World Wide Web

Blogs are a very effective marketing for any online business tool, for many reasons which I’ll briefly review this article, besides will help you to solve all the problems that have to do basically with what is a blog. In addition to this, you will understand why you have a blog, it is very important for anyone who wants to be known on the World Wide Web.Los blogs are generally easy to install and configure through the use of the installation tools, that comes standard with most of the hosting packages. WordPress is the most common, is the most popular platform for a blog. Once you have installed your blog, it is important to know that everytime you publish any information, search engines are quick to pick up that published information. Give a high priority to content on average blogs since they consider their publication as a fresh news.Blogging is a modern alternative to the mails.

Since you can add all kinds of multimedia content, Interactive to your blog to improve your message. Use fonts RSS of your content and message is quickly propagated through the Internet. If you already have a large mailing list, you can choose to send your newsletters on your blog, simply email a link to the entry in your list.There are many more things you can do with a blog, in relation to a standard e-mail. For example the possibility to enter comments in blogs, helps readers to leave comments. This way you can determine what news and information your readers enjoy, in addition to gaining some valuable information.You can also obtain economic benefits from your blog using programs like Google Adsense ads or affiliate programs. A blog is a fun, at the time that it is a powerful way to inform, and entertain non-profit while, at the same time, build your list of loyal public. By an effective entrepreneurship.

Charity Flea Market

The charity flea market of the rake will open its doors in Cadiz tomorrow Wednesday, July 11, at the Baluarte de La Candelaria, to conclude on Sunday 15th.We collaborate again with the new future rake an activity which as always will try to join efforts to help the most disadvantaged children. Our hotel in Cadiz has responded to the request of the new future Association to collaborate with an important gift for the raffle of this charitable activity. The new future Association was founded in 1968 by 10 people, for putting into practice the defence of the child abandoned or deprived of family. The project was intended to not only serve as an alternative to the hospices and orphanages, but of changing and improving the system of child care by the public administrations. They currently have many foster care in Spain, as well as presence in Peru, Croatia, Colombia and Portugal.

The Company

Again use a properly approved voucher of the previous year, by changing a number of date, etc. Use prepared invoices by oneself and falsification of approvals. Payment of false invoices, obtained in collusion with suppliers. Increase in the amounts of the invoices, in collusion with suppliers. Loads personal purchases, the company improperly using purchase orders. Invoiced goods for personal benefit, charged to fake accounts. Dispatch goods to the home of an employee or relative to your advantage. Fake inventories to cover theft.

Use advances for business expenses, charity staff. Unduly collect cheques payable in favour of the company. Forged endorsements of checks payable to suppliers. Insert in books leaves with accounts or fictitious amounts. Deliberately delay the reconciliation of the account of a client. Show sums wrong in the records of inputs and outputs box.

Deliberately confuse the seats in control and detail accounts. Make new leaves for the books in order to avoid manipulations are discovered. Not close the cash receipts book in due time. Selling surplus materials or disposal and pocketing the proceeds from the sale. Sell the use of keys business, winery or boxes for money. The combination of the safe or vault sell for money. Allow vendors sell into companies and apply for commissions payable to the employee. Ask the vendors write checks in their personal capacity and not on behalf of the company. Clone expense checks or payroll payment to achieve charge what alteration of data in invoices to collect a viatico wholesale. And how prevent this? Having a good control board inner with your proper auditor also a good code of ethics and culture for prevention of fraud, the internal control and fraud prevention is the responsibility of all employees of the company. Avoid fraud in corporations, fraud is the poison that comes to damage the moral life of the employees of the company, prevent the opportunity to having a good internal auditor. Download text to PDF to share by pressing the link: original author and source of the article

Registry Office

Currently in Guatemala and the rest of the world there are civil associations, which can be defined as follows: are foundations and associations organizations established non-profit that have affected lasting way by the will of its creators, its heritage to the attainment of objectives of general interest. These associations include the following: foundations NGO S Association of neighbours associations of taxi drivers associations of artists associations solidarist churches etc. Among the main features that distinguish such civil associations, the following: they have No profit, promote charity, charity, assistance or service social, cultural, scientific, artistic, literary, sporting, political, professional, Trade Union, religious education and instruction etc. d%20Center%20for%20Discovery&f=false’>Patrick Dollard Center for Discovery may not feel the same. According to article 34 of the political Constitution of the Republic of Guatemala, establishes a right for the person, freedom of Association, also article 3 of the Guatemalan civil code, it indicates that associations and foundations are legal persons, this means that it is a person other than the members that comprise it, may exercise all rights and contracting obligations that are necessary to carry out its purposes and will be represented by the person or body designated by the law, the rules of your institution, its statutes or regulations, or social writing. (Art. 16 Civil Code) OBLIGATIONS of legal civil associations develop their writing of Constitution drawing up the statutes that will govern the association elect the Board of Directors of said Association choose the Chairman and legal representative of the Board of Directors listing requirements to be able to associate Enroll in the Registry Office of the municipality where are enroll in the social security scheme when it owns more than three employees.