SuperComm Mailing Campaigns

SuperComm data Marketing GmbH informed about cross-media marketing concepts Bonn April 2011. Traditional mailing campaigns and social media marketing no competitors are rather them maximizing success can complement each other. SuperComm data Marketing GmbH informed about today’s chances of email marketing and cross-media approaches, which harness the opportunities of social media for mailing campaigns. The email is and remains one of the most important advertising media on the Internet and is even more effective than previously thought. A study published currently by the provider of a shipping solution: the actual range of email promotions is up to 40 percent higher than that calculated by many mailing programs. It was previously assumed that in Werbenewslettern typically open rates are expected between seven and 15 per cent, so this number needs to be corrected appears significantly upwards: actually around ten to 20 percent of recipients opened the email, according to the current study.

The performance”of the E-Mail turns out so much better than previously assumed. The reasons for this correction sound plausible: so many Internet users read their mail already in the preview window. the actual opening”is omitted so although the content reaches the reader. “A second relevant reason is the image trap”: many users have turned off the automatic download of graphics so that the integrated counter can “do not recognize that the recipient has opened the mail. The results of the study are largely with the experiences of SuperComm data Marketing GmbH, which assumes a leading role for many years in E-Mail Marketing. “Sven Nobereit’s team is sure: classic” remains a model of success in direct marketing mailing campaigns and remain an effective advertising in times of social media. However, applies: the concepts for direct mailings must be further developed and adapted to the realities of Web 2.0. It is especially important after experience of SuperComm data Marketing GmbH, the Ways to correctly judge but also the limits of the different marketing channels and platforms.

Elf Against Racism Campaign

Come on 5 April 2013 go with Alexander Merkel 11 professionals on a target: A clear sign against racism and discrimination. “From April 5 until July 24, 2013 will show racism the red card – Germany e.V.” one every 11 days by a total of 11 well-known people from football before. “In our campaign our Elf against racism” show the red card to the Sportler_innen not only racism, but all of them are answered in an interview. Questions, such as what role can occupy professionals in the fight against racism and discrimination?”and what means it to be model?”, will be answered. With these interviews, we continue our idea to leverage the role of Profisportler_innen in the prevention of racism and discrimination.

Because due to their authenticity, they contribute significantly to the success of our daily work. We start our Elf against racism”with an interview with Alexander Merkel, players at Udinese Calcio. Alexander Merkel, born in Pervomayskiy (Kazakhstan), was the youth of the VfB Stuttgart trained before joining the youth of AC Milan 2008. In an interview with “Show racism the red card Germany e.V.”, the German U21 – reported player about his personal experiences with racism and discrimination. As the German players in Italy, with Russian and Kazakh roots, Merkel has a clear message. Almost always guys from half the world – are in a football team and everyone can learn something from everyone.” The full interview with Alexander Merkel as well as more information about our Elf against racism”you can find under and TheRedCardDE as well as dierotekarte on our Facebook page. Racism and discrimination is still an issue in today’s society. So be there and supports our Elf against racism”and thus our workshop work. CONTACT show racism the red card Germany e.V. Andreas light bar + 49 (0) 160 94623733 dierotekarte TheRedCardDE organizational/redcard

Herford North Rhine realized first online donation tool for poster campaigns citizens and members donate posters and strengthen the advertising organizations what is fundraising? For the English term fundraising, there is no really accurate translation into German. Refers to all activities, to gain sponsors and supporters for an organization. Even if the etymological roots of the term on the procurement of capital (capital = engl. fund, to raise = get) are, it is not only about the procurement of (donations) funds fundraising. Rather, fundraising attempts to procure all of an organization to meet its charitable purpose of the Statute required resources. In addition to cash benefits, this also benefits in kind or services can be. In Germany there are fundraising in particular by organisations from the social sector, charities, political parties and the environmental protection.

What has to do with fundraising poster advertising? For all fundraising activities, it is important to the donors for to motivate an action or a thing\”. The same questions arise as often: why should I donate? I donate what or for what? How much should I donate anyway? The donations often fail when the questions remain unanswered. A particularly creative way to move the sympathizers of financial support, is the poster donation\”.To advertise the posters for the subject to bidding (thus at a broad public to the talk of the town \”), on the other hand the donor identifies itself with the Organization, because he is actively involved in the advertising process. Who can use poster fundraising? The poster donation can be used by all organizations and associations who want to finance themselves largely through donations and make a topic for a public accessible. These include E.g.

animal welfare associations, environmental organisations, political parties, etc. This new form of fundraising is made possible by the Mediadienstleister based in Bunde at Herford North Rhine-Westphalia. The company successfully operates an Internet portal, with which anyone can book his private or promotional message by poster individually and place for years.


Aid! Aid! Aid A thousand times, aid! Nothing the Rose of my exclusive garden understands me seno. I want the petals for me. Necessary. I want. I need myself.

Oh, not. I write descontroladamente, nor I know if it is feeling, it unites, feeling has felt? Feeling has measured? Not. Not? Therefore I write to it with the conquered freedom. I want the time, the time will only bring me the beautiful esplendia freedom. Oh, as it would like to be hugged to the world. Lying in a cloud. It would write only moments. Not.

I want yes. At last. You pray, I am without control. It swims not. You my reader, me understand must, seno, please you say, me. I tell what my heart asks for. To the times it cries out. The sultry shout estronda inside of my heart. It swims. The heart of this rough draft of writer is friendly. The shout is for I to awake itself. To be intent. I am next to a hole without fundura. Serious? I run. I come back some steps. It does not advance. Who I am? I fell. I come back more not, I do not come back more. now? The heart did not help me in the due time. Lie. It tried to help yes. But I did not listen at the certain moment. You, my reading ally, can not be understand until here what I try to describe, but are defying yourself. Writing without escrpulos. Optimum not yet he came. Optimum he will not never come. I do not want optimum. My heart is individualistic. It wants optimum, it wants the exclusive one. I only want to be only in the form to think, to act. Only. I hug the wind. Poxa the truth is appearing. Or already it appeared? It understands nobody me, ties my Rose is half that disoriented. What it would happen, I without my Rose the Rose without I? Nor I want to imagine. Necessary of time, surplus. To write is the form prettier than I found not to want to jump of the precipice and to die. Oh, if did not exist my desinibio to write, to tell, to question, Already he would be isolated in a cemetary drawer. But not, I discovered the light. I found the light. I found the light. I write, this is force to live, to survive. I can deviating is me from everything, I am there nor, in the truth. I look the respect, the freedom, the love of the uncontrolled words They import yes me. They had made me to the words to reviver, they brought to this world that to makes me to the times to smile, but for the most part of the time devasta with my heart, hides the hope and lights the solitude.

Getting Rid Of Moths

It is estimated that there are 14 species of moths, of which in our apartments, you may receive the furniture, carpet, skin coat, felt, grain moth, and others. Escape from it as possible using various chemical and folk remedies. o Synthetic fibers, unmixed with natural, not affected by the moth. By the way, has long been noted that the mole less attract clean clothes. So do not keep the house unnecessary woolen clothes and the rest things do not store indelible. o folk remedy for moles are horse chestnuts (they are strung like a necklace, and hung in the closet). Some seeds are used (during ripening chestnuts to collect and decompose) o well influenced by a mixture of lavender, ground pepper and dried orange peel: it is placed in a wardrobe in bowls or bags. o The storage of blankets can be used bay leaves (they also need to necessarily turn into gauze or vellum paper).

o Get into the house 'fragrant' geranium (not blooming, namely aromatic) Perform and its leaves in places where the mole was found. Well helps pyrethrum powder (dried and crushed flowers or Dalmatian Caucasian chamomile). The resulting powder was sprayed in a room with a rubber bulb at the rate of 4.3, at 1 cubic meter. o Another cheap and effective way – moles can not stand the smell of fresh paper. o You can use tobacco, eucalyptus leaves, tobacco, pepper, tangerine or orange peel, strawberry soap, nettles (can be placed in the pockets of clothing). But all these methods, though not harm the person of his , but are less effective than industry, as only repel moths moths, but no larvae or eggs of moths, they can not destroy. In this case it is necessary to use chemical methods.

o Traditional means of moth are camphor and naphthalene, paradihlorobenzola crystals. These chemicals are wrapped in paper or gauze, and they should not come into contact with clothing. o Very practical aerosol funds (they can not spray on leather and fur), and sacs pretreated remedy against the moth. There is also the paper against the moths, it is wrapped in clothing, no other protection they no longer needed. o Place in closets gel plates adult moth repellent and killing its larvae.

First World War

The Peruvian study conducted by the Peruvian Commission for UNESCO in 1983 showed that teachers did not give importance to gender stereotypes exist in textbooks, maintained ambivalent attitude towards gender roles because they could undermine the ethical values associated with the woman’s family, paying more attention to boys than girls and were more severe with them. Currently, despite the elapsed time of this complaint, in many schools, sexism is present and states: – In the explicit curriculum: official documents – in the implicit curriculum: unconscious values and norms that perpetuate stereotypes. They use language such as using the generic masculine, the contents of some messages that empower women trying to return to underestimate (“women gave him the vote after the First World War,” who gave it? Was necessary to give a concession as if it were? was not a unanimous decision of men and women? why the verb grant?), the underestimation of girls compared to boys, the adjectives used to qualify. Likewise, different expectations of teachers about each child or each girl; elestereotipo broadcast on textbooks and learning materials, the invisibility of women in history, social science, or scientific development, and sometimes the actual behavior teachers. All these attitudes and behaviors are transmitted in the school promoting discrimination, violating human rights, promoting inequality. In this sense we can observe, as in the schools there is still a male educational style, and if we analyze language, space, textbooks, and professional expectations on students, there are about sexist attitudes. Fernando Barragan, Isabel Perez and Maria Rosario Pilar Moreno (1999) in the article “Equal or imperialism male” showed a total ignorance of students about the most important women of the twentieth century, evidence of the invisibility of women in books text.

Given these facts, it is necessary to train educators with extensive training in Equality A critical analysis of reality, encouraging action research, provide personal resources, such as communication skills, promote empowerment, learning conflict resolution techniques, and especially to educate, to and for Equality. In many countries the priority actions are to improve the content and educational materials that promote equal opportunities for both sexes, the gender review, textbooks, removing content and stereotyped images of women and emphasizing the role of women in social life and family. The aim is that the actions in schools are not only informative, but able to transcend training in attitudes promoting equal opportunities for boys and girls in school and at work, to be shaping a new social culture that respects difference and plurality. I tried for education professionals, parents, and society in general, is that school is an area of social transformation a place to prevail, is formed, is transmitted values such as Justice and Equality.

Mato Grosso

Never, at no time he fixed himself. That it did not try, is because did not obtain exactly. Torto Joo did not have father, as almost all the Joos, the Antonios and Manuis. Maria was created by its mother. As all poor mother, this also called Maria.

Maria Alone. Maria Alone always lived only. Alone. Only it and the Joo. For this it created fool and lerdo.

Not wise person you are welcome. She did not know nothing. Only wise person who was people because its mother said to it and still superficially it doubted very. The mother counted to woman and man, young woman and youngster, people history human being to it, but Torto Joo did not import itself. For it in such a way he made to be thus, as baked, everything gave in the same one. He liveed well in a hut in the center of the hinterland. One day, however, Joo he nauseated himself of to live in that tenebrous hinterland. It said its mother who would go to take route, to gain world, to see if she moved of luck. The mother if scared. Joo was a Joo nobody, to walk for the world thus would not agree. It never would go to give itself well in nothing, would go to have cacetadas and cacetadas. Joo had determined. He would go to run the world. He would make everything what he was possible, what they ordered to it to make would make, exactly that did not know. To prevent problems, he would give understood belly of and if he would make of scholar. With as many prolegmenos, its mother assented. He gave to it blessing to it and Joo fell in the world. Joo fell soon for the Mato Grosso, without knowing for where he would go, not wise person thing some, nor where was the head, nor where she put the feet.

Using Different Techniques

Today, our country after decades of inactivity, stood on the right path. Some manufacturing processes have revived their work. Plants manufacturing every kind of straightened technology. For example say at this time great demand for use: lifts, conveyors, augers, elevators, conveyors. Prior to the restructuring provision is not as represented in the force of impact obschesovetskogo deficit. Seen large-scale companies had no choice as to change the profile of their work, and the production line actually ceased to exist. Except piece of creatures under the order. Currently, many plants take in order single manufacturer of lifts, conveyors of various levels of complexity.

Upon completion of the restructuring of production flow techniques have restored their work. A big plus that today without any difficulty can be found all sorts of accessories. Any unit of equipment is not the deficit. With disposable improvement techniques and technologies with similar problems do not exist. Market supply technology surprises with its diversity, the choice of amazing imagination. You can buy everything, that only zablagovolite.

It will not hurt tend to focus assortment of new items of equipment which make our lives easier and cloudless. Continuously produced more new appliances, fixtures, equipment. Sometimes not even keep up with watching what appears and what is already out of fashion. Which suggests that the development goes on. Surely this can not entertain the way with all know-how in technology, technology is becoming more affordable, comfortable, automated, which significantly saves time and effort. By the way conveyors, belt conveyors, elevators are used for movement various weights. Typically, such processes are fully automated. Demand in the market of devices and equipment dictates certain rules. Today's client is more nauskany all understanding. The customer's opinion is considered dominant. Provider tries to please the customer and make any suggestions.

Public Youth Organization

From 22 to 28 March 2010 in the Greater Sochi will be the 21st time competition search and rescue (SEP-2010). And, as before, the participants waiting for the route over 100 miles across rugged terrain with 150 stages and 168 hours without sleep and rest. This year, competitors, new opportunities: the assignment of sports categories and ranks, obtaining official documents in instructor training, work in the summer period on tourist routes, familiarity with the latest tourist equipment, participation in projects to develop youth tourism in Russia … But it is sure to be and that is always on PSRah: Another life full of adventure, Meeting old friends, the emergence of new leaders, a decision impossible tasks, an experience that will prove useful in the future, and an unforgettable experience! Competitions will be held on the 3 rd group: 'A', 'B', 'P'. Planned participation of 60 teams from throughout Russia. One of these teams is the Sochi team 'On the Edge' led Kargapolova EJ, which is currently actively preparing to participate in the competitions! After all, in order to adequately address the PSRah not only one only wishes. Necessary to diligently and promptly prepared theoretically, practically and emotionally! Wish us luck, and be ill for us! Official website of the competition: general management training and the competitions carried out: the Federal Agency on Youth Affairs, Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia, the All-Russian Public Youth Organization "All student housing rescue", Tourism and Sport Union, Russia, the interregional public organization "Our Tourism", the Russian State University for Tourism and Service, Office of Science and Education Administration of Sochi, the Tourist and sports federation, the Sochi.

The Company

Again use a properly approved voucher of the previous year, by changing a number of date, etc. Use prepared invoices by oneself and falsification of approvals. Payment of false invoices, obtained in collusion with suppliers. Increase in the amounts of the invoices, in collusion with suppliers. Loads personal purchases, the company improperly using purchase orders. Invoiced goods for personal benefit, charged to fake accounts. Dispatch goods to the home of an employee or relative to your advantage. Fake inventories to cover theft.

Use advances for business expenses, charity staff. Unduly collect cheques payable in favour of the company. Forged endorsements of checks payable to suppliers. Insert in books leaves with accounts or fictitious amounts. Deliberately delay the reconciliation of the account of a client. Show sums wrong in the records of inputs and outputs box.

Deliberately confuse the seats in control and detail accounts. Make new leaves for the books in order to avoid manipulations are discovered. Not close the cash receipts book in due time. Selling surplus materials or disposal and pocketing the proceeds from the sale. Sell the use of keys business, winery or boxes for money. The combination of the safe or vault sell for money. Allow vendors sell into companies and apply for commissions payable to the employee. Ask the vendors write checks in their personal capacity and not on behalf of the company. Clone expense checks or payroll payment to achieve charge what alteration of data in invoices to collect a viatico wholesale. And how prevent this? Having a good control board inner with your proper auditor also a good code of ethics and culture for prevention of fraud, the internal control and fraud prevention is the responsibility of all employees of the company. Avoid fraud in corporations, fraud is the poison that comes to damage the moral life of the employees of the company, prevent the opportunity to having a good internal auditor. Download text to PDF to share by pressing the link: original author and source of the article

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