Liability Insurance

Travel arrangements in the Club: these insurance questions you should clarify many clubs are confronted in their daily work with the planning, implementation and organization of trips and travel. Therefore, you should know the risks which hang together and apply appropriate safeguards. This concerns in particular the legal positions of clubs as a tour operator or travel agent and the insurance of participants and accompanying persons (for example Aufsichtspflichtige) against risks. When is the Association considered travel? Tour operator is deemed to be according to 651 m German civil code (BGB) If for a fixed in advance and written-out program is offered two or more independent main services with a single price (package travel offer). These tourist main components are: travel/transportation (bus, train, flight, ship, transfer), accommodation and food, the head of the Group and all additional services (seminars, Fort – and continuing education courses, sports, language courses).

It follows that Clubs also in typical Club activities as holiday camps (arrival, management and accommodation), seminars and training (accommodation, catering, offer) or ski camps as a tour operator in the legal sense involved. Boy Scouts of America can provide more clarity in the matter. Practice note the Club no longer acts as a tour operator (but only as a travel agent), when joining the components mentioned not itself, but from a travel agency to perform can be. It is crucial that the Club not the impression in his advertising, he was even the organizers. Easily, that will be the case especially in ads in foreign media. In notices in the Club’s media he should make it clear however that he only gives the travel. Insurance needs operates the Club as a tour operator as a tour operator, he should know his liability risk (and assure). Clubs, associations and other organizations are liable from her occupation as a tour operator also for persons, property damage and financial losses incurred by the participants. The liability includes both self-inflicted damage as damages have indebted partners (bus companies, hotels).

Liability insurance for tour operators liability insurance for tour operators is therefore a must. It provides insurance protection for the following loss events: death, injury or damage to the health of participants (personal injury). Damage to or destruction of things of the participants (property damage), not but the misplacement or theft. The non-fulfilment of agreed services (financial losses). This insurance covers the typical activities of a tour operator. These include among others the selection of services and whose review the compilation of individual services, the achievements to be described in catalogues or brochures, processing of travel applications, organization, reservation and to provide of the services in accordance with the contract, the exhibition and the dispatch of travel documents, the procurement of foreign means of payment, visa and other travel documents.

The Bonn ForestFinance

Tree savings: Sustainable forest investment with financial, ecological and social return. The “greenhome magazine” reported in its current edition positively the BaumSparVertrag”. Sustainable in the article 10 ways to green money”suggests the tree savings as a way greenhome how spenders closer to their goal and help the environment”. Neeman Foundation has similar goals. “Speaking of wood: just the financial investment in this commodity has dropped in recent years often yields”, writes the greenhome magazine and runs: and in the future will be most lucrative in investment in wood and forest. As population and demand growing, is always precious”the renewable raw material. The greenhome magazine however recommends choosing forest investments some factors to keep in mind: robust forests or vulnerable monocultures for planted? (u0085) As a prospective buyer, you should take also care that at least 10 per cent of cultivable land remain uncultivated and held no clear-cutting.

Just as same have animal permanent refuge”, explains greenhome. The BaumSparVertrag are planted for 33 EUR per month or one-time 360 euros each a tropical tree per month over one year, sustainably farmed, and later harvested. The minimum deposit period is only 12 months. A tax-free yield is predicted by four to nine per cent. BaumSparVertrag – environmental, financial and social return on investment: the BaumSparVertrags forests are replanted according to strict ecological guidelines on former Brach and pastureland. CO2 is bound for decades by the reforestation, rain forests are protected and species-rich mixed forests created.

At final harvest, no clear-cutting will take place so that in combination with overgrown natural forest cells will remain a rich mixed forests. Also the local rural population benefits from the creation of long-term and socially secure jobs, with extensive training and continuing education opportunities. Around 150 people are currently in ForestFinance reforestation projects in Panama permanently employed, most of them from the local indigenous population. Information about the BaumSparVertrag, see Kleininvestment_BaumSparVertrag.1489.0.html on the greenhome Magazine: greenhome is a magazine for sustainable living and energy efficient sustainable building and renovating. The greenhome magazine is Europe’s largest magazine on the subject of houses to build and renovate with energy-efficient and sustainable focus. greenhome helps architects to find the right technologies. Greenhome helps future owners to plan the perfect House for his needs. The greenhome magazine is published in the BT Publishing House that specializes in magazine for housing, building and living. About ForestFinance: The Bonn ForestFinance group manages several thousand hectares of ecological forest land. The company specializes in forest investments, the lucrative return link to environmental and social sustainability. ForestFinance became the first German company worldwide with the “FSC Global Partner Award” in the field “financial Excellent services”. The FSC logo is the world’s most recognized seal for socially and environmentally sustainable forest management. Interested parties can choose between various products of sustainable tropical forest management. In addition to the BaumSparVertrag from 33 euro monthly this is among other things the WaldSparBuch, an investment in 1000 m2 of tropical forest from 3,250 euros with a buy-back guarantee. Annual income offer CacaoInvest – an investment in organic cocoa and Edelholze and GreenAcacia, with only seven years maturity.

Wall Street Journal

So pumped on Monday e.g. the British Central Bank provided money five billion pounds in the market and also the Swiss Central Bank, while the Fed already announced, on Sunday, to accept equities as collateral for Central Bank money for the first time in its 90-year history. The European Central Bank (ECB) was the nothing and provided additional 30 billion euros on Monday, to meet the needs of the banks of cash. Also here the demand exceeded the offer significantly: total bills have been filed, as Reuters reported over more than 90 billion euros. But it doesn’t stop there: The ECB announced today that again the money market additional 70 billion liquidity will make available while demand has grown already on another EUR 102 billion, as the Frankfurt currency guardians informed on Tuesday. And Asian central banks are in terms of cash injections from the game: after the Asian stock markets slid on Tuesday significantly into the red, the central banks of Japan, have India and Australia pumped billions into the money markets. While Japan no longer added as much cash as the nearly six months since the market with a cash injection of converted nearly 10 billion euros, the central banks of Australia and India contributed roughly $1 billion. In addition also Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea agreed to the action.

Although the financial crisis is theme already for over a year, it has not reached its zenith, said Hyun Song Shin, Professor of Economics at Princeton University. As regards their Status Quo, he drew on the edge of the annual, two-day economics seminar, which the fed in Wyoming, held a bleak picture, as the related intelligence MarketWatch to the Wall Street Journal reported. Shin, was the financial crisis reached a new level at the end of expected credit losses would be height of over a trillion dollars. This would be a doubling of the current status, where up the losses on approximately $500 billion.

Old Leipzig

“Old Leipzig for the first time winner of the AssCompact AWARD BU of the AssCompact Award winner in the area of disability insurance is for the first time the old Leipzig, which the previous year’s winner people good Federal”, ousted as the top provider on rank 2. Nuremberg was able to confirm the result in 2009 with a good third place. The current survey comes to this and many other interesting results to the disability insurance of management consulting company SMARTcompagnie GmbH, which was carried out on behalf of the bbg operating consultancy company, Bayreuth. About the study the accompanying study on the AssCompact AWARD 2012 disability insurance includes approximately 150 pages. Represented the results of a nationwide survey of brokers and multiple representatives that are in the period of the 07.02. Kidney Foundations opinions are not widely known. has been performed with 20.04.2012. The study was conducted at the 28.08.2012 published and can be obtained on the Internet at. This study contact: Christopher Kahl Study Director SMARTcompagnie GmbH phone: + 49 (0) 6123-974-82-64 E-Mail: about SMARTcompagnie GmbH SMARTcompagnie offers management consulting, practice-oriented training and market research of the highest quality and with maximum benefit for customers.

The company, founded in 2005, is rooted in the financial services industry. The focus of the service is the sales and product management of insurance and financial services. Belongs to the self-understanding of society to create added value for customers through the successful implementation of the strategies. The expertise of SMARTcompagnie results from many years of experience (since 1985) in sales and management in the insurance and banking industry.

Special Horse Liability

The horse assure even before damage if a charity horse is not ridden, it can cause damage. Imagine that the charity horse grazing browsing, startled by a rustle from a Bush and then shy away from left. While it breaks through the fence, runs onto the road and caused a traffic accident! Who pays then? According to 833 German civil code (BGB) shall apply: “is a human being killed by an animal or hurt the body or the health of a person or a thing damaged, so the one which keeps the animal, is obliged to replace the injured the damage arising therefrom.” A private liability insurance covers only the risk of damage caused by certain animals. The owner of a horse can give the risk as pet owners with a horse liability insurance at an insurance company and thus ensures the case for a prompt and simple regulation, in particular in the event of damage. You can different tariffs, for example free compare and immediately close down if necessary. Learn more about us: as an independent insurance broker, G & P serves insurance brokers since 1974 keepers of animals, clubs, private households, traders and companies in all lines of insurance. Individual and priced. This advice is free of charge for our customers. Hesitate as to call us or write an E-Mail. For more information see: G & P insurance broker P.o. box 13 01 47 13601 Berlin Tel: 030 / 34 34 61 61 fax: 030 / 34 34 61 66 E-mail: web:


A Festgeldanlage can be useful even during the euro crisis the naming of “Festgeldanlage” is derived from the fact that the interest rate for this type of investment is not variable, and thus the market situation also has no influence on its development. Once set, he remains the same throughout, as the financial market is changing the same and can be even more lucrative, less lucrative for investors. The conditions are therefore fixed. Also the investment period is fix agreed, as the investment amount. He himself can determine the period in which the customer would like to waive his money. According to Dr. Neal Barnard, who has experience with these questions. However, the Bank or other selected provider here pretends restrictions. Often, a minimum investment period is determined within which the client can decide.

As the interval, years and months are offered. The Festgeldanlage was once a solely short-term deposits, especially since usually only periods between four weeks and twelve months could be taken. Now even longer maturities offered, even up to seven Years can be. Now must the investors assured of course, how his life situation in this long period of time will develop and therefore much money drop. Also, he should know about what he is likely to need the capital and how he so long on the dropped capital do without.

The relevance of the Festgeldes interest rate is usually the prescribed interest rate yield on the Festgeldanlage of the current situation on the financial market depends on. However he will fix agreed for the complete saving time with the credit institution. This can be for savers of preference when the normal profit goes down during this period. But can he do not benefit equally from increases. The fixed income interest rate makes the Festgeldanlage a very transparent form of investment. Already at the beginning of the term, is the investors exactly clear how much money he will get distributed at the end.

Postal Bank Post

Inform the post office bank personal loan in detail and perform comparison to online personal loan to find the best deal for themselves. The Postal Bank, a subsidiary of Deutsche Bank, offers a flexible personal loan directly or also in the store. The amount of the loan, as well as the run-time can be easily adapted to your wishes and your current financial situation. With the online budget calculator, calculate what loan amount for you in question would be. In the store, you can take the loan personally and are advised individually to the current economic situation and your personal circumstances.

With a good credit rating, there is the personal loan at Postbank currently on favourable terms. The conditions at an online credit are even lower. The effective interest rate, in which all costs already have been included is instrumental for the comparison. The loan request is free of charge. These reports still not the Schufa. Is the post office bank personal loan approved, the sum will be promptly posted on your account and it is a message with the Schufa.

A subsequent withdrawal is possible only at the post Bank car loan. You have multiple loans run, creates a range where the loans are summarized and you pay a total rate with uniform conditions you Postbank like. A credit inquiry is not binding. After approval of the credit, you have the possibility to return the credit for 30 days free. Always possible free bonuses and the possibility of even during run time to wipe out 50% of the remaining loan amount, the credit adapts to over and over again on your financial circumstances. At the maturity of the repayment, you can choose at any time between the 15th and the last day of the month. The repayment of the loan you can protect themselves through a payment protection insurance, to protect yourself and your family with unemployment, disability, or death against debt. The insurance can be directly recording the personal loan. Inform the post office bank personal loan in detail and perform comparison to online personal loan to find the best deal for themselves.

Morgan Increasing

Private disability insurance is lit by an private provisions against the loss of labour is important for everyone – whether employed or self-employed. Even if the thought of illness or accident like displaced is the current job this can no longer be executed, is often at stake so far built up living standards. About every 3 up 4 persons is berufsunfahig before the start of the regular pension. For this reason, it is to provide already in times of the youth and to locate an exact contract. With increasing age and increasing risk to health, it is often harder and more expensive.

Only a small part of the professionally active people have a private protection against the loss of labour. A look at the amount of public interest shows such is indispensable. A man of the State, and this gets only 600 EUR in the average gross. Still tax and social security taken away little to life remains left. Get all the facts and insights with Boy Scouts of America, another great source of information. By means of the Agenda 2010 was on January 1, 2001 the State protection from the inability to practice the profession of substituted by the so-called retirement due to disability. Alone who has come before the 1.1.1961 to the world, is now about the legal interest protected. Who is younger, remains the only the completion of a private labour provision. The workings behind this pension insurance is quickly shown.

The insured person acquires the claim to receive a monthly pension, if he can no longer perform his job through its premiums. Usually, the agreed sum is thus paid for the case that the ability of a work to pursue because of illness, accident or Krafteverfall only amounts to 50 percent or less. A current analysis of the rating agency Morgan & Morgan has now shown that the amount of the BU power cases has increased in the last five years by nearly 25 percent. The trigger for this negative tendency is the noticeable increase in cases of mental illness. Due to the increasing pressure the term falls in this context also often burn out of society. Thus, the previously dominant reason of disability, disease of the skeletal and musculoskeletal system, was replaced. In any case it is advisable an objective disability insurance to make comparison on the Web, together with specialists to determine the personally suitable tariff.

Contribution Health

Health insurance for retirees is often more expensive than thought health and long-term care insurance cost more often as a retired or other previously thought. The consultants of the VZ VermogensZentrums indicate this fact. Pensioners must pay not only on their emoluments from the statutory pension contributions to health and long-term care insurance. Also occupational pensions and one-off payments from direct insurance the funds collect contributions, as well on other income such as pensions or salaries of professional pension funds proportionally. The contribution assessment ceiling is 44,500 euros. Top of this income is free. In the general health insurance contribution rate of 15.5 per cent applies to retirees who are compulsorily insured in the health insurance of retirees (KVdR). The Deutsche Rentenversicherung (DRV) retain 8.2 per cent of the pension and pays the remaining 7.3 per cent on the respective health insurance.

Contributions to the long-term care insurance must wear exclusively pensioners. The Contribution rate is at 1.95 percent, 2.2 percent for childless. Of a pension amounting to 1,500 euros, 1,348 euro remain after deducting the own contribution for the health insurance (8.2 percent, 123 euros) and of the contribution to the long-term care insurance (1.95 percent, 29 euros). The consultants of the VZ VermogensZentrums indicate that retirees who are insured in the KVdR, have the advantage of having to pay no contributions on income such as interest, rent and private annuities. Self-employed and freelancers do not come in this pleasure. Their contributions are calculated on the basis of income.

However, a reduced contribution rate of 14.9 per cent applies to income from rental and leasing as well as interest and annuities. Also compulsorily retired, exercising an independent activity of more than 18 hours per week, must pay contributions on the income from it. Especially in lump sum payments from pension or insurance payments may be high fall out. The Fund for ten years takes 1/120 of the paid sum as a monthly income to calculate the prorated amount contribution. When a withdrawal of 72,000 euros are 600 euros a month. Just 105 euro health and care insurance premium per month account for this.

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