Chilam Balam

The Group of divinities called Oxlahun-Ti-Ku, thirteen Gods or sacred energies that govern the upper world could understand as other so many separate personalities, or collectively as a single force. Contrast with the Bolon-ti – Ku or nine gods that governed the underworld; allegorically they have among them the same relationship that the light to the darkness. Each of the thirteen heavenly levels has its own characteristics and together they form the upper spiritual worlds. Thirteen higher energies were invoked in prayers in their aspect of divinities. The nine gods of the underworld and darkness ruled in endless succession over a cycle or week of nine nights. In many inscriptions of dates, you can see the glyphs corresponding to that cycle of the Lords of the night.

As we said in a previous chapter, the book of Chilam Balam of Chumayel speaks of the creation of the world and of a struggle between the two groups of gods, interesting parallel of the war in which San Miguel and the heavenly hosts defeated and expelled from heaven to the dragon’s darkness and all the powers of evil and darkness. Actually, the struggle between light and darkness is a constant in all teogo-nias and mythologies, both East and West, giving also reflecting in the interior of the human being, where moran both types of energy. As for the Earth, the mayas envisioned it as a quadrangular flat iron, divided into four sectors or regions, also homers, idea that is derived from the observation of the solar path and that the Mayans shared with the nahuas and many other ancient peoples of the world. The four regions corresponded to the four houses of the Sun. Two in the East and the West, also took into account intercardinales points representing the extremes that the Sun reached over the horizon during the year, which corresponded to the equinoxes and the solstices.

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As Concerns The Retirement

In the cities the man feels retired differently than in the villages. The city feels displaced because it no longer has to go to their daily work, instead in the peoples man continues to work in a way more rested in its field, the neighbor or friends, arranging the garden, cutting the lawn, etc. Differently affect women, always after work still doing homework at home (puts the washer, collects clothes, ironing, prepares food, makes the purchase, etc.). Retired once relax in home work, as already follows not doing a job after work. You can now organize themselves differently and have free time to go shopping, go for a walk with friends, enjoy the family, etc. The woman who belongs to the rural areas, is that presents a greater number of diseases causing disability and dependency (arthritis, arthrosis, etc.). 80% Of people over age 65 are independent for activities of daily living. They help their children, caring for their grandchildren (take walk, carry and bring school, etc.) take care of the House while their children work outside, etc.

Because old age does not transform the person they dims or increases its personality traits. Older people cling to their customs; they are more fragile in the psychological aspect than the physical. All these circumstances make the elderly person may feel active and full faculty continue to work at home, for his own. The problem appears when not can do some task, for example and climb the shopping bags down stairs, etc. Original author and source of the article.