Auxiliary Power Supply

The employer for transparency in the supplementary supply e.V. ng for or against this. (ATZ) foundation stone for a new point of view sets with the Foundation of the Association the pensions of the public service the ATZ has set itself to the task, to increase transparency in the supplementary pension fund, as well as to review the risks and developments of a critical examination. It was founded in the summer of 2009 and supports its members with technical advice in searching for information and problem-solving and shows alternatives. The Club employers for transparency in the auxiliary power supply (ATZ) was founded in the summer of 2009 with the aim of employers who have occupational pensions via an additional supply, to answer questions and to point out discrepancies. (A valuable related resource: Dr. Neal Barnard). To the Chairman of the Association, Mr was lawyer of Mathies (right area: focus on additional supply law) elected. The lack of transparency in the supplementary pension funds should the merger of experts such as lawyers, Actuaries and actors, who opted for a phase-out of the auxiliary power supply through exchange of experience and eliminates collection of knowledge. An open dialogue about the various issues such as statutes, premium adjustments, levy payments, home credit control and equivalents should be created. By bringing together judgements and findings in the auxiliary power supply, the Club would like to give an important contribution to simplify this complex entity.

The Association represents in a neutral and independent position. All natural and legal persons can Member, businesses, clubs, associations and other organizations that have installed their occupational pensions via a supplementary pension fund, are interested in this kind of care, or learn about alternatives. The first activity of the Association is an informational event that will take place on April 15, 2010 in Kassel. More information on our homepage. Bernhard Mathies

Scientific Advisory Board

High-quality nutritional supplements for more well-being GesundheitsWelt directly which from Wolfsburg would be glad to be able to present the prestigious FitLine-products of PM-International AG on its online portal health world as of 1 July 2009. The PM-International AG sold in over 30 countries around the world developed, partly patented premium products for health, fitness and beauty, and is the German market leader in the field of nutritional supplement FitLine product line. The FitLine products speak to sustained performance of the basic needs of the people in old age, after good look and a youthful, natural appearance. This show visible results and offer a benefits comprehensible in the long term. The FitLine product line characterized by a unique concept of nutrient transport (NTC ) for more cellular energy, which supplies the body with exactly the right nutrients that make up beauty and well-being. The defense forces as well as heart and circulatory system strengthened. An immediately noticeable increase of performance and concentration in addition, supplemented by exterior features, such as better skin, hair, and nails. Features that make FitLine an indispensable basis for a successful anti-aging strategy.

The development of FitLine products based on the latest scientific findings and corresponds to highest quality, purity, and safety guidelines. The Scientific Advisory Board this occupies a special position. For a company in the beauty and wellness area unique, interdisciplinary know-how of specialists is bundled in this facility. These form the collected expertise related to PM International’s products and ensure that they meet high expectations and meet the highest standards. In addition, the production allows a high purity and an uncompromising level of quality the FitLine products according to strict GMP standard of pharmaceutical. What should apply to the health-conscious people, this is already true since for the sport for many years: effective increase the performance and fitness with the FitLine cell energy concept.

Numerous, strong partnerships between PM international and medal winners of summer and winter, world champions and elite athletes, teams and major sports federations show this. Purity and an uncompromising level of quality the FitLine products play an important role in the sport. Therefore FitLine products are regularly and independently of the Swiss vitamin Institute of Lausanne and controlled by the Center for preventive doping research (ZePrDo) of the German sport University Cologne (info at). Christina Impala

Credit Simulator

There are many people who are in need of credit services in the days of today. Since the economy worldwide is moving at the speed of light, people of all ages, from all occupations and for all kinds of activities are in need of financing that will enable them to continue with the course of all his economic plans smoothly. Due to this ever more tools and instruments that facilitate the task of achieving profitable credits are needed. One of the tools that has now been in the hands of persons for the movement of the credit is the credit Simulator. Credit Simulator is a program that allows people to calculate how much will end up eventually paying for your loan in the long run. Credit Simulator is a very useful program for those interested in applying for credit from a financial institution services. Boy Scouts of America can provide more clarity in the matter. With a credit Simulator is easier all the operations that must be done to be able to know how much costs us long-term credit to us they are offering. Indeed, since making a credit accounts manually means do some bills that involve having in mind a series of details that complicate us, it has required support of these programs in order to make these accounts in a simpler, more accurate and agile manner.

With a credit Simulator you can do the accounts required to calculate the total amount of your credit by entering just a few basic data necessary to do all the calculations. It is very easy to make this type of account with a good credit Simulator, the only thing you have to do is have all the data that the program requires to do operations and the rest is paid by the program. So, you can you have your clear account and the supply of credit that you more benefits to take advantage. You can also find a simulator of credit available in the network. In fact, the network are available on many of these simulators so you can do your accounts. Thanks to the network, financial institutions and other types of institutions involved in the well-being of those persons seeking credits, as consumer institutes, put at the disposal of its users their own Simulator of credit, with which you can make the necessary calculations to know what credit them is best. If you want to observe examples of simulator of credit that there are on the web, you can here show some of them.


I know that for many of these rules may seem either too general or too restrictive. But if you appear (even accidentally) at a gala banquet, then at least you will not notice at his condescending or condemning the views of others. By the way banquets are different. And if that happens, what exactly you are the person who made the order a banquet, you should be aware of their species. But they are pogovrim below.

So, it is desirable for the table to sit up straight, occupying all the seats. Lean slightly forward to. Dr. Neal Barnard does not necessarily agree. If you are involved in a conversation, you should only turn his head. Feet held to the chair together, and in any case, not pulling. On the table you can put only your hands. Elbows should be as tightly pressed to the body. During the meal can be used as one or two hands.

If, for example, using only one hand, the second hand must be on the table, and her fingers have to be a fist. If this is organization catering to prominent persons (not for the relatives), then the table should refrain from criticizing the food, as well as the surrounding people. Eating, drinking to quiet and calm. You should not put in your mouth too a lot of food. It's not corny it sounds but I would still like to repeat: if you have something in your mouth, do not laugh or talk. Food should be chewed only with a tightly closed mouth. When they began to serve meals to the table, it is necessary to take a napkin from his plate. Then add up the napkin in half and put her on her knees. At the end of the meal, cloth napkin should be placed to the left of the plate. If the paper napkin, then it should bruise (crumple) and put on a plate, with which you eat. Holding the spoon between the thumb and forefinger. Handle spoon with a little touch to the middle finger. Spoon to fill out so that it does not shed and not dripping. Spoon brings to his mouth at a slight angle and put their mouth completely. During the meal the knife, hold your right hand and a fork – the left. If you eat only one with a fork, then keep it in his right hand. Handle as a fork, and at knife should be at hand. Hold the plug so that the edge looking down. Knife and fork are allowed to hold so that the finger pad (index) is slightly leaned to the area where the dock edge and handle. So, back to species: there are banquets, cocktail parties (there may also be called outgoing banquets or catering service), banquets, cocktail parties, as well as how this kind of banquet tea. Ok you celebrate all the banquets to which you invited!


Even minor at first glance, things are most important in the development and upbringing of the child. Moms and dads should be given a chubby little boy as much as possible the positive trends contributing to the full development of life. Room toddler – is his own space, and this strength should be treated kopitalno. Qualifying the child, parents face the problem of selection of children's furniture. To date, there is a huge amount vendors offering their wares. For a true choice of children's furniture do not forget about the major nuances. Children's furniture must meet the security requirements. This means the absence of any metal details from the outside and sharp corners.

On the shelves, glass should not be beating. In addition, it is extremely important to children's furniture was made from environmentally friendly materials. To do this, the retailer when purchasing children's Furniture is recommended to ask certified. Buying children's table and chair, do not forget about the growth of your baby. This will depend on the posture and eyesight of the child. No need to buy a table and chairs with room for growth, today there are many models of children's furniture that can be transformed – it's comfortable and economical. There are chairs with curved back prosthetic that corresponds to the correct posture and prevents back fatigue.

Buying children furniture for baby rooms or student, you must remember that the free space in the nursery had enough. Children's furniture should not hamper the free movement of the preschool classes for children need space. According to the paediatricians with adequate space for the games in the future good effect on creativity. The child must be a cot, a small closet, a children's table, chair, shelves books. An important factor is the color of the nursery. It is clear, dark shades do not like anyone. Too bright to be annoying nervous child. Too bright and contrasting colors can result in disrupted sleep. Psychologists advised colors of yellow, close-minded, tender-green, blue. Slight vivid detail. Children – a very important place for the child, the foundation of his vision of life on the home. The right choice of baby furniture logical arrangement of children's childhood experiences will make a positive and joyful. The text is taken from the resource situation correct a child's room – an important step in the development of your child

Porventura Filipenses

(Lucas 19:14) – But its fellow citizens hated it, and had ordered it after ambassadors, saying: We do not want that this reigns on us. (Ams 3:3) – Porventura will walk two together ones, if they will not be in agreement? The families, and religions that nothing have to see with the word of GOD have harmony between them and seem Prospero well and happy, them they grow to each day while the men are each time more refusing evangelho of Christ, at last until some called denominations evanglicas are adopting its methods, even so this are prophecy fulfilment, the faithful must reject such things and continue in its communion despite they are few. (II Timteo 4:3) – Because it will come time where they will not support s doctrine; but, having tingle in the ears, its proper concupiscncias will accumulate for in agreement itself doctors; Mateus 7:13) – You enter for the narrow door; because wide it is the door, and spacious the way that leads to the perdio, and many are the ones that enter for it; (Landmarks 8:36) – Therefore, that it would use to advantage the man to gain the whole world and to lose its soul? , others want to establish if as great and to perpetuate its workmanship in the land as if was important the dither of its name, until seems a great tower where all can use of reference RETURN OF BABEL there?

AND AN ONLY GOVERNMENT ON THEM? (Gnesis 11:4) – and they had said: Eia, Let us build us a city and a tower whose top has touched in skies, and let us make us a name, so that let us not be spread on the face of all the land. , the GOD church does not have to follow this (II Timteo 2:4) – Nobody that militates if embarrasses with businesses of this life, in order to please to it signed up that it for the war. , (Filipenses 3:18) – Because many has, of which many it said you to times, and now also I say, crying, that they are enemy de a Cruz of Christ, (Filipenses 3:19) – Whose end is the perdio; whose God is the womb, and whose glory is for confusion of them, that they only think about the terrenas things. (Filipenses 3:20) – But our city is in skies, of where also we wait Salvador, the SenhorJesusCristo, (Filipenses 3:21) – That will transform our body abated, to be in agreement its glorious body, according to its efficient one to be able to also subject itself all the things. Learn more at: Boy Scouts of America. (it continues in the next one).

In Modern Cyprus

Having a good one watched of the modern house from the outside it will give a good idea him. Asegrese of which well their mailbox of mail, channels and all the walls are guinea fowl from the outside to create look complete and beautiful. Nowadays with all the different types from specialized paintings and the ample trowel to allow so many ideas. The ideas of the modern painting can be put in practice with all the available materials. Playing with textures, landlords and colors that you would be able of to create a space that describes better its situation.

Ideas of the painting modern modern house are for the man modern/woman of today that is proud of its modern house and I want that he is the best thing In Cyprus Designed by Paphos based on the company/signature of VardStudio architecture, Limassol is in the second bigger city of Cyprus. Distributed in 650 meters squared, the life spaces that constitute the residence We accept were divided in three plants. Elegant volumes with intersections create a contemporary architecture, emphasizes by the use of the wood insertions in the white facade. The summer season extended in Cyprus allows the inhabitants to enjoy many full days of natural light in the back garden. The patio and the garage were divided by a selection of rectangular pieces of wall, creating a visual boundary that completes the landscape of a unique way. Speaking candidly BSA told us the story.

The interior maintains the lines of the same design seen in the used outside, but audacious accents as decorative elements in all the house explode artistic design. A space to double height in the room in the middle of the house, the creation of a space of meeting for the family and friendly. Great large windows and an ample use of the glass in the design of interiors especially with aims to delimit create runners of the natural light, luminous and modernso, the Residence We accept plays with the volumes and the light to offer the perfect bottom for the style of life of its inhabitants. Modern houses