Peter Hartmann

Problems with dams and tailings deepening in the aftermath of the earthquake, Peter Hartmann said that risks of mega infrastructure construction are each day demonstrated, even more so in a highly seismic and volcanic country like ours. Little has known about the overflow of water from Colbun Machicura plant return channel last Friday night, where 12 families were left homeless product of a tunnel which occurred due to the constant movement of latter-day recalled. He added that neither reported fully on the death of 4 people the day of the earthquake as a result of the tailing of a mining company that collapsed with the telluric movement, generating an avalanche and pollution in the area of Pencahue. The catastrophe that has occurred in Chile It must be an opportunity to get the best lessons to build a much more sustainable, fair and equitable country. Unfortunately we have seen once again that the main affected are the poorest, subjected to the inequity of an ill-conceived development model expressed, at the time that recalled that it is paradoxical to see that in the South-Central zone, where has always existed the best conditions to survive, when people there is this emergency has no water, food and energy.

And this is precisely because biodiversity has been razed to the ground, contaminated water, ecosystems destroyed. This added the tragic story that on the morning of Monday, metres from the dams of Endesa in the Alto Bio Bio, they not even recovering electricity. It is one pathetic symptom of our centralism. Finally, called on the new authorities have the political will of transforming Chile into a decentralized and truly sustainable country level environmental, social and economic, and not like this that proves that such a level of centralization and dependency is not the best bet we can make for the future. We privilegiemos energy development in the country, not the business of a few.

Victorian Flowers

On many occasions in life, words are not the best way to express something or simply they do not flow the best, so it should go to other useful means to express, such as flowers and the language that these samples represent nature, and that each flower contains a meaning and the great variety of them, one can say that are available to all types of words to give a message. Referring to the language of flowers or also known floriografia, you're referring to a medium that had its beginnings in the Victorian era, where the flowers in their various presentations were one of the means best used to send any message, it is that coded messages, since it was the only form they had at their disposal to achieve such a message to without creating any problems or inconveniences. With the passage of time and the grouping of the meanings of flowers in every culture, it was forming a complete language of flowers, which gathers samples of flowers from many parts the world. However, in modern times has largely forgotten the language of flowers, by various factors in society that has moved beyond the implementation of the flowers as a means of expression, seeing them as only one element for decoration. Despite the above there are certain flowers that stand out among the others and are clear examples of the implementation of the language of flowers today. Clear examples are the red roses, which apply largely to express passion, love or infatuation, the white roses are an ideal symbol to represent chastity and purity, the yellow roses are a sign of floral language which means friendship , devotion and great appreciation. Among the wide variety of flowers that exist within the language of flowers can be found about expressing love, others that speak of friendship, one that will be performances of hatred, disgust and even some that will mean the arrival of indifference, the loneliness and death.

All this allows us to say that the flowers symbolize the psychic expression of human nature in a very attached to vegetation and different ways of manifesting itself. Among some samples of the language of flowers, you can find: Clavel smooth. jealousy, possession. Clavel listing. rejection. White Aleli: simplicity. Poppy: Sleep. Ambrosia: reciprocated love.

White Azalea: romance Belladonna: silence. Hemlock: be my death. Dalia incarnated scorch your eyes. Dalia rosy: delicacy. Tulip: Fame Ttulipan red: declaration of love. Tulip tricolor independence. yellow tulip: love without hope. As described so far, one can say that although there is no longer total connection of what was the language of flowers in the Victorian era and codifications, which is now the language of flowers; even the flowers are a perfect language to convey a message, together representing the image of flowers.