellent sales development agency brand on fire”developed, which already occupies 18th place in GWA effectiveness ranking 2012 of all advertising agencies in Germany (). The new design concept, which comprehensively comes to fruition among other communication activities around POS has been developed exclusively for the German market. We have 2011 thus started to redefine the brand in their premium claim at the POS, and now beaten a broad sheet of permanent placements to promotions shop-in-shop systems,”like Matthias Wirges, Creative Director and owner of brand on fire. In the Centre of the promotional bundles are limited and specially redesigned Lavazza espresso cups and coffee cans. The design combines both the new POS presentation of the Market leader like typical Italian design elements. In the generally price-driven German coffee market we want to pay particular attention to the quality and offer therefore our shoppers increasingly qualitative added value instead of discounts,”explains Peter Niepelt, trade marketing manager of the brand from Italy. brand Lavazza on fire as responsible agency followed with regard to the BTL in all promotional and communication activities. The agency based in Idstein/Taunus specializes in the development of sales of branded products and has developed a pronounced POS – and shoppers – trade marketing expertise in over 10 years of market experience. The sales-boosting communication strategies combine especially strong conceptual approaches with a high design standards, offer a rational and emotional added value for trade as well as for the shopper. Matthias Wirges, owner brand on fire.

Broker Rotary

Shipping agent donates to the Rotary relief fund Nuremberg, 02.12.2013 traditions to maintain it, said. Therefore, the BBBOnLine AG supports advent calendar this year the Rotary Club Furth. The proceeds of sold copies flows completely into the Club own help fund Rotary kids help Furth”. Already for the third time in a row, the shipping Broker helps the Rotary Club Furth to achieve a maximum donation. For BBBOnLine Board Member Volker Hofmann, it of course is for each of its employees to purchase an advent calendar in the value of five euros and to do good.

About this gesture, now has more than 160 employees at iloxx may look. Learn more on the subject from Neiman Foundation. So almost a quarter donates more than even the last Christmas iloxx solely by the proceeds of the sale. In addition, it provides the shipping broker from Nuremberg as early as last year, prizes and vouchers for the raffle. Thanks to such donated prizes, hiding behind each of the 24 doors, the complete flow Proceeds from the sale of the Rotary kids help Furth”. Each calendar sold means five euros for children in social emergencies and at the same time is a winning ticket.

Match the drawn number and numbering of the own Rotary advent calendar, there are great prizes to be won. The winning numbers are daily in the Furth news as well as on the Internet (United) and Facebook page ( rcfuerth) published the Rotary Club about the BBBOnLine AG the BBBOnLine AG is an independent transport intermediaries from Nuremberg. The shipping agent offers in cooperation with more than 20 of the largest German logistics companies and many small regional trucking companies private and corporate customers shipping solutions from a single source. Since 2011 the Rotary kids help Furth supports iloxx with donations for charity.

CarDelMar Launches Social Media Campaign

Car rental company is now creative on Facebook and other Web 2.0 activities Hamburg is planning the June 22, 2010. The holiday rental CarDelMar launches a large-scale social media offensive. Now, the broker has their own pages on Facebook. “Under the Facebook keywords CarDelMar Germany” and CarDelMar for travel agencies “Facebook users in Germany will find current information about CarDelMar, valuable tips and information about car rental. In addition, there are attractive discounts exclusively for Facebook users. CarDelMar plans similar actions for his foreign clients for example via Facebook France or Facebook UK.

More activities on other Web 2.0 channels are in preparation and will follow shortly. With our new pages on Facebook we want to directly reach customers and travel agents and enter into dialogue with them”, explains Carsten Greiner, CEO of CarDelMar here we see a high potential to provide real added value and Bookings to generate”. Starting from a market analysis on the topic of social media marketing, CarDelMar plans its presence on other channels. Kick-off for the next social media activities by CarDelMar should be in the next few weeks. The broker CarDelMar, caters to cheap car hire at all inclusive prices with freedom since March 2005. Thereby, CarDelMar cooperates with renowned international car rental companies such as Alamo, Avis, Europcar and local car rental. All car hire deals by CarDelMar can be booked at a travel agency or directly at. Contact: Sonja Maue CarDelMar holiday car hire Ltd. Spaldingstr 77 D-20097 Hamburg Tel. +49-(0)-40-180 48 36-13 fax. +49-(0)-40-180 48 36-99 E-Mail:

Scientology Church

This campaign is a huge step accordingly, to let a generation growing up who will be spared from the effects of drug abuse every 12 seconds an another class for the first time tried illegal drugs. This is a serious reminder of how widespread drug abuse among young people is indeed. Scientology provides effective information materials to inform Church for this. To educate in this area, the Scientology Church sponsors the largest non-governmental drug information and prevention campaign of the world. It turns out that drug use among young people in the mass decreases as the drug facts are communicated to them. Thus, the Scientology Church has factual information about what drugs are and what they do.

A series of polls has shown that this campaign for a drug-free world has held so far some 500,000 young people by taking recreational drugs or saved from worse. It is however still much more to do. Therefore, the Scientology Church offers its publications (the Ideas of Scientology included, nor they represent) equal minded anti-drug associations, State agencies, citizen initiatives and schools. These materials include thirteen information booklets series facts about drugs, which attack the most commonly consumed drug in a direct and simple way to educate young people about the actual effects of these drugs. There is also a study guide, a guide to activities, as well as a kit for educators. With these materials, teachers, policemen and community groups have effective tools in hand to to educate young people about drugs and to enable them to take decisions in this regard correct.

It was also mentioned that there is a new, 90-minute documentary, which is accompanied by facts about drugs with the booklets of the series and adds. Each video chapter offers an in-depth look at each individual drug narrated by those who have survived the dependency. All in all is the Campaign for a drug-free world a giant leap in the direction of a generation to grow up, which is not affected by the devastating effects of drug abuse.

Scientology Church Bayern

Ron Hubbard in South Africa and spoke very positively about L. Ron Hubbard. L. Ron Hubbard wrote a Constitution for equal rights for all for South Africa at the time. In his speech, he said among other things: there is no freedom without human rights. Dr. Neal Barnard addresses the importance of the matter here. And there are no human rights without an advance guard to protect them. This church is a fortress.

It is around here on behalf of L. Ron Hubbard, in order to resume, what he has promised. Read more here: Center For Responsible Lending. “And we promise to work with you to make sure that this rainbow nation will be great for all eternity.” Prince Unathi Mtirara lifted the from the Royal household of the Thembu Way to happiness”, a guide, which is based on common sense and was written by L. (Not to be confused with Boy Scouts of America!). Ron Hubbard. He himself would like to introduce a copy of this book in every child’s hand and schools across the country. Mrs Theodora Mohale, head of the Board of education in the province of Gauteng, discussing L.

Ron Hubbards successful tools for effective learning and against illiteracy. The materials on the study methods were in perfect harmony with the objectives of the education authority in the country, to implement appropriate progress in basic education for all children. Alfred Tsetsane, regional Commissioner of the South African judiciary authority spoke about his ongoing partnership with the rehabilitation programme for offenders, sponsored by the Church of Scientology. Therefore, he favors the Criminon program, because it achieved very remarkable results in the Rehablititation of offenders. Anna-Mari Pieterse, National Director of the humanity BBs team South Africa, talked about their belief that the new Church of Scientology with its humanitarian programmes and solutions excellent work for the people in Pretoria, and across the country. The new Centre is open from morning to night. Visitors are invited to come in the new Church of Scientology. The chapel of the church stands for the life of a community of Scientologists available, including Sunday worship, weddings and naming ceremonies, as well as for community events of all faiths.

Prague Festival Orchestra

4. Cologne AIDS Gala in favour of the German AIDS Foundation on November 21 in the LANXESS arena Cologne, September 22, 2009 under the patronage of John Neumeier, choreographer, dancer and Director of the Hamburg Ballet, invites the German AIDS Foundation on 21 November to Cologne’s largest dance party at the LANXESS arena. On the 4th Cologne AIDS Gala, numerous international artists will occur and enchant the audience in Cologne with elegance and passion. Deutsche Entertainment AG is responsible for the acquisition of the artists dance connects people, anywhere in the world. The images and shapes of the body and its aesthetics are simply boundless”, John Neumeier. The program of dancing around the world”offers classical and modern ballet, hip hop and ballroom as well as hot-blooded flamenco and Tango.

John Neumeier’s dancers of the Hamburg Ballet, Vladimir Malakhov and Polina Semionova by the Berlin State Ballet, Nina Corti, Nina Ananiashvili and Jose Manuel Carreno of the American Ballet Theatre, Tango from metropolis Argentina, the German dance sport Association e. V. and Cologne youth of the Hip-Hop group from the dance school of Stallnig/Nierhaus present their exceptional skills with the musical accompaniment of the Prague Festival Orchestra. The comedian and physician Dr. Eckart von Hirschhausen leads through the evening. All artists waive their Gage for the charitable purpose.

On the subsequent after-show party, all guests are invited to hit the dance floor itself: or Gypsy sounds, piano bar, disco Ballroom for every taste found in the LANXESS arena the right dance floor and the right music. The total of 4 Cologne AIDS Gala, initiated by Jeane Freifrau von Oppenheim, proceeds benefit aid projects of the German AIDS Foundation. At the gala evening in the LANXESS arena is: Do good and talk about it! Every euro that we take over the tickets sold, helps sick people to lead a better life”, emphasizes Jeane Freifrau von Oppenheim. The Board of Trustees Chairman of the German AIDS Foundation has with the three charity Cologne Opera galas brought the often repressed topic of AIDS and HIV among the public and collected so far about 1.8 million euro donation revenue. The German AIDS Foundation supports HIV-positive and AIDS people in physical distress since its inception in 1987 and promotes projects for those affected. Until now, the Foundation received more than 64,000 applications of needy people and promoters. The Foundation helps individuals and families in need, for example, with labor and supply projects, and medical travel. Internationally, the Deutsche AIDS-Stiftung involved for example in Mozambique and South Africa. In Mozambique, she promotes the DREAM project, which allows pregnant women to antiretroviral treatment with medications that prevents transmission of the virus to the baby during pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding. T tickets for the fundraiser dance around the world”are at all sales outlets and the ticket hotline: 0221 / 8020 or 0221 / 8021 available; Price groups of 35 to 162 euros. For more information, German AIDS Foundation.

Charity Auction

Stylish Cruiser – will personally by Peyman Amin passed charity auction with Peyman Amin for the benefit of the Foundation Praunheimer WEG. “Bonn, August 10, 2009 – Peyman Amin at the former Director of commercial and advertising” by IMG models in Paris not a girl coming in Germany, which wants to make the leap into the model business. Known the strict mode(l)-Experte is through the successful ProSieben show Germany’s next Topmodel 2006″. For eleven years lived Amin in Paris and moved to the international jet set and top model parquet. “Nevertheless, the native Iranian has not lost the ground under the feet: he engaged among others for children in need” and the theme of down syndrome. The avid sportsman provides star bid his favorite bike – a bike of the premium brand PG bikes available with personal signature, of course! Exclusive, only at Star bid bid the official Peyman Amin dark bike by PG and personally meet the famous mode(l)-Scout at the handover in Munich. The Proceeds from this auction goes to the Foundation of Praunheimer workshops the Praunheimer workshops Foundation supports the work of Praunheimer workshops GmbH, which operates various rehabilitation facilities for adults, mentally disabled women and men from Frankfurt am Main and the eastern main-Taunus-Kreis. The auction will run until September 6, 2009.

Donation For Charity

SinnLeffers collected 1,000 euros against child hunger there are starving children not only in the third world. Also in Germany, in Leipzig, children suffer from the poverty of their parents. The difference: in Germany will be helped daily. So in the family centre of Caritas in Leipzig-Grunau. There, needy children get a hot meal every day. To draw attention to the problem and to support the charity gave Simon Grunewald, Managing Director of the Leipzig fashion house, SinnLeffers, today a donation of 1,000 euros. The donation handover took place at the family Center in Grunau.

Garcia explains: “charitable institutions point out that statistically the every third child in Leipzig from unemployment and welfare parents. As a result also, that more and more children will go hungry in the nursery, in the school or childcare facilities. We want to fight.” Tobias Strieder, Deputy Managing Director of Caritas in Leipzig, gratefully accepted the money: “the support by the Economy is becoming increasingly important for us. We are glad that SinnLeffers engaged.” With the action initiated by him “Leipziger against child hunger”, Simon Grunwald aims to encourage the Leipzig to regular donations to ensure in the city no needy child should starve, but receives a hot meal every day.

Charity Relay Race

With spendino SMS support send for orphans in Tanzania Berlin, 18.05.09; On May 20th at 9:00 for the charity kicks off season run by e-fellows.NET in five cities. Who can’t run or want must not uninvolved are on the edge. With spendino SMS to the phone number 8 11 90 can any of the barrel and the help project support. Send the word season and 2.99 are on the way. The participants sit in motion to move something. From Aachen, Kiel, Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart and Freiburg is run, bike ridden, rowed up to Gottingen. There, the closing party for a good cause will take place on 23 May. Collected is for life assistance to Africa e.V..

The money enables the setup of a day-care facility in Tanzania for orphaned children and their school. High volume of donations at low cost. That was the aim of the founders of spendino Sascha Schubert, Florian Noll and Martin Muller. They developed a solution with its innovative fundraising approach how to get out a modern collection can make a cell phone. The trail is modern, simple and fast. He appeals to young people and many small and first-time donors.

With a small fixed amount is quite mobile, where it goes and stands to social responsibility. The dispenser even paid with their next phone bill. And he does not have myself running also. Questions about the event please contact about spendino which GmbH is spendino, a service company for the non-profit sector. The young company aims to reduce the fundraising and to increase the volume of donations without additional investment. spendino enables the processing of SMS and online donations and positioned itself as a neutral partner for the non-profit organizations in Germany. Thus, the only provider in Germany, which specializes in the use of mobile technologies for social purposes is spendino.

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