Somebody infuriated with the accounts of the power I publish it wrote an article and it published in the Internet. The article disclosed that a driver of the Senate gains more to direct an automobile of what an officer of the navy to pilot a frigate. That a director without direction of the Senate, whose heading is alone to justify the wage, gains the double of a concursado federal university professor, with mestrado, doutorado and international prestige. An assessor of 3 level of a member of the house of representatives, who also has this heading to justify its profits, earns more than a scientist-researcher of the Foundation Oswaldo Institute Cross, with many years of formed, that he dedicates to its time searching cures and vaccines to save lives. thus cites plus one four cases of disobediences and in the end it says that a reform in the demoralized politics of the country is urgent, that these ' ' currais' ' electoral, that they had transformed Brazil into an oligarchy without escrpulos, where the public affairses are managed by ' ' brasiliense sews nostra' ' the country of the future never will arrive it without it has social responsibility and with the public expenses. To accept these things, as it was thus had that to be same, or that nothing it has more skill. finishes saying that we lose the capacity of infuriating in them.

Region Metropolitan

I did not have as not to remember that railroad does not sensetize the Toucans exactly, has seen privatization of the FEPASA, abandonment of tracks and stations, a series of things, makes that me to believe that the business of them is same roads, therefore always has one lugarzinho more if for a toll Everything this passed for my head and I nor perceived that the Lynno if esgoelava of the other side of the line, saying: You are there? You are there? The credits go to finish I already saw direct connections of more development comings of Brasilia (Dilma) and So Paulo (Squid) for cities of the Region Metropolitan of Campinas (RMC), such as: Sumar (Bacchim), Hortolndia (Perugini), Arthur Walnut (Capelini), Cosmpolis (Fernandes) and Campinas, city where the Dr. Helium is partner of Squid and the vice one is Demtrio, of the PT. To my side, somebody, that I finished discovering to be Toucan of wallet, fell when hearing mine: ours the Squid goes to govern So Paulo! , but, unhappyly, the Lynno corrected the notice, using Cell, that it was in the last credits: What? She is not president Lula who will be candidate? Ah, she is the president of the Corinthians, the Andrs Sanchez, and to the member of the house of representatives I already had written the heading of the article and I kept it the linking of the Lynno fell..

Internet Well

Are placed reactions of side, for terms more quefazer. They are reactions that they provoke alert, monitoring and comment that sotransportadas for simple electronic dipositivos. Amongst as many possible reasons, talqual the orientation lack, is most pernicious of all, that are ono to desire to receive it. It is the disdain and the fondness to ignore the reality dealgo that it beats to the door-sill. What one perceives is that the being humanos if senbiliza when something happens to it direct or indirectly. Ouseja, when it is assaulted, stolen, attacked or when one of its entesqueridos passes for something similar or, even though, a neighbor – when oconhece. Another way to make with if sintadesta form is ‘ ‘ presenciar’ ‘ , by means of the television or Internet, eventoscatastrficos that comovem, sensetize and sharpen the fear sensation. Emalguns cases, if hears and if it sees who says that ‘ ‘ it could have happened comcomigo’ ‘ or ‘ ‘ if for one reason was not determined, I would be there would eseria one of vtimas.’ ‘.

Using of the jarges technician of the security area, a phrase exists that espelha well this behavior: ‘ ‘ It is only placed cadeado to the door, later that chutaram.’ ‘ is truth well. Daily, professionals of the area of Security – those relegated to the situaesdepois that had occurred -, presenciam and feel the disdain to the suggestions, aosavisos and you alert to them that they try, untiringly, to carry spessoas. The impression is of that soinstransponveis, immortal, untouchable and that the possibility of something to lhesacontecer is minor who the proper possibilities and probabilities. Finally, the worse one of the questionings: ‘ ‘ Why vocs they had not thought before about this?

Promises of Campaign

During campaign that gave to beginning the management of the current government what it was seen had been promises, and as always some still they are for being executed. The problem is that for a intent population to everything, it is if becoming impossible to hide the facts. After all the eight years of a government incapable are gone there to fulfill, in integrate, with its commitments of campaign. I say this because in the day where in this country it will be possible to move a class action against ‘ ‘ Promises not cumpridas’ ‘ , who knows will today start a new stage that will go in providing one better quality to them of life, existing only in the thousands of pages that they compromise a constitution fails and archaic! Imperfection for not making to fulfill what same it determines as being essential, and archaic for its surpassed forms to interpret, what he is obvious. Lack renewal of laws and elaboration that folloies the exacerbado number of questions involving what he is public! She is necessary to urgently moralizar everything that if it relates to public representative, and its obligations, to start for the cities! Then we remain it certainty of that a headboard archive stops these politicians will be necessary where we will be able to register the workmanships that we must have as concluded and that so far they had at least left the paper! If it has projects that still it can come to be executed workmanships as the green Area of the Jackstay; raised, (among others) – that it would bind the deep ones of the city hall with the petrpolis, disencumbering the part of this transit that is not only worse because still it resists a little of serenity on the part of the conductors which if they venture ahead of innumerable obstacles, many of responsibility of the proper administration. The alert one fits therefore to that they do not want to have its burnt film that makes for where and its real intentions become public referring the campaign commitments! With certainty daqui for ahead will become to remember – each time more – on the part the passofundense community that, in contrast of that they promise and they do not fulfill, is the same contingent of voters who certainly will be apt to vote in the next lawsuits. Clearly that it has those that already nor if import more with its bases penalty that excessively ‘ ‘ companheiros’ ‘ , they will be the ones that will pay expensive for this indifference hour left pra face to the discomfort caused for who are government there! Jose Berton Branches Journalist.

Federal District

Some of the many happened initiatives of the social environment are, without a doubt, thing to enter for the history of the humanity. The insatisfao of the people is serious thing e, therefore, it always must be questioned so that the reason of the insatisfao is inquired. Of this form, what it is discovered as impostures of people who are in the power must be punished with justice so that the people is not in the enganao. It is of if knowing that the episode with the governor of the Federal District only had the evidenced consequences, until here, for initiative of the OAB to consider to Office of the attorney general-Generality of the Republic that judicially pled the removal of the governor and its preventive custody in result of its presumption envolvement in the facts investigated in the call Operation Box of Pandora. It is important to point out that when has lawsuits of the transport registered with the governor of the Federal District, somebody has that to postar itself as leader of the people. At these misty moments she is necessary that the people know as to act; as to facilitate so that justice either practised with requintes of they promote the social welfare.

For in such a way, these initiatives must be taken by social entities, organizations and or same types. In the case, here above-mentioned, the OAB was the protagonist of the will of the people. The growth and matureness of the people, in questions of excellent importance for the ways of the society, start for attitudes that assure the collective good, therefore, the initiative of the OAB in considering a more forceful participation on the part of Office of the attorney general-Generality of the Republic, does not have only to be applauded, but yes considered as landmark in our history. The necessary people of protection and this, without a doubt, can be offered by the good ones prstimos of the OAB.