Berlin Photo Marathon

A Photomarathon is a photo competition under extreme conditions and a journey of discovery of a special kind. 12 Hours, participants must develop a photo series, this time to 12 pre-set topics. A parent theme serves as a thread. The highlight: The topics are given only at the start and on the road known and must be photographed in the prescribed order. Spontaneity, creativity, perseverance, and lot of fun photographing are thus required. Individual photo documentation of the dynamic life in the capital are created every year. Around 400 photo enthusiastic participants are expected from the hobbyist to professional.

The faithful photo Marathon fan base is constantly growing and the participants come from near and far, and Europe, to meet the creative challenge. Starting point, stopovers and destination of the marathon are chosen by the organisers wisely, because the discovery hidden places of Berlin is an important part of the concept of photo Marathon. “2013 Is the Beach Bar Beach Centre” ( at the North Station. 2013 the analog to photograph with a 24 small film possibility for 30 participants again. The retro section is a return to the beginnings of the photo Marathon, as each subject at the first shot”had to sit. In this section, the partner of lomography will award the three best shows. All other supporters put in a variety of ways for the photo Marathon.

Them zitty and photography include magazine also 25 p * cine media partners support GmbH / rent one, Tamron, Cullman, Go4Foto, Luxad, Galileo design and Sunbounce. The 13 Berlin photo Marathon is a partner competition of the BERLIN photo FESTIVAL THE BROWSE berlin that registration is online at. The Anmeldebebuhr amounts to EUR 29 is a prerequisite for taking a camera and a minimum age of 18 years. The number of participants is limited. All Photo series will be presented in an exhibition in July in the large indoor swimming pool of the cult location Sandoval bath wedding. A jury chooses the best series, which will be awarded with attractive prizes. The winners will be announced on Saturday, July 13, 2013. Organizer of the Berlin Marathon of the photo is the Club for events e.V., an honorary Intercultural Association of passionate photography enthusiasts. The Association for events is recognized as a non-profit organization.

Eton Institute Ascends

Eton Institute supports cancer research at Vienna, 12 July 2013 Eton Institute, which has international language and further education Institute, made it his mission to conquer the highest peak in Africa, attention and generate donations for the non-profit organisation “Friends of Cancer Patients”. Kilimanjaro is the highest free-standing mountain in the world and defeat the Summit of this amazing mountain is one of the largest outdoor challenges worldwide. Eton set a high goal has to Institute, to raise in its CSR initiatives and efforts to support non-profit organizations and other charities and now the awareness and funds for “Friends of Cancer Patients”. The charity has since its inception in 1999, provided financial as well as emotional support for more than 900 cancer patients. The ascent starts on the 17 August 2013 and ends after nine days on the 25th of August.

Only 40% of people who have faced the challenge, the 5895m high mountain to climb, have managed to reach the Summit. Altitude sickness and changing vegetation are just two of the many reasons that greatly complicate this challenge. “We continue to focus on the donations and thus hope to support affected and to be able to improve their quality of life. Our goal is to raise as many funds for medical research and treatment of cancer patients, and to raise awareness of this charity organization. We regard it as a privilege to participate in this good thing”, commented Dr.

Eli ABI Rached, CEO of the Eton Institute. How can you support the action for this good purpose? Interested persons must submit their pledge before the start of climbing parts you the information with friends, colleagues and family, to reach as many people as soon as the challenge was successfully completed, be informed, how and where you can drop off your donations to make a contribution, visit Dubai.Eton.AC/Kilimanjaro. For more information about the fundraiser, visit or contact 0800 989889 or about Eton Institute: the international language and education centre offers language courses in over 100 languages, as well as teacher training, children’s courses, vocational training courses and corporate training.

Life Insurance Pension

With age, everyone is increasingly think about their future pension. Unfortunately, the realities of our country shows that such thoughts are not always happy. The experience of Western European countries shows that sooner or later already begun talks about a possible increase in the retirement age will end a predictable result – the moment of the well-deserved rest for the working youth now postponed the next few years. And most of the state pension will suffice except for a modest basket, but not to a normal life. Under these circumstances, to take care of their future pensions to today. Many and come, laying a certain amount each month into a bank deposit or signing a contract of life insurance in the payment of rent. Learn more at: American Diabetes Association. But these options have their drawbacks. The accumulation of funds in the bank deposit at all does not guarantee a safe and comfortable old age.

On the contrary, will always be present fears: "Do not burn my blood in case of default?"; "How reliable is the bank that holds my retirement savings?" etc. In addition, to consider one more thing – very difficult to force myself not 'running hand' in retirement savings for every "easy" case. Practice shows that such incidents happen in their lifetime abound: you need to add money to purchase a new machine for repair, vacation, children's education, etc. In the end, 'retirement' bank account, not only does not increase, but inevitably melts like spring snow. Not the best solution in terms of Pension Plan – Life Insurance with payment of rent.

The fact that the premiums for such programs is not subject to tax deductions. As a result, in the state treasury is paid you 13% tax. Given all these factors and developed a program funded pension insurance. With it, every man can guarantee to provide a decent pension. Here are just a few benefits of participation in a funded pension insurance program: opportunity to contribute, and hence receive a pension in three currencies (U.S.

Building Carrier Contract Law: More Protection For Consumers.

An apartment or that long-awaited House vonm plan purchased! Deposit and nothing happens. Although the construction started, nothing has happened but since last 5 visits to the construction site! What real estate buyer does not know these fears. Has been shown to still his gaps the old law of construction vehicles to the new construction vehicles Act 2008 better protect the buyer. Also this not by construction companies that run out of money during the construction phase is to protect natural. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Nieman Foundation by clicking through. And also the following authorities, court hearings, as well as “endless waiting” repayments will not end this also fall. Positive is that this problem has not gone unnoticed, and highlights some bad reputation the industry with additional security a bit out of the gray zone. The project concept GmbH, under the direction of Ing.Erwin Jop took these fears your customers with the brand of “Feel good – living”. Without deposit and other inputs of the purchaser whose payment sells it for 5 years, condos and houses only when The completed project will be due..

Digital Cameras

Catching up on photo editing, I often have to correct the shortcomings of photographers. Even professional wedding photography, for which people nonweak took away the money are not perfect! Here are five clear and simple rules implementation of which will allow you to receive high-quality photos, shooting people, even a simple digital cameras. BSA has plenty of information regarding this issue. 1) The light should be directed to the model by the photographer, and not the lens! And the best light a little sideways, that model has not blinked in the bright light. Guys, I beg you, do not remove the backlight! Never! For example, do not have a sunny day to have a man at the window and shoot it out of the room, etc. Otherwise, just get the dark silhouette against the window.

2) Capture using a 2-fold optical zoom, departing for this from the model at the right distance. If the photograph is close to the model, the distortions, call clever little word "distortion". That is the subject is convex, as if under a magnifying glass. 3) Use simple, not cluttered background that the model was not lost among the details. Homes for the background fit curtain or wall. 4) Move the model from the background at 1 meter. It is necessary for that the maximum depth of field was hovering over the man, but the background turned slightly out of focus, which will give the volume of images. In addition, if a person placed close to the background, the background will be discarded ugly sharp shadows. 5) When photographing people against the backdrop of an architectural object, do not put it close to the monument or building, or a person has lost, will be released too subtle in the photo. Better get up from the architectural object in the distance, at which the object completely enters the frame, and the one you're shooting, let him come closer to you, to become visible in the frame.


He was then 194 years. The Minister asked him to share a secret reason for his longevity. Old man replied: "I have learned to their ancestors Moxie and enjoy life. Further details can be found at Nieman Foundation, an internet resource. Me and my whole family on a monthly basis from the first to eighth number do myself burns on his feet at the point zu-san-li. My wife is now 173 years, son – 153, his grandson – 105 years. " Old Man richly bestowed with rice and money and the honors were sent home. After 48 years thereafter Mampe again arrived in Edo to participate in the ceremonies opening the new bridge.

He was 242 years, my wife – 221 per year, son – 201, 193, the wife, son, grandson – 153, the wife of his grandson 138 years. An example illustrates perfectly the idea of regular maintenance of the body. Raise health and 200% impossible, but you can always be healthy through regular weekly adjustment of the body to 100% – and that's fine! It is known that methods of cauterization and acupuncture, in Chinese, respectively mock-sa and -jeou, used, and to improve health, and protection from disease. For example, the famous point nei-guan tones cardiovascular system, for example, or point of he-gu, zu-san-li, Chao-hai, Qu-Chi, etc. raise the tone of the whole organism. Especially recommended as a preventive measure moxibustion, often even in its original form, ie, before the scar. The correct choice of place and time a person burns provides significant prolongation of life. Point 'longevity' is so authoritative in the East, which is now to maintain its vitality and sear massage the many thousands of healthy and sick people.

Miguel Brieva

That concept, odious debt, invalidate the debt contracted by a country when the money is destined to expenses that do not contribute to the well-being of their citizens. ‘ Dinero’. The graphical art, the illustrators and vietistas always have paid much attention to the economic power and its influence in the life of the people. The work of Miguel Brieva, famous author of Money, reflects on the bank, the consumption, the relations of being able, etc. (Source: Nieman Foundation). But this it is only an example of a message that has found in illustration one of its favorite routes of expression. Terrified economists. Of the documentary ones to books. The Manifesto of the terrified economists (Barataria) is another small manual (PDF) of several French economists, subscribed by many more in all Europe, that criticism the economic of the EU, fold to the interests of the markets and obsessed policy with debt and the deficit instead of to be worried about the situation of its citizens.

In addition, it proposes a series of concrete measures so it calls ” false evidencias” that it defends Capitalism. Company/SMEs. Before the polarization of the wealth, the speech worries much more about the fiscal and labor advantages that, thanks to their weight and importance, always obtain an advantageous position. The SMEs, on the contrary, would be also victims of a model that favors to only to its peak. In fact, the strangling of the financing has had in the SMEs to his first victim. Slovenia.

At the beginning of month, the Slovenes went to the ballot boxes to pronounce themselves in rrndum on the delay of the age of retirement. A 72% of rejected it to the population. Although after this decision the markets insist on which it will have to trim of one or the other site, Slovenia is for many a politically beautiful example.

Audiobook Reviews And Insights Into The Audiobook Production The new blog writes audiobook reviews and provides an insight into the production of scientific books at the Berlin radio plays the inclined reader might wonder: there are not enough blogs out there on the Internet? Indeed, more blogs as blog readers? Well, since he might be right. Exactly for this reason but it is to show attached, why the time was ripe for audiobook enthusiasts, the new Horbuchblog. The audiobook friend strives to the readers to present added value and in a niche to advance unique selling, in the Businesssprech like to as UPS, proposition referred to. What might readers now to the all important click this Interentseite move? The blog provides two different types of articles: first and certainly unique in the network of the audiobook friend writes live from the production front, blogging as a docu-soap! Edition Science he reports on the launch of the audiobook series of the Berlin drama set for September in detail with much Background material. So, gives the blog a unique look behind the scenes of a small publishing house of audiobook and shows everything that can happen just as the development from the idea to finished production of the first edition of scientific books, hurdles that had to be skipped, success, setbacks. Second, there are of course audio book reviews. The reason? Quite simply, no audio books can be produced without having a love for the subject.

When you then hear an audiobook, excited or is totally annoyed, it itches in your fingers, to share this knowledge with a curious audience. This sense of mission is important especially for audiobooks. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Boy Scouts Of America. The market is not yet saturated, and therefore requires a more detailed examination. In the book area, the players know what they are doing, the quality of the books reached at least a certain professional level, the authors can rely on appropriate infrastructure. In the audiobook field, this equation doesn’t work.

Acute problems are: books is just read without regard to whether they are suitable for the hearing. Tapeworm, technical terms, foreign words bother listening pleasure. Poorly produced audiobooks with some sound, amateur authors or unprofessional speakers do another, that not every audiobook is also a listening pleasure. Another positive difference to the popular book: an outstanding spokespersons can give the decisive touch to a normal book, lift it out from the crowd. Here is the friend of the audiobook: a market overview to create, to make recommendations, to dissuade from certain books and creating transparency in a colorful market. The author: Dietmar Fischer is an economist of Humboldt-Universitat and historians (FU Berlin). He earned his money as a freelance consultant and now primarily focuses on audiobooks, with his focus within the framework of the Berlin drama team of course on marketing and sales. But you can wait even on the first audiobook, which is in the pipeline and expected at the beginning of the year appears (it is betrayed even nothing!). The audiobook friend is his first own blog, and he is surprised how high the technical requirements for bloggers are still.

A Home Purchase Without Opinion Can Be Pricey

Hidden defects have thus no chance of house purchase or the purchase of an apartment is in itself an expensive proposition, this can be even more expensive for the buyers, when he buys an object that has hidden defects, which it has not noticed in advance. As a layman, it is here also a little overwhelmed, probably never seen such defects. And even if the defect appears so small, the cause can be large and consequently entail many costs. That can go in the money. That’s why you should not abandon at the House or apartment buying a real estate appraiser. Certainly, this costs money, but security, a house without defects, not too much to have paid to have pushed the price even more and to know what on renovation costs on one comes to, taking these costs would like to purchase. Because a reviewer sees things that a layman would never recognize. So he can, check the size of the object, if the House is well insulated, if the wall has cracks and also, if the buildings in order is or about ailing and moist.

Defects are present, then the price in negotiations can be reduced on this basis. Because the buyer would have to assume the costs of the renovation. In all these activities is the assessor on-site and supports the buyer. For over eight years, is the home inspector GmbH Germany active and is willing to purchase with help and advice. Modeled on American everything is applied here by the first ascent up to the date with the notary, which is relevant for the purchase. The House Inspector GmbH – buying real estate Managing Director: Jens Gause to the watermill 33 27777 Ganderkesee phone: + 49 4221 983907 fax: + 49 4221 983908 email: info (at) the Internet:

ZKX Series Installation

How to reasonably use vibrating screen In 1980, Hongxing Mining Machinery imported the manufacturing technology of TJ and TH type vibrating screen from American RS Company, which are converted into the domestic models as already Series circular vibrating screen and ZKX Series linear vibrating screen that are widely used in China. In 1996, Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery introduced the manufacturing technology of the LSK series round vibrating screen and the TISL series linear vibrating screen from Germany. These two screening machines are the improved products from KHD Company in 1980s, in which USL linear vibrating screen is 5 meters wide. This shows that the manufacturing level of the large and medium vibrating screen in China has taken a big step. In addition, Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery introduced the manufacturing technology of HLW vibrating screen from Kobe Steel in Japan, which was transformed to the domestic type as ZK series vibrating screen. The structure of this kind of vibrating screen is compact with light weight. The maximum size of the screening are is up to 27?, which is the largest liner vibrating screen in China. Vibrating screen installation: 1, Before installation, circular vibrating screen shall be checked if the parts are complete or damage in accordance with the packing list.

From them, the vibrator is valid for 6 months from the date of the factory. Hear other arguments on the topic with Nieman Foundation. Otherwise, you shall re-take apart and wash and re-assemble, and change into clean lubricating oil. 2, The equipment installation should be in accordance with the installation diagram. The supported chassis must be mounted horizontally on the base, which should have sufficient stiffness and strength to support all the dynamic load and static load of vibration sieve. 3, There are four lugs at four corners of the screen box and lifting holes at corners of bearing chassis.

The facelift in accordance with the instruction map and should not directamente linked to vibrator to lift the entire sieve. 4, Be sure the minimum gap between non-moving parts be maintained such as the gap between screen box and hopper, chute 75 mm (chute). 5, Ensure a 10 mm gap between the spring and friction damping plate in screen box seat. When the vibrating screen is working, under the effect of vibrator, the screen box and screen cloth will move on a circular, oval, or linear motion, which will make the material on the surface of screen scatter and move up and down. Thus, the fine particles can fall through the material layer and then expel from the sieve hole. And the bigger particles will continue to move forward under the effect of vibration. Through the careful observation to the operation process of vibrating screen, the researchers conclude the general steps for the daily maintenance of vibrating screen – Learn the operation state of the equipment through observing and listening. That is to say, through observing the indicator on the sign, and combining the current amplitude of the equipment operation, give a synthetic judgment for the working state of the vibrating screen. And the listening means listening to the operation voice of the working equipment to know whether the situation of equipment components loosing exist. Discover in time and dispose in time. Another thing to notice is that the internal dust of the vibrating screen should be cleaned regularly.

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