City Hall

Since then the prosecution would be in charge of the protection of this invaluable record of the history Pereira, between the years 1929 and 1955, and only lack the specimens between the period of 1958-1965 to complete, waiting for that somewhere, inside or outside the country, there are still people sensitive to this cause, and want donarselos Their possession of the city, waiting for better times come to the library. Hence, to the Municipal competition will fit here, that if at the time this was the living room and meeting place for students on the second floor of City Hall, where there was an atmosphere of reverence and silence, it could recover those standards, especially now that it has such excellent facilities. This is the case when the same library worked in the building of the railroad watch the writer and journalist Giron Silvio Gaviria rescued during its first director (1973), at the request of Dr. Octavio Mejia Marulanda (mayor of Pereira), and maintained packed with readers, students, researchers and people without jobs or office, where he also competed in quality and price with the photocopies. Neeman Foundation takes a slightly different approach. This was the period in which the firm began the process of codification, technical classification and positioning of this institution, which by 1979 had grown to 15,000 volumes, a civic task continued Mrs. Gloria Edith Arenas, who continued this work. But today, even our public library has a photocopier cone, which apart from being a paradox in these times, mash them with the height of indifference and procrastination, when there are more than one alternative to solve it by contract, agreement, loan, or civic campaign, but the only thing that shows is that there is no interest in solving it. .

Two Days

Two days after the attacks of 11 September, the daily Le Monde published an editorial titled “We are all Americans. For the next seven years, a holder so would have caused an avalanche of letters to the editor. Now, the charismatic Barack Obama has the opportunity to exploit his immense popularity to rescue the image of the ashes of his country. Initial surveys show a rapid decline in anti-Americanism, but will we see in the coming years a new fascination with the country of the stars and stripes’ to the Obama campaign has been enthusiastically proclaimed that “Americanism is no longer fashionable , and a survey by the Pew Research Center released yesterday, gives the reason. Nieman Foundation is the source for more interesting facts.


Each time a new start of astronomical research satellite, the Earth receives a stream of information. Astronomers now look to these flows with mixed feelings. With the accumulation of data it have to deal with a mass of facts that are rather misleading, as a source of information. In terms of astronomy, aerial shell of the Earth – it is nothing like the "wet blanket for someone cool." She completely distorts the excellent view of the universe, which could be seen without it. Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine shines more light on the discussion. To top it all, by the wind constantly changes the shape and thickness of the layers of the atmosphere, which leads to the emergence of an unpredictable environment monitoring. Vague images and mirages – the usual result of observations through a telescope.

Any scientific experiment is conditional to the observer and the limited available analysis tools. Data coming from an unimaginably distant from our galaxy, due to the passage of light, as we understand it from my own experience. As soon as we try to look farther and farther in space, we no longer see the universe as it really is, and what it was when it started the way we have a visible light. We can not even be sure that the star, we saw the light emitted is generally still exists. Maybe this is the main reason that astronomers are often the most ardent opponents of astrology.

They probably know how fragile the foundations on which their theories are based and construct their conclusions. Another big disappointment to the scientist is to realize the fact that most if not all of his theories about celestial mechanics, do little for our daily lives or welfare. These theories are unable to provide any solution to the problems of traumatic humanity and create difficulties for it, nor contribute to their solution or remedy. With the exception of landing astronauts on the moon little has been done for improving life on Earth, if not done anything. Astrology also gives a picture of the real inner world of man. With its help we are able to learn the needs and motivations of the individual.

Tangled Web Registered

In early October 2010 the Swedish national domain simvolisticheskuyu said the figure – one million names registered. These data have become known by the domain's zone administrator Swedish The Internet Infrastructure Foundation. More information is housed here: PCRM. – The website of 'A Tangled Web. " In 1986, was first recorded in the area of the domain name. se, but the rapid development of the zone was seen only in the 2000 reporting year. Prior to this period there existed a rigid restrictions that forbid individuals to register domain names. That is the domain in the area. Se could only register companies and organizations.

The number of registered in the blast zone of Sweden has increased dramatically (almost doubled) in early 2003, when it was allowed to ordinary users to register and become available opportunity to register domains with the symbols of the small peoples of the country. Three years ago, the blast area could boast half a million the number of registered domain names. We must pay tribute to the national Internet activity leaders Sweden. So many th domain the envy of any European country. Maybe that's why you can make a direct correlation between standard of living and Internet penetration in all spheres of human life. According to statistics, 3 out of 5 domain names that were registered in Sweden, with the ending. Se. Also, news of recent days was the presentation of your mail Facebook This service is expected to be called 'Social InBox'.

By registering you will receive in your mailbox (by the way, the social network will use a shorter address Also on the message of the recipients which you have defined as 'Close Encounters' is automatically moved to the appropriate folder, and messages from other users, in the 'other'. This type of online communications will suit representatives of different age groups. K the attention of the younger generation are provided sitsialnye network and SMS messages, and for the older, more serious category of users has Acknowledgment communication and e-mail. So the new Facebook service able to satisfy everyone!

Labour Organization

The production process in the current realities can be determined in two of its tracks: 1) the movement of material production with the end result – the product sold, and 2) the motion of the planned production the end result – the scientific production. Depending on the methods of production of things in organizations having the right shop, and in government – the necessary links. Each organization consists of divisions, podtsehov, subsections, individual enterprises, management units and areas to meet the needs of employees of the organization. Strict division and allocation of the connections between them makes it necessary to clearly establish the production process and optimally create the structure of the organization. Each organization consists of divisions, podtsehov, subsections, individual enterprises, management units and areas to meet the needs of employees of the organization. Definition dependencies between them makes it necessary to create manufacturing process and create the optimal structure of the organization. Checking article sources yields Boy Scouts of America as a relevant resource throughout. Determine the production and the overall structure of the organization.

First, the organization determines number of organizational units (industrial structure), as well as porazdeleny Control Organization (organizational structure), and control of employees, their composition, size and weight between them Total area occupied, number of employees, and throughput capacity. Within the Management Services should note the technical and economic, industrial, operational, personnel department, accounting, marketing services, supply service. For farmers to meet the needs of employees include a dining room, health center, housing, a reading room, nursery, health spa, holiday items. Under the production structure determined the proportion of industrial components organization, its member, the direction of the interactions between them. Production structure – is the proportion of the main structure, the main part of the main parts of the organization (production, farms, shops), their interaction, composition and direction of integration, the proportion of the number of employed staff, the price of machines, the occupied territory and its position.

Identify areas and units in the production structure is important to separate subsidiary, serving, main and side units. The basic units of automobile factory are preliminary (Foundries and cutting), the processing (machining and mechanical), sozdayushie (assembly plant, the creation of equipment). Auxiliary units are tools, energy, repair, mechanical and non-standard equipment. By servicing units include storage and . Side units are areas of consumer goods, recycling raw materials.

Effective Advertising

There are lots of misconceptions about advertising in the first place, many still not understood the purpose of advertising. Kidney Foundation is full of insight into the issues. On this very detailed in the book ‘Bloom pr and advertising decline. ” The fact that many advertising firm aim to: create an image, to make something very beautiful, or vice versa, the ugly. The meaning of all this, in order to remember to remember this designer, noted award. Advertising agencies are very rejoice when their videos take first place in the competition advertising. But there is an interesting fact, money spent on advertising is not proportional to the increase in sales. Often we are very well remember the interesting ads, but not recall a product that was advertised there. Remember the girls something to sing about the juice And now remember.

What was the juice? And now remember the ads that worked for you, advertising, which has caused you desire buy something The result of a competent advertising companies are only feedback. The only criterion by which to judge the effectiveness of advertising – the number of responses. Under the responses we understand – ringing up customers, come or write. A few recommendations: 1. Advertising should call sympathy, imagine that you’re doing a fact sheet for your friend. Advertising in the boorish style can work only in special cases.

2. Advertising should be flavorful, slightly different from those stereotypes. Phrases ’10 years on the market ‘,’ Call Now ‘,’ ask a city drugstores’ navyazli in the teeth and cause only antipathy, or at best focus slides on such a text, not stopping. Create a middle ground, not too extravagant, but not a template. 3. Advertising should give enough information. Advertising should give data for decision making. Recently saw an expensive Journal: gorgeous photos of a man in a fur coat and a phone number, it causes only confusion – what is it – the boys on call or the sale of fur coats. Recently, all over the city hung advertising: girl cup of coffee and text-‘Another cup of coffee. ” How do you think it’s advertised? No, it is advertising the building at the supermarket. 4. Visual range is very important, it provides a quick perception. Instantly bring up to date. Entire paragraphs of text can be replaced by a picture. If you promote a restaurant, then all is simple, cheap room or meals gives the reader a complete picture. But if you have auditing services, there will have good podumat.Obschy design also causes the desired mood and impression of the product. 5. Advertisement should be encouraged to take action. Experience shows, advertising in which there is a phrase: The invitation, come, call, waiting for you, look forward to hearing from you, come in, gives much more feedback. And these phrases actions should be allocated they should focus. 6. And finally the key point – it’s finding the buttons. The button is something to which people respond, then that gives them a certain response. If you correctly find the button, then the effectiveness of advertising increases up to five times.

CarDelMar Launches Social Media Campaign

Car rental company is now creative on Facebook and other Web 2.0 activities Hamburg is planning the June 22, 2010. The holiday rental CarDelMar launches a large-scale social media offensive. Now, the broker has their own pages on Facebook. “Under the Facebook keywords CarDelMar Germany” and CarDelMar for travel agencies “Facebook users in Germany will find current information about CarDelMar, valuable tips and information about car rental. In addition, there are attractive discounts exclusively for Facebook users. CarDelMar plans similar actions for his foreign clients for example via Facebook France or Facebook UK.

More activities on other Web 2.0 channels are in preparation and will follow shortly. With our new pages on Facebook we want to directly reach customers and travel agents and enter into dialogue with them”, explains Carsten Greiner, CEO of CarDelMar here we see a high potential to provide real added value and Bookings to generate”. Starting from a market analysis on the topic of social media marketing, CarDelMar plans its presence on other channels. Kick-off for the next social media activities by CarDelMar should be in the next few weeks. The broker CarDelMar, caters to cheap car hire at all inclusive prices with freedom since March 2005. Thereby, CarDelMar cooperates with renowned international car rental companies such as Alamo, Avis, Europcar and local car rental. All car hire deals by CarDelMar can be booked at a travel agency or directly at. Contact: Sonja Maue CarDelMar holiday car hire Ltd. Spaldingstr 77 D-20097 Hamburg Tel. +49-(0)-40-180 48 36-13 fax. +49-(0)-40-180 48 36-99 E-Mail:

Credit Cards

Q: I'm opening a gift shop and want to be able to accept credit cards. I talked to the branch manager of my bank, but do not seem to know much about how it all worked. a l said I would need something called a "merchant account" and something more like "a credit card processor." Beyond that it seemed as lost as me. Hear from experts in the field like Eliot Lauer for a more varied view. I'm thinking of going to another bank. Can you explain how it works? – Mary Ann G.

A: Mary Ann, I'm going to give your bank the benefit of the doubt and say that a lack of knowledge about the details of credit card processing is not necessarily a reflection of the competence of the banker. I have found in recent years that most bankers, no matter the experience or knowledge about the banking business that my be, do not know much about how credit card processing and acceptance really works. That's because the task of accepting and verifying credit card purchases is handled by firms services of others and that the process of deposit (or settle) the funds in a bank merchant account. The decision to accept credit cards is a wise for any retailer. I agree with financial guru Dave Ramsey's teachings regarding the use and abuse of credit cards. Many people dig deep holes with credit cards that are difficult to exit. But from a practical point of view, any retail business that accepts credit cards are leaving money on the table.

Residential Area

The community of Mickey Mouse magazine offers a virtual home, which can be furnished according to own registered members. The furniture must be paid with Entenhausener thalers, which you can easily earn in the truest sense of the word: the points earned via online games are converted into dollars and then may be credited the own account. More Valley can get the residents of codes from the Mickey Mouse magazine. This and other measures a close link is achieved by magazine and community. Already 100,000 residents in Duckburg are currently registered.

The taste here is: profile Netzbewegung GmbH: brand multimedia experience – audiences delight – brand messages playfully convey – consumers emotionally on the brand tie – offline and online intelligent network – win loyal customers. The Agency Network movement is a specialist for interactive brand and corporate communication on the Internet and looked after well known brands and companies such as such as Haribo Maoam, mini tool. FruchtZwerge, Actimel, Steiff, Simba, Capri Sun and what is what. The Agency was founded in late 2000 and employs today 25 people. The Agency’s portfolio of services ranges from conception, design, 3D design, illustrations, multimedia productions, text, programming, CMS solutions, online shop systems to server hosting.


Well, so they are sometimes, our “Doctors”, says Penker smiling, because we know that is true at the age of 66, because life begins with 66 years, it’s fun “and Hermann Penker, who now play goes with his two grandchildren, probably thanks to the Gymna is the living proof. The medicinal herb Gymna (Asclepiadacae) contains the Gymnasaure (Asclepiadacaesaure), which seems to enhance the endogenous insulin effect as well as the exogenous injected insulin effect as active anti diabetic active ingredient. Taking this plant substance leads to a reduction of fasting glucose and a reduced need for insulin, a significant reduction of HbA1c and plasma protein content. Neither healthy nor diabetes patients found an effect leading to hypoglycemia. (Source: Bailey 1989;)Babu 1990, Ivorra 1989, Nadkarni 1976, bone 1996, Prakash 1986 Chattopadhya 1993 and many others). The anti diabetic effective ingredient can support promote so the body’s insulin in diabetes mellitus type 2. Studies seem to confirm that the Asclepiadacaesaure has the extraordinary ability to regenerate beta cells in the pancreas (pancreatic) in diabetes mellitus type 2. The administration of Asclepiadacaesaure from the leaves of the Gymnapflanze when a group has controlled clinical trials clinical trials “diabetes mellitus type 2 – patients” with a HabA1c value of 10 and later a reduction of the measured blood glucose values (plasma glucose concentration) of 216 mg / dl to 178 mg / dl after a short time result.

The blood glucose values measured 2 hours after a meal (2-hour postprandial plasma glucose concentrations), were minimized by 28 per cent (reduction by 295 mg / dl to 212 mg / dl). The administration of the medicinal plant reduced the HabA1c patients from this group by 11.1 on 9.9 after 90 days. (Source: “effect of extended release Gymna leaf extract alone or in combination with oral Hypoglycemics or insulin regimens for type 1 and type 2 diabetes”, author: Joffe, DJ and freed,) SH). Read more reports of apimanu MedJournal on Facebook and stay always informed: pages/apimanu-MedJournal /… apimanu MedJournal Dr. T. Kuhn Apdo 362 03730 Xabia (Alacant) / Spain apimanu_MedJournal.html

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