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This study of bibliographical character Saint Emilia de Rodat as well as in another libraries of the city of Joo was carried through in the library of the College Person, beyond research in the universe online. It had as objective to improve my knowledge and to search a referencial to serve of beddings and clarifications for Nursing in the related subject, and as an instrument of research for other academic generations. The clinical aspects are extremely changeable being possible since of a diffuse form with fast evolution for the death tie one chronic form slowly gradual that it finishes for incapacitating the individual for its accented muscular atony. The beginning can be acute or insidioso. The symptoms are similiares in adults and children, the distinction being probably, the beginning during infancy will be very acute and in the insidioso adult phase. An acute infection can precede the initial symptoms that consist of weakness of the proximais muscles, reduction of muscular sensitivity, cutaneous eruption, poliartralgias and constitutional complaint as fever, fatigue and loss of weight. The diagnosis can be confirmed through the muscular biopsia, the eletromiogrfico examination and with aid of other complementary examinations.

The treatment of this afeco is made with the use of corticoisteroides, imunossupressoras drugs and fisioterpicas measures also must be considered. The accomplishment of this study made possible to extend the vision in relation the understanding of the difficulties and limitations lived deeply for the carrier of polimiosite as well as about improve my knowledge on the scientific advance of this pathology. The paper of the Nursing as all is to search the highest level of quality of life of the patient. Therefore we emphasize the necessity of thematic a scientific theoretical deepening concerning this boarded one, the importance of an assistance of qualified Nursing of the precocious diagnosis to the treatment of this pathology, similar to offer to the patient good well-taken care of and one better quality of life where we point out the relevance of this study. Unitermos: imunossupressoras amiotrofias, poliartralgias, drugs.


According to Arajo et al. (2008) he is necessary that the intensivista team reduces the suffering caused to the patient and for the family, for this is basic that occurs a good interaction in the communication between the intensivistas and the patient, having as objective end a faster recovery of the patient. Therefore, the full success of the assistance in the UTI will depend on the presence of human resources, financial, of materials and equipment, as well as of the consignment contract of involved papers of each professional in the assistance. One still standes out the scientific importance technician of the professionals and the necessity of attendance protocols, aiming at the standardization of the actions to be followed, as form to facilitate the therapeutical boarding. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Boy Scouts of America on most websites. These characteristics in its set are that they will make possible an efficient attendance in some situations, amongst it the respiratory complications (HISS; PADILHA, 2001). To take some decision means to decide, to choose, between one or some alternatives or options, with intention to obtain optimum result. As defined for CIAMPONE (1991), the process of decision taking ' ' it involves individual phenomena in such a way as social, based in premises of facts and values, that the choice of a behavior includes, amongst one or alternative, with intention to approach if of some objective almejado' '. Already in the area of the nursing, it observes if that the power to decide process not only involves the analysis and choice of alternatives available, as of the action course that the person will have to follow in accordance with the structure where if he is inserted, that she will be able to modify the passage of such decision (HISSES; SANNA; NUNES, 2001). As Gomes (2008) the nursing assistance encloses physical, emotional, psychological cares and spirituals, to put so that the nursing team can take care of these requirements is necessary to have practical and theoretical subsidies, for a quality assistance.


1.INTRODUO the homeopatia was developed by Samuel Hahnemann, after some clinical studies and experiments, where it synthecized philosophical and doctrinal principles of the homeopatia in its workmanships ' ' Organon of the Art To cure and Crnicas&#039 Illnesses; ' (NECKEL, 2010). In the clinical reasoning the therapeutical homeoptica if differentiates of the aloptico System (cure in the different system of the illness, that is, is overcome the medicine with intention to deviate for this place the action of the antibodies, being diminished or eliminating the illness) and of the enantioptico (it consists of treating an illness through the contrary, example is in feverish state if it takes an antifebrile one) due to the type and the preparation of the used medicine (VIEIRA, 2008). The philosophical sustentation of the homeopatia is the same substance that tried in the man is provoked symptoms in this individual is the same medicine that will go to cure its disease, because for the homeopatia the fellow creature cure the fellow creature. For Hahnemann, the responsibility for the balance HUNTER is the vital energy (; IRIART, 2007). The homeopatia was introduced in Brazil in 1840, for Benoit Mure (former socialist militant trader and). Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.

She was used of a liberal form, for ambulatory catholics who gave Assistance the desassistidos ones. Partner of the time existed itself of the economic elite, much resistance in accepting the therapeutical homeoptica, therefore they believed that the same one was charlatanista. It was only recognized as medical specialty for the Federal Advice of Medicine in 1980 (BRAZIL, 2006). Today the Homeopatia if expanded for some regions of the world, mainly in the countries of the Europe, Americas and Asia (SALLES, 2008). Since the creation of the Only System of Sade (SUS), the homeopatas fight for the attendance in the SUS. This objective was reached only partially, therefore the attendance still is reduced, existing few experiences of services in homeopatia in the Brazilian Cities (BRAZIL, 2006).

Scientific School

In regards to the exercise of being able of the nurse, a reproduction of the medical power is observed, where ' ' head of enfermagem' ' , most of the time he adopts an arrogant leadership of autocratic nursing and in the command of the nursing team, what he infers Padilha (1997). On the other hand, as for the relations of being able of the nurse next to the nursing team, an alternation of papers is verified, that is, these assumes attitudes of authority, responsibility and requirement in the fulfilment of the duties, fellow creatures to those of the doctors. The exercise of the power carried through for the nurse is based on the knowledge of the administration in nursing. Maximiano (2005) it appraises to manage as the process to take decisions on objectives and use of resources. This knowledge consolidated through the Nightingaleano model and of the administrative theories, amongst which if it detaches the beginning of the Classic and Scientific School that, as Fernandes and Spagnol (2003) bring as characteristic the spalling of the activities, the impessoalidade in the relations, the centralization of the power and the rigid hierarchy, what it can be observed through the authoritarian managemental behavior adopted by the nurses.

Ahead of the diversity of subjective acquired by the professional nurse, where the conquest is substituted by the responsibility and the freedom is imprisoned the limitation, it allows the professional, to half acquire and methods for attainment of the procedural character of autonomy in the nursing. Spagnol (2003), still infers that although the contributions of the classic model of management, the organization of the work in the hospital area, throughout the time have produced effect negative, which harm the work process. The author still cites the difficulties in taking care of readily to the necessities of the customers and the workers, what she intervenes with the quality of the given services, therefore the work is developed mechanically, without bonds with the customers and the professionals of the daily one.

Incompatible Medicines

The no-trombtica occlusion will be able to occur as consequence of the crystallization in the interior of the lumen of incompatible medicines or parenteral nutrition. It’s believed that PCRM sees a great future in this idea. The incorrect maintenance of the PICC contributes for the occlusion of the device, mainly when added to the long length and the small diameter of the catheter. (JESUS, SECOLI, 2008) According to Light (2008), for the maintenance of the catheter, an used protocol is the accomplishment of the salinization, before and after the ending of medicamentosa infusion, must be managed solution physiological 0.9% and when the device will not be in continuous use, the administration of anticoagulating solution must itself be carried through. It is important that before managing this solution, the previous solution must be inhaled and rejected and the catheter washed with physiological solution. The conservation of the catheter requires of the team the adjusted manipulation, to prevent future complications and to establish the biggest permanence of the catheter during the treatment. The success of the maintenance of the PICC depends on the training of the nursing team.

(RABBIT, NAMBA, 2009) During the removal of the catheter difficulties, that can comumente be caused by flebites, infection, tack of fibrinas in catheter and for venoespasmos, being this one of the causes can occur most frequent. To facilitate the catheter withdrawal, one uses some procedures to assist in the success of the technique of withdrawal of the PICC, such as, to promote techniques relaxation, providing to the neonato a calm environment and to make use of compresses mornas to dilatar the veins, diminishing its resistance. This procedure must be carried through carefully and if the resistance to persist, will need a radiological evaluation. (JESUS, SECOLI, 2008) 8,2 LOCAL COMPLICATIONS the flebite occurs due the mechanical, chemical or infectious factors, that cause the inflammation of the endoteliais cells of the venosa wall. The flebite mechanics occurs due to a trauma during the insertion, removal or movement of device PICC in the interior of the vase, is evidenced of 48 the 72 hours after the removed insertion or. .

Hidden Faces

We are beings of hidden faces As to arrive at the deep and obscure labyrinth of the mind human being? Which the reasons that take the being to act and to think of its desires and closer instincts differently? We drown in them in masks, we transfiguramos in them and we play innumerable roles to please and to satisfy the other, and thus we autoflagelamos in them, since we are ' ' masoquistas' ' , therefore we do not admit if it wants one minute of happiness, therefore to be happy, is to disdain the other. if coming across in them with situations, which, ours ' ' skin is in jogo' '? What to make when we are in berlinda and in we feel them threatened? In them we become desumanos and, it stops saving in them, we place in xeque the life of the other. Then, we show the obscure and shady face of our being. See more detailed opinions by reading what Boy Scouts of America offers on the topic.. We are now uneven human beings, disputing optimum place in the pdio and for we, do not exist as the place. However, at moments of fragility and solitude, we perceive that we are not one only, we are multiple and incomplete beings and we need the other as well as we need the breath stops to survive.

The totality of the being meets in the duplicity and partnership with its fellow creature, even so each one possesss its particularitity, its indissolvable individuality. You may wish to learn more. If so, Dr. Neal Barnard is the place to go. thus, we human beings, all live during our vital passage in search of answers for our attitudes and uncertainties of the life. However, the answers for these investigations if find there, hidden in our proper mental, unconscious labyrinth. We only can find the answers, therefore we are intransfervel proprietor only of the key that will go to open and to disclose and to decipher ours ' ' minotauro' ' , the deepest desires and restrained wills..


Today we go to speak on pendant, a so old object and that it always is if bringing up to date, they are diverse the models, in gold with diamonds, with crystals, but its presence it is constant in the neck of the mulherada one, rapaziada or even though in its bichinho of esteem. These pendants can also have one meaning for the person who this using, and also to mark a special moment. Every year in commemorative dates we give to gifts for our relatives and wanted friends, the ideal we would be not to wait a concrete date, but yes to only give they something who we had will at any time. However nor always he is easy to give to a gift for a person, after all the gostos so are differentiated that we do not know to the certainty what will please each person. But he is possible to adhere to an infallible option. We gain that pretty gold Pendant and we ask in them:

Oh! Cruel doubt! Where I must place this Pendant of gold? Calm girls and boys! Soon we find that necklace or gargantilha that this pendant falls that nor a glove, or then, that bracelet that was made for that gold Pendant. The end Pendants is pretty and fits in any necklace, bracelet or earring. The important one is always to be beautiful fashion. It has people that they use until gold Pendants in its cellular one, looks at that pretty! You badalando with its device and that pretty gold Pendant making that success! that such to make one mimo for its bichinho of esteem? They also deserve to walk fashion with that pretty gold Pendant have of as many types and sizes the doubt is to choose prettiest.

Use Of Pimer Is Important

One of the beauty products that have earned the attention of the consumers is the use of face primer or to primer of eyes in the maquiagem. According to marks that are producing the product, primer serve to keep the maquiagem in the place for more time. Primer must be applied after the hidratante and solar protector and before the application of the base, that is the first layer of maquiagem in contact with the skin. Primer will also function as a protective layer of the skin, preventing the direct pigment contact contained in the base with the skin. Some formulas exist that are currently available and the ideal is to choose one that if adjusts its type of skin. Many specialists have fond the concliso that the use of primer if becomes necessary only at some moments where the maquiagem needs special durability: photographic sessions, parades, the day of the marriage or a party or social event. Of this form, the use of primer in its daily maquiagem is not absolutely necessary and you with certainty it does not need to invest in a product where it perhaps does not need as much. If still thus to want to invest in primer, send regards one of eyes, therefore it functions as a base for the shade, helping in the more alive setting of it and becoming corews..

Jiu Jitsu

Ahead of this question, the JJB athletes finish reduced the mental models that display the risk situations still more to them, forsaking instead of protecting, not only physically, but in the psychological dimension also, going against the main one felt that she developed the strategical techniques and of the old Jiu Jitsu for the current JJB: to protect weakkest in any situation, as much in foot how much in the soil. 2 – The rules of fight and contractual requirements of the MMA harm the correct execution of the techniques and strategies of the JJB, for example: closing of round when the JJB practitioner has a dominated position or an incased finishing, pressure of the controllers so that the more aggressive fighters are each time, duly warned to become uninteresting and contracts not to be renewed. As it can be observed, the MMA generates diverse artificialidades that do not condizem with the proposals of the soft arts, does not condizem with the JJB, seno sees, the techniques of body control is preferred by the practitioners of the soft arts in damage of the traumatic blows (they are used, but as complement), has seen the risk of breaking of the hands, as well as revealing aggressiveness, although to be arts that make possible the users to cause the worse damages, in case that they desire. Let us see the case of the Aikido where its techniques are extremely dangerous, capable to direct the body of the aggressor for the direction that to desire thus and, to have its projected head against the ground, wall or another solid extremity, however, the objective of the soft techniques is not to cause the destructive result, but yes, to control the causes, to control the aggressiveness and to brighten up it the maximum, searching the composition of the conflict by means of action that takes the aggressor to give up its violent intention, without suffering to injuries and if this to occur, controlled for the possible minimum..


For this end, them they must possess abilities and abilities to evaluate, systemize and to decide the behaviors most adequate, based in evidences cientficas’ ‘. 8-9 the planning and the taken consequence of decision as specific function of the nurse who develops the management of the service had been reduced to dimension technique, therefore composes only one set of action that they search to place one another action in practical, since the ideological questions and of being able intrinsic when planning are not considered by the nurses (10). Then, to reach the ability to take decisions, some stages need to be fulfilled. To know the institution and its mission, to evaluate the real necessities of the users and to carry through the work pautado in a planning that contemplates the detailing of information such as: ideas and forms of operacionalizar them; viable resources; definition of the involved ones and the steps to be followed; creation of cronogramas of work and envolvement of the diverse levels hierarchic. (11) Leadership the leadership is had as one of the main abilities to be acquired for the health professional, over all the nurse. ‘ ‘ In the work in multiprofessional team, the health professionals will have to be apt to assume position of leadership, always in view of well-being of the community. The leadership involves commitment, responsibility, empatia, ability for taking of decisions, communication and management of form accomplish and eficaz.’ ‘ 8-9.

Leadership is the process for which a group is induced to dedicate the objectives to it defended for the leader or partilhado by the leader and its followers. Leadership and administration if overlap, since some aspects of the leadership could be described as management. (12) She is necessary to remember that sort, power and leadership are linked.

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