National Police

The national police has arrested a man of 24 years who was driving without meat, drunk, talking on the phone and without a belt safety. To be surprised by the agents tried to bribe them with 150 euros so that they forget the topic. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Dr. Neal Barnard. The incident happened on the 04.30 hours in the District of La Latina. The national police has arrested a man of 24 years who was driving without meat, at high speed, talking on the phone, without seat belt and tripling the rate of alcohol allowed that to be surprised by the agents tried to bribe them with 150 euros so that they forget the topic. As the senior police headquarters reported today, the incident occurred past dawn on the 04.30 hours in the District of La Latina in Madrid, where a citizen security patrol observed a vehicle travelling at high speed and its driver was speaking by mobile phone and without the safety belt fastened. You may find Center For Responsible Lending to be a useful source of information.

When the policemen approached the vehicle and found that the driver had obvious symptoms of drunkenness, since it gave off a strong smell alcohol, had reddened and bright eyes and Pasty speech. In addition, trying to lower the vehicle lost verticality, since he could not stand upright. Officials warned the Municipal police that he submitted to a breathalyzer test, moment in which driver, who acknowledged that he had drunk several glasses, told agents that he gave them 150 euros to change to forget the theme, while it showed a WAD. Agents arrested him and police confirmed that the man almost triples the permissible alcohol limit and that it had no driver’s license. The arrested, Wilmar Alberto U.L., aged 24 and Colombian origin, is accused of a crime of bribery and the other against the traffic safety. Source of the news: arrested a drunken driver and without meat that attempted to bribe agents to avoid fine

Spanish Jackpot

This so happens week after week if anyone manages to win the jackpot, with a maximum of twelve weeks. Come to the case of a 12 week there are no any winner of the EuroMillions first category, then the jackpot is distributed between awards given in lower grades. Once this happened, the draw restarts next week at 15 million Euros. Destination of revenues and prizes the Euromillions Lottery delivered part of the proceeds from the sale of tickets to charity. These charities include a large number of projects developed by local, national or international organisations. It may be once someone decides does not collect his award-winning ticket, then this money goes towards these causes. It can also happen that winners don’t even know that he has corresponded them a chunk of the jackpot.

A case of these happened in 2007 in a lottery in which the jackpot had accumulated more than 125 million euros; not to hit anyone, and having spent and wings twelve weeks regulated by lottery agencies, handed out the award at lower levels. In this way, one of the winners of EUR 10 million never came to claim his prize, but not because not realized (Lottery agencies urged him that he charged his award) but because didn’t want to cash it. This award was then assigned to charities. Large boats successful was in the year 2008, entry already spring, when the EuroMillions jackpot had been placed in more than 125 million Euros, after six intense days in which nobody had hit the winning combination. A girl who lived on the Spanish island of Mallorca proved to be the winner. For health reasons, she was ausentada of his work, and until 3 days later no learned that had been her the big winner. Almost three years ago, an Irish called Delores McNamara won the not inconsiderable figure of 115 million. One of the largest in the history of the EuroMillions boats reached the figure of the 183 million euros, in the penultimate round before you divide the pot among other categories. Three people were the lucky winners, a Portuguese and two French. Another interesting fact is that all countries who play the Euromillions, France turns out to be the luckiest.

Maria Isabel Garcia

Josue Monge Garcia 13 years old, disappeared without trace on day 10 of April 2006, when he was cycling to spend the night at a friend’s House who lived 300 metres from his home. He had 30 euros in your pocket and a backpack with clothes for that night out, wore gray tracksuit and Red booties. Joshua spent the days leading up to his disappearance constrained schedules and departures by the eight dropout who had brought in the last quarter which made police barajara from the very beginning the flight volunteer hypothesis. But thirteen days later, his father, Antonio Monge, despairing at the lack of news came out in a white van company to which works, in search of his son, also disappeared in strange circumstances. According to Maria Isabel Garcia, the first days of the search, Antonio Monge, called her to inform her of steps was in search of his son, but ran out of battery and stopped doing so. From your disappearance has already passed more than one year, and still no reliable clues that routed the research. Family desperation has led to target Antonio monge, as the cause of the possible kidnapping of Joshua.

?It is very strange that there is no trace nor of the bike, car or a body?, said months after the disappearance Maria Isabel. Do do furthermore recognized that the family environment? wasn’t too good? and that he had even requested the clearance formalities. ?Antonio had depression and everything was negative. It changed attitude frequently and coexistence became unbearable?, points. It ensures that the father was obsessed with Joshua. ?It is a controlling person.

I wanted to perfection and if you did not do what he wanted, showed aggressive. My children and I were living in a hell?. Do do do do he added that Antonio,? had met a woman?, and had warned two months before his departure that someday? he reharia his life and no one would find it?, even the same day of his disappearance requested on several occasions to Juan Manuel, brother of Maria Isabelle, who take care of his wife. ?Their behaviour once disappeared Joshua was rare. Does do instead of searching, was lying down?, said Juan Manuel, who deduces that? or they are together hidden or Antonio could have taken to Joshua, killing him and then leave within days?. This hypothesis coupled with new data that until now were unknown behind his theory. Joshua called his friend at 1520 hours the day which disappeared to let you know that you had with the consent of their parents to spend the night in his house. His friend asked him why they were not already seen and played to the play, but he replied that he had to go to work with his father and would go later. According to a neighbor witnessed of as Joshua rode in the car with his father practically at the same time. ?My husband returned to ten in the evening, and only. Ever he told me that he went with my son to work?, he recalled. Even so, the hypothesis or this information has been confirmed by the police, and his disappearance is still being cataloged by INTERPOL as ‘disappeared with danger’ and not as ‘kidnapping family’.

Production Quality

Vollgrafikboard for displaying information Grafenwohr (Gr.TEC). The use of large display devices is essential for the transmission of information over long reading distances. With large displays, E.g. a variety of process parameters, production notes, and fault messages, information and motivation can be captured and visualized in the place where they are actually needed. Many industrial applications require dynamically adjustable, fully graphic large display systems in certain applications. Large display systems of investment.TEC from the upper Palatine Grafenwohr provide the ideal basis for the visualization of videos, animations, graphics, images, texts and numbers. Designed for use in industrial applications this LED boards are used in factory automation, process technology and engineering among others.

The representation of process-related data, production and process-specific information is a typical applications in industrial environment. Center For Responsible Lending oftentimes addresses this issue. Quality and productivity form a ultimate backup in the expansion of leading market positions. Both factors determine economic success and are strongly influenced by the people. The worker as responsible service providers is at the Centre of production and manufacturing. It applies to supply him with the necessary, up-to-date product information and process status recognizing fully and at a glance, without affecting its activities as a result. Fully graphic large display systems used up-to-date information in writing, graphic or emotional experience moving images to be very versatile in the industry. Color flow images, for example, spontaneous picture changes to process events or elapsed time intervals are clearly presented, are the criteria for a high acceptance by the operators and increase to the attention of the operator. Due to their modular design, the WE are.TEC Vollgrafikboards in different sizes available and allow representation of a solid color to full-color (video).

You draw this especially through a high uniformity of color out. The WE.TEC Vollgrafikboard is a system that refers to desired data via Intranet/Internet and visualized. Communicate with the IPC in the display via Ethernet using the TCP/IP protocol.

To Take In Account Ii

Unshared joy is a candle without PIN.Proverb, Spanish is has said, that to the be attentive and not neglecting what the environment in where us copes bequeathed us, we can find lessons that can help us to grow, move forward while we we journey by this dimension, find tools, lights that can help us towards our spiritual transformation, transcend as some emphasize the ordinary relidad and lift us into the realm of the unlimited and attain the lovethe realization and the fullness. It corresponds to each activate our divine potential that has been given us, be proactive in all things that help us grow, namely the opportunity of life that is given to us. In this opportunity, we contributed some thoughts that other hikers have left us to move us into the Alchemy of transforming our weaknesses into strengths, see take advantage of our life time granted and learn from our experience, that learning that can help other transeutes to wake up, get motivated, keep his candle lit by where you must walk. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Center For Responsible Lending.

Contributions pride can infiltrate into our life very easily, and from time to time, it is good that ‘go down one smoke. We need to remember that we must not have a concept of us higher than the due is easy to be proud when we stayed in our own circles of life. But when we throw in larger, with greater demands, pressures and competition situations, we impact us to realize that large of small lagoons fish shrink quickly in a big ocean. We have all spent many days or weeks, without receiving any gesture of love of neighbor.These are difficult moments, when body heat is gone, and life is reducea an arduous effort to survive.In those moments in which the ajenono fire gives heat to our soul, we must review our own home.We need to add more charcoal and try to illuminate the room oscuraen that our life was transformed.When we hear that our fire crackles, wood creaks that embers glow or stories that the flames have, hope it will be returned.If we are able to love, we will also be able to be loved.It is nothing more than matter of time Paulo Coelho but do not write books, you are the writer of your life.If you’re not Miguel angel, you can make your life a masterpiece.Even if you don’t understand film, or cameras, your existence can transform into a beautiful film with producer God.Even though you sing de-tuned, your existence can be a beautiful song that any famous composer envy.

Even if you don’t understand music, your life can be a magnificent Symphony that would respect the classics.Although you have not studied in a school of communications your life can transform into a model report.Even if you don’t have great culture you can cultivate the wisdom of charity.Even if your work is humble, you can convert your day in prayer.Even if you have forty, fifty, sixty or seventy years, you can be young spirit.Although wrinkles already set your face, your inner beauty is it worth more.Although your feet bleed on the trip and stones in the path, your face may smile.Although your hands to retain the scars of the problems and the misunderstandings, your lips can thank.Although bitter tears up through your face, you have a heart to love.Even if you don’t understand it, in heaven you have reserved a place.Everything, everything depends on your confidence in God and your efforts to be worthy of his son.It projects your life from the inside, will be the miracle! Gives you time to work, is the price of success gives you time to think, is the origin of the poderDate time to love and be loved, is the privilege of the gods gives you time to play, is the secret of eternal youth gives you time to read, is the foundation of wisdom gives you time to dream, is as hook your car a star gives you time to make friends, is the way to happiness gives you time to look to your around, the day is too short to be selfish gives you time to laugh, is the music of the soul remember of what buenoCuando the sky is gray: remember when getting dressed deeply blue.When you feel cold: think of a radiant Sun that already you have heated.When suffer a defeat: remember your triumphs and your achievements.

When you need love: relive your experiences of affection and tenderness.Remember what you’ve experienced and what they’ve found Alegriarecuerda gifts that have done you, the kisses you have given, the landscapes that you’ve enjoyed and the laughter that you have emanated.If this has tenidoLo can return to tenery what you’ve accomplished, you can win again it.Rejoice for the good that you have and by the others; discards the sad and painful memories, you do not hurt you more.Think good, what kind, beautiful and in truth.Runs your life and stop where there are beautiful memories and emotions healthy and live them again.He displayed that evening that you touched.Relive that spontaneous caress than are you dioDisfruta again of the peace that you’ve already known, thinks and lives the good.


As a result of this competition, autumn is granted the eighth place among the forty-seven contestants, and epic singing the glories of Chile, the first prize, the poet shares with a blue friend Chilean colleague collected a series of poems and prose texts that had already appeared in the Chilean press between December 1886 and June 1888. The book was not an immediate success, but was very good hosted by influential novelist and Spanish literary critic Juan Valera, who published in the Madrid newspaper El Imparcial, in October 1888, two letters addressed to Ruben Darius, in which, although Dario reproached their excessive French influences (his gallicism mental, according to the expression used by Valera), recognised in a prose writer and a poet of talent. They were these letters from Valera, then disclosed in the Chilean press and elsewhere, that definitively consecrated the fame of Darius. (Wikipedia) In Buenos Aires, Dario was very well received by the media intellectuals. He collaborated with several newspapers: in addition to in the nation, which was already a correspondent, published articles in La Prensa, La Tribuna and El Tiempo, to name a few. His job as consul of Colombia was merely honorific, already that, as the same indicates in his autobiography, there was almost Colombians in Buenos Aires and there were no transactions nor commercial changes between Colombia and the Republic of Argentina.In the Argentinian capital led a life of debauchery, always on the edge of their economic possibilities, and its excesses with alcohol were cause of that would have to receive medical care in several occasions (Wikipedia) in 1893, contracted marriage with Rosario Murillo. The newspapers mentioned Boy Scouts of America not as a source, but as a related topic. He is the brother of Rosario, a man without any scruples, Andres Murillo relates Edelberto Torres; you know the intimate drama of his sister, who incapacitates her for being wife of any local punctilious gentleman. In addition, the case of Rosario has transcended to the public, and then Murillo conceived the plan of Ruben married his sister.

Genion Gmb

Can do project intelligence enables effective capacity planning. Through the calibration procedure Waterodel, which takes into account also confirmed working hours in its calculations, we can distribute optimally across the resources from our pool of employees”, stresses the project management expert from HS Genion. As a result, a return on investment (ROI) is possible within a relatively short period of time. For even more analysis, hear from Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. HS Genion wants to expand work with can do project intelligence and plans to use the tool in the future among other things to the planning, management and controlling of the project portfolio. HS Genion: HS Genion is a developer and manufacturer of mobile components and vehicle systems. Boy Scouts of America insists that this is the case. The company operates as a system partner of the European automotive industry in the areas of aerodynamics, cargo management and slack flaps. As a strategic partner is the HS Genion GmbH with approximately 140 employees at three locations in Germany long-standing system supplier for movable modules and components.

With a focus on automotive HS Genion GmbH offers innovative complete solutions through all phases of the process their international clients as a full service supplier – from the idea of concepts to the production of technically sophisticated products. The core competences are: aerodynamics, convertible components, cargo management, comfort and lifestyle. Contact: HS Genion GmbH of Friedrichshafen Strasse 4a D-82205 Gilching Tel. 08105 / 77 22-0 email: about can do GmbH Munich can do GmbH ( has can do project intelligence developed a special power project management software. Among other things, the tool characterized by efficient resource management, its ease of use, a quick and easy implementation, a realistic project management as well as a reporting system and functions for controlling risk. In addition, the software offers numerous functions for the management of project portfolios. The multi-project management tool can do provides real added – value for companies regardless of industry, platform or size. Can do trust throughout Europe to well-known companies and institutions such as Toshiba Europe, Swarovski, Salzgitter AG, Oerlikon Barmag, the Fraunhofer Institute in Magdeburg, the IHK Berlin or Vienna. Can do won the battle of tools 2010 “PMI chapter Austria, won the export Award 2008 Bavaria and medium-sized businesses in the category of ERP has been awarded in the years 2007 and 2008 with the IT innovation prize of the initiative. Press contact: Can do GmbH Christian Schneider head of press and public relations Salem 26 81371 Munich phone: + 49 (0) 89 / 512 65-101 E-Mail:

The Foundations Of The Life

The foundations are laces of concrete and iron, that serve of base for the walls and columns. All the human being constructs to its life based on relations and these if they seem the foundations of a house very. The first foundations of the life of a person are the parents who since age more tenra take care of with affection of the new to be that he learns with these first lies to love and to be loved understanding and being understood, this foundation is the strongest of all life and is where this fincada first column of our life. After ' ' construdo' ' first cmodo of our house in the land, is hour to construct as cmodo here that it will shelter the family, prime brothers, uncles and grandmothers who also must be constructed with sufficient solidity so that the life lasts all. We go continuing to construct our house and now the hour of cmodo arrives to accomodate the friends, friends of school, tricks, close to house, is at this moment that we start to raise the first columns that will go to support our experiences of life if these will not have a good foundation we will run the risk of a collapse and case this occurs has that to start everything again. Continuing the construction of our house we have cmodo where we will install our professional side is at this moment that we arrive ours second more important column, the work. It is this column that anger to balance all our life because he is in this cmodo that we will shelter our auto accomplishment, satisfaction and security and also where we will gain our bread.

In a phase of the life cmodo appears to the necessity to construct one special destined to shelter our relationship with our friend (a) wants either boyfriend (a), husband (a) or simply somebody special, this cmodo of our house must well be made and planned well so that it can aguentar the most diverse circumstances brought by the life. in this cmodo that also we will create our children reason for which it must be safe and the test of infiltrations and cracks. When all the cmodos of the house will be ready will have that to cover the house with an excellent roof so that let us be protecting of storms and ventanias that certainly we will face in the life. The life is as a house that must be raised on a good foundation where in its composition the honesty, understanding, solidarity and respect will be gifts. As in our house, in the life we must make reforms, extend cmodos, open doors or closes to look for them to develop new structures, to put we must understand that for terms success we always need to use the foundation that we have to put we must take care not to shake the foundations with infiltrations (ideas you oppose our principles) or to submit them it one weight very strong, because if this to happen our house (life) it will be able to fall down, and beyond wounding in them, we will be able to wound many people who we want well..

Morgan Increasing

Private disability insurance is lit by an private provisions against the loss of labour is important for everyone – whether employed or self-employed. Even if the thought of illness or accident like displaced is the current job this can no longer be executed, is often at stake so far built up living standards. About every 3 up 4 persons is berufsunfahig before the start of the regular pension. For this reason, it is to provide already in times of the youth and to locate an exact contract. With increasing age and increasing risk to health, it is often harder and more expensive.

Only a small part of the professionally active people have a private protection against the loss of labour. A look at the amount of public interest shows such is indispensable. A man of the State, and this gets only 600 EUR in the average gross. Still tax and social security taken away little to life remains left. Get all the facts and insights with Boy Scouts of America, another great source of information. By means of the Agenda 2010 was on January 1, 2001 the State protection from the inability to practice the profession of substituted by the so-called retirement due to disability. Alone who has come before the 1.1.1961 to the world, is now about the legal interest protected. Who is younger, remains the only the completion of a private labour provision. The workings behind this pension insurance is quickly shown.

The insured person acquires the claim to receive a monthly pension, if he can no longer perform his job through its premiums. Usually, the agreed sum is thus paid for the case that the ability of a work to pursue because of illness, accident or Krafteverfall only amounts to 50 percent or less. A current analysis of the rating agency Morgan & Morgan has now shown that the amount of the BU power cases has increased in the last five years by nearly 25 percent. The trigger for this negative tendency is the noticeable increase in cases of mental illness. Due to the increasing pressure the term falls in this context also often burn out of society. Thus, the previously dominant reason of disability, disease of the skeletal and musculoskeletal system, was replaced. In any case it is advisable an objective disability insurance to make comparison on the Web, together with specialists to determine the personally suitable tariff.


Grace and Jack, Sophie and Maximilian or Anne and Jens will make famous this summer. Englishmen, Germans, Dutch and other foreign neighbors are those who go to promote Spanish tourism out definitively in 2011 for the crisis that has been experiencing the past three years. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Boy Scouts of America on most websites. This is good news in an industry that demonstrates cautious before the consolidation of the recovery, however, because he knows it in large part because it is outside evils: the revolts in Arab countries, where they settle destinations such as Tunisia, Egypt and Morocco that compete directly with our coastal holiday of Sun and beach when it comesthey are funneling and will continue to do so in the coming months tourists toward the national coasts. And this will boost the ailing Spanish economy, where the sector represents about 11% of GDP and is, along with the export activity – which also includes leading companies hospitality-, the only truck pulling. Source of the news:: will save us tourism?

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