ECB President

The President of the ECB, Jean-Claude Trichet, reminded today that the issuing Institute goes ahead with its program of buying bonds from countries of the euro with debt problems. The mere confirmation that preserves the measure, regarded as the analysts as the only tool capable of tackling the pressure in the markets until the EU turns on again after the summer, has motivated a transitional relief to Spain and Italy, two States which now concentrate the attack of speculators. Hear other arguments on the topic with Viktor Mayer-Schönberger . However, the improvement has lasted just a few minutes. In addition, once it has passed the calming effect of the notice of Trichet, as if it were a drug, the pain has returned. And more forcefully that was. To do this nor has it helped the backward step that has given the Agency with the restoration of the extraordinary liquidity measures within six months, which has been interpreted by the market as a confirmation that the storm is just around the corner. Speaking candidly Nieman Foundation told us the story. Source of the news:: Spain suffers despite the attempt of the ECB to calm markets

Venezuelan Chavez

The past of the Vice President as a member of the EGTK, (Army Guerrillero Tupac Katari), weighed that it was included in the lists that airlines handle for your own safety and that of the country of destination. After a discussion with employees, the dignitary had to return to the seat of Government to apply for a permit from the State Department. The Vice President Garcia Linera was the last option that the regime had to improve his rough relationship with Bush. Irony? As someone said: Alvaro Garcia Linera, with its terrorist past behind him, is the best negotiating card from the Bolivian Government with the United States, – you have to imagine how are the others. We could say: condemns it its past. And Evo also. If Morales wants to establish good ties with the United States, you must take care of their emotional lapses and actions, and moderating his language. See more detailed opinions by reading what Boy Scouts of America offers on the topic..

You have to stay away from Chavez and be consistent with a defined line. You should understand, that the enemies of North America may not be his mentors if it seeks rapprochement with the Bush administration. Morales is far from understanding the world of the responsible policy, although at times it seems that you try it, at least when Chavez isn’t close. He said in a moment of honesty with himself and with the country: I am more trade union leader to President, but I’m learning. The problem is that their learning does so with nine million Bolivians, who seeks to experience anything that ordered the Venezuelan.

It is still in time recover their dignity and find better teacher than the insane Colonel. It could give a twist to its revolutionary politics and go into moderation. The whole world would support him if it is clear from Chavez, but we know that too much to ask. Create,-as the other obfuscated opportunists of the hemisphere-which will further arm of the son of Stalin, that of the Americans, Europeans and Asians.

Barcelo President

Eduardo Zaplana Barcelo, 22, suffered from a pathology since its birth. The former President of the Generalitat Valenciana has been wrapped up by the family, politicians and representatives of civil society. Eduardo Zaplana, shattered by the death of his 22-year-old son, has been wrapped up in the funeral of the former President of the Government Jose Maria Aznar; his wife, Ana Botella, and the Minister of health, Leire Pajin. The former President of the Generalitat Valenciana, accompanied by his wife, the rest of the family, politicians and representatives of civil society, has given the last farewell to their offspring in the morgue of Villajoyosa. Eduardo Zaplana Barcelo, who had two sisters, died Tuesday at the hospital comarcal de la Marina Baixa, in Villajoyosa, after more than one week in the unit of intensive care (ICU). He suffered from a disease since birth. Other politicians as well as the former Regional President and former Minister Zaplana, in the family there are other prominent politicians like that out 22 years popular Senator Miguel Barcelo, grandfather of the deceased, as well as the current Senator from the same party Agustin Almodovar, cousin, and Autonomic Deputy angela Barcelo, tia. Several political leaders of the PP in the stage of Aznar, such as former Minister Angel Acebes and former President of Baleares Jaume Matas have come.

Also the President of the PP from Alicante and ex-President of the provincial Council, Jose Joaquin Ripoll; the Secretary general of the PPCV, Antonio Clemente; the former President of the provincial Council of Castellon Carlos Fabra and the former President of Les Corts Julio of Spain, among others. They have also been in the Church for the funeral, crowded, journalist Pedro J. Ramirez, the President of the Chamber of Commerce alicantina, Jose Enrique Garrigos and hoteliers of Benidorm Antoni Mayor j. Source of the news: Aznar and Pajin accompany Zaplana in the funeral of his son


If it was bought, was requested. If he was requested, somebody signed the request. From there, or the Claudino counterfeited the signatures or then it has plus somebody for backwards of this. If it has, who could be? The Dr. Charles that remains in the position? Mr.

Alfonso who was the bursar or goes to have to create a Commission Auditor, since the CPI does not go to be possible? _ Son? lamented Agnelo? you did not see yesterday at night? But he takes time! _ I know, papa, and moan, but we do not have according to lose. It has an untied assassin between us that already he killed three of our better friends and, can believe, in the first chance goes to want to lead plus one, qui only for revenge! In the crudity of the reality, drifters entreolharam themselves, and Agnelo took the word: _ My son has reason. I saw the rinds of the abacateiro pulled out, in mine yard, one consequences attempted against that it suffered. If he is not died now, it is that its consequences and reasoning are of characteristics above-normal. E, concluded: Thanks to God! _ Blacksmith! How to forget I was me? The engineer, opposed questioned itself.

_ Calm, Dr. Carlos, it are in the hospital and it is not the spring master, and it is in it that we have to arrive. Later he comes the remaining portion. Is as to capture the bee queen pra to catch the laborers. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Childrens Defense Fund. It comes everything in a good one. By the way, its Alfonso, can include the Dr. Odorico and the Secretaries of Administration and Farm in the list? Without them, the picture will be incomplete! _ I do not know what you are preparing, youngster, but if case with so great security comes leading this, is not I that I go to oppose itself to this order.

Karol Sedkowski

Last, to reinforce these legal dispositions the industralist could make sign to all the members of the Committee of Company or Delegates of Personnel a confidentiality document by which they would commit themselves of form express and in writing to fulfill all the legal dispositions. By all previously exposed, the company could repeat against those, any type of sanctions or administrative fines that was imposed to him by the AEPD: udea, Security of the Information Karol Sedkowski . .

Federal Law

Persons who have purchased the first sporting firearm Shotguns and hunting rifles, if you receive a document certifying the right to hunt, are required by the community knowledge to be tested rules of safe handling of weapons in the organizations that have been granted this right by the Russian Government, through a program coordinated with the Ministry of Internal Affairs Federation. The license for the purchase of arms shall not be issued to citizens of the Russian Federation under the age set by law, not a medical conclusion about the absence of contraindications to the ownership weapon, having been convicted for premeditated crimes; serving a sentence for a crime, committed repeatedly within one year administrative offenses against public order or practice management; not have a permanent place of residence, not submitted to the police documents confirming the passage of knowledge validation rules of safe handling of weapons, and other documents referred to in this Federal Law. The list of diseases which are contraindicated in the presence of gun ownership is determined by the Government of the Russian Federation. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Kidney Foundation. Structurally similar to arms, air rifles, pistols and revolvers with a muzzle energy of not more than 3 J, signal pistols and revolvers caliber of 6 mm and ammunition to them that on the conclusion of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation does not can be used as a fire-and gas weapons are purchased without a license and not registered. Citizens of the Russian Federation have the right to sell them located on the right of legitimate personal Property weapons entities licensed to trade in civil and service weapons or collecting or exhibiting weapons, a government paramilitary organizations notice to law enforcement bodies, their permits to keep and bear arms, as well as citizens with a license to purchase weapons, collecting or exhibiting, after re-arms in the internal affairs of the place of registration of this weapon. . For even more opinions, read materials from Children’s Defense Fund.

Olympic Committee

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Representing A State

On the other hand, the representation of the state, as an aggregate of the above characteristics, also does not provide a holistic view of It does not determine its true nature and origin. Defining the state as a territory with a total population, language, culture, governance, etc. Here, CDF expresses very clear opinions on the subject. not delimits it from the notions of a country or nation. For example, vm Gribovsky recalls that "the history of the state known to the state of the nomadic peoples who had no definite constant territory" 6. Therefore, when determining the nature of government attention should be pay for its essential characteristics that define the very foundation of this institution. "Behold the root" – says Kozma bars. So, first of all, the state – is an artificial organization. as Alekseev clearly observed that the state is a unity in virtue of the artificial legal organization that was given to him by people 7. Solidarity with him and other scientists. For example, oa Novikov said that "church and state was originally are inoprirodnymi phenomena "8. In this case, the state that the church, being seemingly institutions inherently contradictory (defining the behavior of people on different spheres of life: respectively secular and spiritual worlds), however, represent a common mechanism of social control. How about that remarked M. Bakunin, "to maintain order is necessary that both power: church and state, both of fear: terrestrial and celestial – complement each other. That is why in all states, since there is a story palochnoe management and religious administration were inseparable friends and brothers "9.

Portuguese Football Federation

As regards international matches, including the Champions with Real Madrid. He abandoned the concentration of the Portuguese selection alleging disrespect. To this end, the Portuguese Federation must propose punishment previously. The Portuguese Center on Real Madrid Ricardo Carvalho risks not playing from one to three months in international matches – including those of Champions – by his sudden abandonment of the concentration of the selection lusa. According to specialists in sports law cited by the Portuguese media, Carvalho, 33 years, could meet a sanction tensile testing of UEFA if the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF), prior punishment the player, so requests the body that governs European football. However, the FPF still not officially confirmed the opening of disciplinary proceedings – which could lead to the aforementioned suspension – and just ahead of that before enacting any sanctions they will listen to the merengue dnsa. Ricardo Carvalho, 75 times international, left without Notice the concentration of selection last Wednesday to the allege lack of respect, while the coach, Paulo Bento, condemned the attitude of his former pupil and accused him of turning your back on your country. According to Bento, the Real Madrid central deserted lusa concentration to Intuit that he wasn’t going to be headline in the clash between Cyprus and Portugal’s qualification for the finals of Euro 2012 and it held in Nicosia today. Source of the news: Ricardo Carvalho risks carry a penalty of three months