Crete Development

NARCISSUS, in Nrkissos Greek, is not a word of etiology Greek, perhaps a Mediterranean loan of the island of Crete, however it has an approach with the element (nrke), that, in Greek, it means ' ' entorpecimento, torpor' ' , with this direction of tarpor, nrke already was used for Aristfanes in 713. Becoming related, with the flower narcissus, some associations had been possible: pretty, useless; fenece, has a sedative perfume. (BRANDO, 2003). The myth of Narcissus acquires in the one after modernity its bigger importance, for if dealing with a myth that the difficult task brings in its narrative of the relationship with the other, and its importance in the constitution of the being, in some periods of training of the development, contributing of this form, for the formation of the personality since the first relations objects until the level highest of the relationships. Whenever Kidney Foundation listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Imperfections in these relations you object can constitute the riots classics of the personality (CAVALCANTE, 2003). Ubinha and Cassorla (2003), in its article – Narcissus: polimorfismo of the versions and the psicanalticas interpretations of the myth – Azoubel cites Grandson (1993) saying: the psychoanalysis redescobriu the myth, it retook its study, and it located it as a real, operating and current condition in the unconscious one. The authors still say, that some forms of story of the myth and of its multiple understanding, they seem to reflect the proper indiferenciao of the initial periods of training of the development, and the complexity of the mind human being. What it comes to corroborate with Holmes (2002) that it affirms: ' ' many of the ideas relative contemporaries to the narcissism can be discovered in embryonic state in the classic myth of Narciso' '. The oldest narrator has some literary registers of the myth of Narcissus is Ovdio (sc. VIII) in its poem Metamorphoses it counts the history of the myth.


With regard to the five surveys (2001 the 2005) the prevalence of the frequent psychoactive substance use (SPA) indicates stability of prevalence in 9 of the 10 investigated capitals. Although it has not given official more recent ' ' exploso' ' of the consumption of crack, sufficiently evidenced for the media and had today as problem of public health, it indicates the frightful growth of the SPA use especially enters the population youngest. The consumption of crack spread in way such that not even small cities and distant vilarejos are exempt of this badly. The city of Alexnia in the state of Gois has a characteristic that it makes with that the problem is still more preoccupying: it is located to the edges of BR 060 between Brasilia and Goinia what it makes with that the city is a route and one aimed at point of distribution of the drug. Read additional details here: Dr. Neal Barnard. Being young most susceptible to the use and abuse of SPA, which the paper it surrounding pertaining to school? 1,1 JUSTIFICATION If the school will be prepared and guided well, it will be an agent of protection to the use of drugs, therefore it will have conditions to guide the pupils, executing prevention works. Nieman Lab spoke with conviction. In case that contrary, it will be a fertile land for the use of drugs, therefore the pupils change the good and bad experiences and suffer and exert influence ones of the others. Ahead of the necessity of one he programs efficient preventive, far from adopting little efficient methods of prevention as ' ' pedagogia of the Terror' ' , with strong images and errifying messages on the effect of the drugs, we search to adhere to a preventive work more modern than it imposes the participation of the school and the family that are the two main foundations for the formation of the personality of the young. . .

Rio De Janeiro

The educators question and enter in conflict. But, k the great exit would be the creativity and espontaneidade. The education in the traditional ways, to obey the norms, the fear, the moral transmitted to the education and castradora. To establish new bonds that add to the tonic said in the society. The individual with more freedom, it finishes creating. It is happy! Constructing to a world of dreams with foundations and magias.

The education today faces real difficulties. They are serious. The ideals, passed of generation in generation, all deserve to find happiness through prosperity and of the freedom, but not in the traditional model. Our minds are less invented. We have that to shake and to have a new start. The growth through the education to be to the height of a new age. The Brazilian has short memory, and leaves the things to happen without reaction.

The imagination if joins to one common objective and the necessity if joins to the courage. The accomodated ones do not understand that the context moved. The success of the education to be in expanding the freedom and the desire. We cannot forgiving in them for our educational style. We must want to construct, to evolve the mutual respect on the basis of. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCES FREUD, S. The future of an illusion. Collected workses of Sigmund Freud. V. XXI. Imago Publishing company, 1929. ___. The malaise in the civilization. Collected workses of Sigmund Freud. V. XXI. Imago Publishing company, 1927. ___. Totem and taboo (1913). Collected workses of Sigmund Freud. V. XIII. Imago Publishing company, 1914. ROUSSEAU, J.J. Exile or of the Education. So Paulo: Bertrand Brazil, 1992. XAVIER, E. (1998). Decline of the patriarchate: the imaginary family in the feminine one. Rio De Janeiro: Pink Record/of the Times, 1998.

Scientific Revolution

More than what everything, was the time of a new dawn: the time of the Scientific Revolution, whose main exponents until then had been Nicholas Coprnico, Johannes Kepler and Galileu-Galilei. The influence of these in the workmanship of Discardings are visible. After having gotten the bacharelado one in Right, for the university of Poitiers, Discardings it was felt confused still more and it decides to dedicate itself to the weapons and is signed up, in 1618, in the troops of Maurcio de Nassau (known ours that Pernambuco governed during the dutch occupation in the Northeast region), that in the occasion it fought against the Spaniard for the freedom of Holland. For this time, it knows a young physicist and mathematician, Isaac Beeckman, stimulated that it to study physics. To the 23 years of age, Discardings were in Ulma, to the side of the troops of Maximiliano of the Baviera, when, between 10 and 11 of November of 1619, it tells to have had one ' ' revelao' ' or intellectual illumination, that would go to mark all from now on its production. In a night, after hours of reflection on all the knowledge that it had acquired until that day, it fell in a species of settle sonamblico and, then, it had a sudden flashing where it saw, or better, it perceived ' ' the foundations of a science maravilhosa' ' that it all promised to be a method for the unification of knowing and that it would develop in its production, having been crystallized, in part, its classic ' ' The Speech of the Mtodo' '. The vision of Discardings despertou in it the belief in the certainty of the scientific knowledge by means of the mathematics. The cartesian certainty is mathematical. Discardings believed, leaving of Galileu, that the key for the understanding of the universe was its mathematical structure.


The way we argue, reveals much of our personality. Although we are not lovers of the discussions, an event may cause a deisacuerdo inesiperado someone. The mayoiria of people develop patterns of behavior that almost always make us react the same way to these contingencies. Want to know how to react if the discussion is with someone who was very close to you as your partner, friend, etc. We propose the following test to know how you comiportarias: Imagine the situation. You caminanido down the street when, pronito, begins to drop torrential rain. You realize that while you wear to run Toida speed, it will take to meines five minutes to reach the destination you had expected and that means that you thoroughly soaked.

Choose one of the following reactions: 1. As you do not know how long the storm, you decide to run to your destination as quickly as possible. 2. Looking for a guard or aribol to protect you and hope it stops raining. 3. Always you carry a folding umbrella in your bag when you go, so you use it.

4. Checks for any person in the corner dispuesita to share his umbrella or look if there is a store nearby where you can buy one. Interpretation The rain represents the unexpected adversities of everyday life. yComo reaccioinado you have before the storm? 1. If you run to your destination as fast as you can, is that the final outcome of the dispute unless you care to say what you think. You people say what they think. You seiguro to be right and neicesario not discuss it. Discuitir Perhaps you may not be pleasant but at least it is easy to know what you think. 2. If you are looking resguardarte until clear sky, you usually manitener calm while the other will not stop screaming. Are you people waiting for their chance to speak. Others prefer to leave to take their coilera then give your view coinocer calm and objectively. Some would say you should become involved more, but for others it is an intelligent forima focus. 3. Paraigua If you always carry a purse, think you have the answer to any situation and the justification for any failure. You people that do not require the opinions of others. Without doubt, tieines talent as an orator, and discussions will serve to demonstrate this, but sometimes you can give the impression of being someone cold or fleeting. 4. If you are looking for someone with an umbrella or a tent donide can buy a bit is that you like conflict or confrontation, and try to appease the other when estailla a dispute. You people who prefer not to get involved in disputes with others, giving priority to relations than differences. However, in some situations, this may not do more than make things worse. Although it is sometimes a good strategy, it would be good at other times take the party and supports a "storm." .

O Friendship !

Write about friendship can be a lot. Just as you write about it, if each person has his own concept of friendship. And how do people can be friends if they have different concepts of friendship? After all, we rarely find true friends who are similar to us on the opinions, judgments, on the philosophy of life. But it happens and friendship among such a betrayal. And as this be explained? For example, a promised and done, though he was for some reason it is difficult to make, and the other would have waved his hand and found many reasons to justify it. And at that and the other would have been the supporters and opponents.

Among the supporters of the first will be some who will arrive in the situation described above in the same way as the second. That’s interesting to me, and friendship can bored? If everything smoothly and well, maybe one of your friends want to add a fly, because there is no guarantee that another such experiment would react to a quarrel and a complete rupture. Tembolee can we consider this friendship, if one Friends of the accused and blamed the other that is not peculiar to that person. I think it just threw popolzovalsya and, if not the right thing. Can not tolerate this, this is not a need to respect, if forgiving like that. But if insulted the intimate side of the family, it is no longer a friend, you bastard, which is never a friend and did not respect! And sometimes, friends want to be praised and not hide it, and then his sin is passing you by!


Many chronic illnesses as cancer, artrite or falciforme anemia and acute riots, as wounded, muscular burnings, distenses, sseas breakings, renais distenses ligamentares, appendicitis, calculations or one infarto of the myocardium cause pain. ' ' When somebody presents the pain doctor complaining, has, in principle, 50% of probability that this pain is psicognica, that is, a type of pain that does not depend on a tecidual injury, current or pregressa.' ' (SON, 1992, p.173). The psychological illnesses as depression and anxiety also can cause psicognica pain, as well as psychological factors also can make that the pain of a physical harm seems more or less intense. The doctor must take these questions in consideration. As to explain, for example, ' ' pain fantasma' ' relatively common in amputated patients? the capacity of the paraplgicos to feel its bodies? ' ' The sensations in the members ghost are incrivelmente ' ' reais' ' in its lived sensorial qualities and its necessary place in the space, so real that the amputated one can try to leave the bed on the foot ghost or to take care of to the telephone with the hand ghost … the underlying mechanisms of pain remains a mystery … an explanation considered that pain ghost resulted of the lack of emotional adaptation of the amputated one to the loss of the member. Another one suggested that the damaged nervous staple fibres I quote in it continued to send neural messages for the central system nervous, that were interpreted as painful stimulatons. One third explanation was that the emotional memories are stored together with the sensorial memories of the member amputado.' ' (STRAUB, Richard, 2005, p.478). We must then understand the importance of if studying the psychological aspects in all the areas related to the health of the human being being that Psychology is a science that contribute widely for the identification and treatment of upheavals that can aggravate the picture of patients with pain and others diseases being it of organic origin or not.

EJA Education

A psicopedaggica vision of the EJA (a long way between the affective relations and allowing themselves to learn) Rahel Pepe Kings Adult the Young Education of is a specific modality of the Basic Education that if considers to take care of to a public whom was denied the right to the education during infancy and adolescence either for offers vacant volunteer, either for the inadequaes of the education system or for the favorable socioeconmicas conditions. The education of the EJA is being convoked to rethink and to transform its bonds with the society. But, diverse factors exist that need to be corrected and others eliminated so that the people can have more access to the school and, over all to be able to conclude its studies, exactly that it is of sped up form and it can seem delayed. The cognitivo development must be objectified, being in the truth the main goal of the process. In the pertaining to school scope, the Psicopedagogia must be seen as injunction, fortalecedora of identities and transforming of realities.

Creator of strategies of education that has taken in consideration the different forms of if acquiring the knowledge. It must analyze the pertaining to school institution, delimit the joined educational difficulties and plan of reflexiva form a boarding that contributes for the pertaining to school success. The Psicopedagogia also centers its look in the search for establishing relations in which the main objective is to rescue the pleasure, to not only learn, but also to teach. Being thus, it reflects on the relations established with the knowledge and the different forms of if acquiring this knowledge. To strengthen the young stimulaton that much adult needs to continue its studies and to become viable the dream of many in alfabetizarem aid in the creation of projects motivadores of practical the educative one. Theoretically the psicopedaggica action must be pautada in the prevention of the failure pertaining to school and the difficulties that involve in such a way educandos as educators.


At this moment you can be cooling a great love the way of the happiness and perhaps she does not have the had notion to give account of this. For many psychoanalysts ' ' luto' ' for a loss it delays months, years and until a life all. But with this vision, it would have to last only some hours, therefore we would perceive that we are losing time in coming back fixed to a pleasure, whose experience, already passed. The capacity that we have to decide it I fight of the love is proportional its force, vigor and spirit of the life. In this direction it would have meant the expressions common as ' ' mais&#039 is loved; ' , ' ' ball pra frente' ' , ' ' it thinks about voc' ' or ' ' what it passed, passou' '. These are cliches used in the mouth and mind of many adolescents, as much of age as of spirit. They are done phrases that in a general way if present meaningless, only survive with use of ematomas of the frustrated people without illusions or of heart. In this aspect it seems to be a signal of weak personality to use who them.

However, when one is about a not corresponded loving feeling, these cliches if transform into miraculous sentences so that its happiness is in the way of the life and not in the text of the putrefao of what already it passed. If the thing melou, steps on fort of the mud or esterco, so that to try to clean? I smell it would not be more than perfume as in the first meeting, with certainty. To recoup the past is to ignore the fact of that people with new expectations exist, vigor, goals, focus disposal, acts imaginations, joys with great perspectives at last, to turn itself fights it is to die in a point in the world knowing that the entire world exists to enjoy; it is to still look at for the death having a gift that God gave in them: the life! Soon, I fight for it, has a cliche that it can be a great phrase of meaning in this humble boarding: ' ' To live vida' ' , in fact! Thus, we reflect what he is ' ' to be humano' ': Somebody that it has a history, but still lives a gift to produce new histories, focando in it always loves who it of truth and having the due and necessary correspondence. that is, the human being is an alive being and that it must live getting loose itself of its past, giving an end point to form many new commas

Profits Behavior

That one that is only worried about the profits, generally, tends to have minor group conscience and it little matters what he occurs much less with its community with the society. The number of that they work aiming at the income primordially is very great, thus making with that the classrooms look for to defend against the embezzlement of its concepts, tutoring the work and watching over so that one fights encarniada it does not occur in the dispute of the services, therefore they are vulnerable to the individualism. The group conscience has appeared more for interest of defense of what for altruism, therefore guaranteed the work freedom, if not to regulate and to tutor the behavior, the individualism can transform the life of the professionals into aggression reciprocity. Such fight almost always is processed in virtue of the ambition of ones on of others, and that on behalf of these ambitions, they can be practised, for example, secrecy in additions. The guardianship of the work is processed for the way of the requirement of ethics imposed through the professional advice. The norms must be condizentes with the diverse forms to give the service to organize the professional for this end. The professional behavior, many times, can become aggressive and inconvenient and this is one of the strong reasons for which the ethics codes almost always search greater abrangncia. Thus, to the one relating in them to the classroom, to the social one, in them we do not report only the isolated situations or particular models, but the general situations. The wild egoism of few can reach an expressive number of people and even though to influence the destination of nations, leaving of the absence of virtuous behavior of powerful minorities, worried only about its profits. We know that the behavior of the human being can tend to the egoism, but, for the interests of a classroom, of all a society, is necessary that if accomodates to the norms, because these must be supported in virtue principles, thus the ethics has been the way just and adjusted, for the general benefit.