Sell More By Phone

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And then, put it in a museum, the most prominent place. But as long as all lives, no one is free to say that it lives not as it should. In general, poetry – a matter of taste. And the claim that one writes well, and the other – bad, meaningless. Need to become whole, at least in a certain space of the infinite universe, so to claim it. And until you become such a whole – you is limited. And then, are merely its limited and, therefore, subjective opinions. Or, to put it differently, you're articulate their interests.

A simple example: everyone says that, Pushkin – a great poet. I do not think anyone going to challenge this view. But I, somehow, more like the unit. So, if you say you do not know how to write, and you think that you know how – with all the spit on a high tower. ICR contributes greatly to this topic. And write on. The more so, a famous poet said: "This music will be eternal, if I replace the batteries.":) When somebody says too many buzzwords and cites the example of various known and respected names, remember that you have a mind of its own, which is not nearly as good as that that there are others. And no matter whom it is given – a kind of higher absolute or unconscious force of evolution. Or perhaps he is given the absolute, through this evolution itself.

However, every authority and crushes a substitute for your own thoughts. AND it turns out that you live on plants and the rules that you impose on other people who do not have to do with you. Therefore, a person should not be authoritative. And to be only the opinions with which he agrees or not agree. And the people whose opinions he likes or does not like. If to speak about poetry, taking into account the factors of interest and free creativity. What we can say that – was the golden age of poetry, was a silver, bronze – I do not know was or not:) And now we have – the poetry of the sunset. There is still night, nothingness, chaos. But as you know – that in the chaos sometimes happen ordered movement, there are explosions and revolutions are born. Perhaps it will be a new step. And it is another time. When will write poetry machine. Here's a fantastic end. 🙂 Poetry sunset

Alice Vladimirovna

Only much later I attended a similar feeling – a feeling of “self-restraint and seduction, self-sacrificing tenderness and sensuality recklessly, demanding that absorbs a man as extraneous” (1). *** Five Years after that, accidentally hitting the musical “grab-bag”, had to withstand a hard struggle between boredom and conscience: it was awkward to leave but stay and it was unbearable. Dirty jokes lead, stuffiness in a crowded room, the dominance of “plywood” artists do not even the second – third freshness … catharsis happened unexpectedly.

I remember very vividly remember the moment: on the stage there was a fragile girl-girl smiled provocatively – and filled not only the stage space, but the whole room. Almost tangible, close-solid flows of heat and light, “live sound” and no game, no – special life on stage. Stunned, but at some point, when the song began to sound “Almaz”, I suddenly realized I was singing t. It was then, probably, I became her ardent admirer, although he had heard, of course, songs, and “about the grass on behalf of the plantain,” and “music in the jazz style …” Mona Lisa Smile, and the voice of Alice Mon seamlessly merged into a single, absorbing me. *** I was lucky not to see performances once Alice Vladimirovna. One of the brightest memories: the embankment of the Moskva River. Summer is hot day. Wind, stealing cool the water, sparingly bestows heat razmorennuyu crowd. City holiday, lazy-weary, slightly indulgent audience, discussing the performance of the next “star.” And suddenly, again, “suddenly” …

The Corners

Burst into the heart Good prophetic, I hear the sweet laughter of delirium … As fiercely cherry blossoms – is a pity that only blooms once a year. Who drowse this wicked man, who in the early morning gray shaded the whole world unto himself, filled the house with cold wind? Roars like beast and the loud breathing, his eyes glowing frenzy. Cries of despair does not hear: Strange pain alien to him. Grinned like thunder rumbles, the rain from his mouth flying spittle. On the stone knife sharpening fiercely, flung terrible words.

And there is salvation – everywhere the walls. He with the emptiness came here for. That's it explode with blood veins in my agony, he found it? But the shadow of stubborn sets in last light was gone from the corners. What was striking – the curse dies and hum in my ears. And I save my fate, glass windows in the teeth Hit. At Cancer Research Institute you will find additional information. And he was dying, she broke clear on the seams. …

And is not such a bad weather, and morning, like, nothing. There is no darkness – what luck! In the garden, and a light heart. *** Come true, come true … Rain or snow? All will be forgotten then, Time slizhet trail. Stars at infinity whirling in the darkness. Their radiance of the eternal is not subject to me. Wolves howl to death. Sped drops. Very difficult to overclock your youth snowstorm. Believe it … do not believe in the arcane hour.

Warren Beatty

In the film, there is no mention of his daughter. (Source: WHO). On the role of Gordon Gekko, played by Michael Douglas in the end, originally planned for Richard Gere and Warren Beatty. The phrase 'greed – is good,' said Gordon Gekko (78th minute movie), owned by Ivan Bosky (Ivan Boesky), weighted movers and shakers of the 1980s. He's probably in some ways served as the prototype of Gordon Gekko, as actually lost money when the purchased their shares dropped in price (this story was included in the book of James Stewart's "Greed and Glory on Wall Street," which also mentions that the word 'greed – is good' were said Ivan Bosky). Watch and ring, as shown in trailer for "Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps' – Gordon Gekko is on throughout the film. Costumes for Gordon Gekko sewed the famous Italian designer Nino Cerruti (Nino Cerruti). In the limo Gekko smokes cigarettes Winston.

We truly one of Gekko rarest gun in the world – Luger 0.45 Gun, released in 1907 at a price of $ 150 is now estimated at more than one million dollars. Which of the fans Fallout 2" has not run into the city ghouls Gecko? In 2241, there was m each. But if everyone paid attention to the beautiful ghoul dressed with combed-back hair named Gordon! He speaks of himself as a greedy creature, but at the same time says that greed – is a driving force in the world. He also provides us with the drive of economic information.

Anniversary Celebrations

Because, I did not dare, because, as my gracious crap. Do not be sad! Winter litter swath. Doomed again, can not win. Look – in a hurry home to you Your old and new friends. And you say we will not, Phrases stamped and sugary words. All that was – we do not will forget, And shake the pillars of the Future is not the basics. FOR MY ANNIVERSARY Today night unusually common. Empty wagon habitually cling …

Pull into a house where a bunch of childhood asleep … Embrace those who are not here long ago … Stryahnesh with gray hair melted advice … Steps and their traces – your legacy. The novel can not be rewritten. Duda singing and dancing under it. I do not drive away anyone not call me, do not keep silent and no longer doskazhesh, now broken ends do not you bind, Where not made a nest, there is no sovesh. How to roll a ball old – and you got older.

Chopin's melancholy trumpet heard in March. Pushes back order. You can not breathe and do not have to make a mistake law. Can not be left, nor right. Filed under: Kroger Health. Myself and all the saints, but is free to swear. And in thy footsteps are already other, with impudence, arrogance as young horses. You see them? They do not need lobster! Let the step by step echoed. Arrow view doubt angrily stuck … And remember: do not pipe so you, and you trumpet. Before the battle between this Nochka years you spend your not with them and not us.

Little Armenia

C detection in the Hittite monuments mention of the country Hayasa, Kretschmer, and after him and hundreds of known and bezizvestnyh researchers considered the obvious connection – hay, Hayq and Hayasa. Assume that one of them is right and the Armenians are somehow connected with the Hittites or hayasami, but neither Jensen nor Kretschmer, nor their followers not an inch did not bring us closer to answering the question, what does the word hay and armen. Many supporters and had a hypothesis about the origin of the name of hay lived in the north of Macedonia peons tribe, which later migrated to Thrace. You may find that Cancer Research Institute can contribute to your knowledge. For example Georgiev pointed out that Strabo thought and peons and Armenians Phrygian tribes, explained name peons through Indo-European root – pou small, at the same time pointing to the fact that the territory Hayasy almost coincided with the territory of the future of Armenia Minor, so that's uncomplicated way trying to link the Indo-European pou (small) part of "small" in the title of Little Armenia and Hayassoy. At least here at least an attempt can be traced in some way to identify the original meaning of the term genocide. The real advantage of this is conjecture, I think the opportunity to present this example, the what unexpected coincidence await the researcher, because you can also imagine the joy Georgieva if he learned that the "Dictionary of the Armenian ( ) one of the meanings of hay is really "small." Long dominated the hypothesis Spiegel and Kiperta, according to which the word derives from the hay i.e root poti master, from which (master, boss), and finally was invited to consider the origin of hay i.e poi-/pei mouth, guard.

Little Mermaid

Artist K. Krylova Most mermaid love to hear stories about the world of people up there. Old grandmother had to tell her what she knew about ships and cities, people and animals. Especially wonderful and amazing Little Mermaid seemed that the flowers on earth smell – not like here, on the sea floor – green woods there, and fish among the branches sing so loudly and beautifully, that just heard. Grandmother called fish birds, or granddaughter would not have understood her because they've never never known birds.

– When you fifteen years of age – said the grandmother, – to permit you to come to the surface, to sit in the moonlight on the rocks and watch the huge ships sailing past on the forest town! This year the senior princess just was performed for fifteen years, but the sisters were the same age, and it appeared that only five years old, the youngest will be able to rise from the sea bottom and see what life is like us up here. However, each promised to tell others that she I saw and what she enjoyed most about the first day – the stories my grandmother, they were little, I wanted to know more about. None of the nurses are not attracted to the surface so, as the most junior, quiet, wistful Little Mermaid, which had wait the longest. Night after night she spent at the open window and all looked up through the dark blue water, which splashed their tails and fins of fish. Moon and stars seen her, and though they shone quite pale, but seemed through the water much more than we do. And if by slipping them like a dark cloud, she knew that it was a whale swims, or ship, and on it a lot of people, and, of course, to them and had no idea that beneath them pretty mermaid drawn to ship her white hands.

Share Sunset

Repent of sins pine came in the winter and that came true. I have sinned in that tired Keep the heat from the cold and cruel in that little white crystal is not dripped a drop loudly into puddles, in that, by changing the calendar, Prayed ate from nylon, what a red cap sexton hung fruits of cardboard. I'm sorry for the insane delight, I'm sorry for false fun, for my inglorious bargain with squirrel Hungry scenes … If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Cancer Research Institute. and for the nuts. I'm sorry, that tender melancholy parting with you, enlisted, I'm sorry for the aborted peace and that love is not forgotten.

Daughters Shall I buy a new dress and earrings can buy, just a quiet girl's happiness – I wish you would not be able to give. You grieve – it's in vain, lonely and stars in the night, Do not look at the sunset and do not stand idly by the door, do not be silent. Sledding is not beyond the threshold, only the fate of weaving your thread. Can rely only on God for what I want to ask. That blizzard otgulyaetsya in the will, and as Swallow first arrival, from the snow will break the will in her wedding veil stalk. Gloomy man Share your secret, not tais and tell me – how can you hear fervent summer autumn steps, how can you not see How to draw sunset, how can you all answer in chorus when they say? Why do you see spots, and no tears in his eyes, Why intoxicate mint only in foreign courts? If joy beside the house – You look sad, why in the doorway You look you always back? Tell us what you afraid And why do you live like a mole? If you always ershitsya my fluffy white cat.


The concept of 'fashion rock' is so loose and vague, so it is very difficult to fit into a certain team, but also to give a precise definition of the most style. In general, mod-rock – it's loud rock music early and mid-60s, which listened to future fathers generation of punks and skinheads today grandfathers – fashion. It is also worth taking into account the fact that the modes in addition to listening to rock and even the Negro soul, which somehow, but still involved in rock music. First of all, need to understand who are these mods? Mod movement emerged in Britain around 1962-63, respectively; heyday was in the same movement of 1965-66 years. Included in the mods move young people from middle class, who were indifferent to everything but the scooter – small scooters, to which they are moving (as opposed to mere rockers who loved motorcycles), and, perhaps, the music, under which they lived. Pop music early 60's was disgusting modes, to pure rock 'n' roll they were pretty cool, and being born to a bat, too.

Exceptions were the two most famous rock band in London: West-endovskaya 'The Who' and the east-endovskaya 'The Small Faces'. These teams take on the landmark heavier rhythm and blues, mixed with a bit of British, American rock and roll and soul music with blacks (from it were taken vocal harmonies). Of course, this does not mean that fashion hated 'Beatles' and 'Stones' – just liking them more accounted for the music 'Who' and 'Small Faces'.

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