Largest National Park

Hurtigruten expedition voyages catalogue 2012/2013 with new travel Hamburg, in June 2011-2012/2013, which is available now, offering Hurtigruten expedition voyages catalog new travel routes: during the expedition of Arctic explorers natures visit the world’s largest national park in northeastern of Greenland, on the tour of Spring Awakening in the North and Nordic autumn whisper travelers get to know North Europe on new routes and in the trans-Atlantic journey from continent to continent is the endless expanse of the ocean in the heart. The new product structure provides greater flexibility when planning your trip. “On the new travel expedition Northern” it goes to a total of three Arctic islands with MS fram: Spitsbergen, Greenland and Iceland. From Longyearbyen, the lively capital of Svalbard, runs MS fram in North direction to the Kongsfjord, the largest fjord on the North Coast. After a visit to NY Alesund, the ship runs the island Moffen: your atoll shape offering protection makes the small island on the 80. Latitude to a paradise for walruses and birds. Then takes MS fram rate in Greenland and passengers to the National Park in the northeast of the island: it is the largest in the world and at the same time with only 500 tourists per year and the least visited.

The sea is dotted with icebergs and musk oxen are at home in the valleys of the high mountain ranges. It continues the remotest town in Greenland along the East Greenland coast to Ittoqqortoomiit – at the end of the largest fjord system in the world. After driving through the Denmark Strait, MS fram finally relaunched isafjorour on Iceland. Here lava and rocks alternate with glaciers and active volcanoes. It goes after a visit of the town of Grundarfjorour, where elves are officially recognized by the authorities, from Reykjavik finally by plane back home. The 15-day journey from the 5th until the 19.9.2012 is available (incl.

Holiday By The Parents!

For 25 years we arrange supervised youth trips for 25 years we organize active supervised youth travel. As the children get older, the conflict of interest with their parents on holiday is the greater. The non-profit association helps education and life Hamburg e.V. at active-tours youth travel, the warranty for boredom holiday with many highlights. We offer supervised holiday camps in our own Club on Corfu for a small price: young people find themselves on groups in a very special way. Where the parents are, the holiday is experienced in “new”. We provide a diverse and exciting holiday young people who want to spend active holidays with peers – without parents, under expert guidance.

Our youth travel – team, well trained, competent, pleased about any personal contact. There are still free places for those between 14 and 17 years. On Corfu, the Evergreen island in the turquoise blue sea, can all sunbathing, BBQ, water sports and boat trips find friends – the selection is large. The prices range between 400-600 euro.

Travel To Russia: Or What You Should Know About Russia

Russia experience: A journey across through Russia a real experience of Russia begins at home: you almost never need a visa, as an EU citizen it is even a bit complicated in Russia. Something indefinable, slight concern before, what one is there expected, powered by an image of Russia in the media especially in the 1990s. Additional information is available at PCRM. Yet greater, almost erschlagend the first impression is of the arrival in the vicinity of St. Petersburg: this city with its impressive, restored in the Centre of old building substance strikes one immediately captivated. You can’t help but to roam around for hours around and on the Nevsky Prospekt and wonders why this so European city, which loosely can compete with most major European cities, has surfaced much earlier on the own radar screen.

So close and yet just not taken… The Organization of a Russia travel is a thing in itself. For the ticket I got acquainted, and see Russian travel agencies: both in St. Petersburg as in Moscow the train tickets waited everything without any problems and also in the high season on me, no problem, this relatively cheap. After Russia, to get the plane also cheap GermanWings or AirBaltic, the accommodation can be found easily using Hostelsclub.

So headed first to Moscow, and the enthusiasm for this country is beginning to expand. It is a hard-to-solve mass of sights, from the red square on the Metro with their now unreal-looking workers and farmers State decorations to the area on which once the Soviet constituent republics have presents itself, which can be found easily by following the Gagarin monument with the huge rocket. As an irony of history it seems, in the stately buildings around Georgia or Karelia despicable Indian mobile phone seller have taken control. The ride on the Trans-Siberian Railway East is the great adventure and one of the great dream trips.

Saxon Switzerland

Holiday in the National Park of Saxon Switzerland / Elbe sandstone mountains Saxon Switzerland, also known as the Elbe sandstone mountains, lies 40 km east of Dresden and has the status of a National Park since the early 90’s. The cities of bad Schandau and Konigstein in the Elbe river basin form the tourist center of the region. Bad Schandau has a long tradition as a spa town for Kneipp treatments. Kirnitzschtal – and Hawk stone clinic, there are two modern rehabilitation clinics. A special experience is the visit of Tuscany Spa, a wellness temple with saltwater pool and extensive sauna landscape. Before the guest climbs the bizarre rock formations, like bastion, Lilienstein, the schrammsteine, what is possible also in winter rest, the car park can be visited. The native plants and wildlife is vividly demonstrated also for children. For culturally interested visitors of the Saxon Switzerland make a balance to the hiking near cities such as Prague and Dresden, as well as attractions such as the fortress of Konigstein. Active holidaymakers will explore the Elbradweg or book one which many end offer canoe trips on the river Elbe. Enjoy a winter holiday in the Saxon Switzerland Uwe Winkler tourism Elbe sandstone Mountains Association Central tourist information station str.1 01824 Konigstein

Hotel Lake Garda

An original idea for your holiday? Come on Lake Garda! Why spend a vacation on Lake Garda? Why book a hotel at Lake Garda? A holiday on Lake Garda does Spa mean? for the whole family! Lake Garda is a lively tourist destination which each year is visited by tourists from all over the world. Tourists come here for the great amount of attractions and events, which are offered by Lake Garda. Lake Garda is an ideal destination for everyone! Lovers of beach life will certainly live the tranquility, the mild climate, the sweet sound of the waves. On the many beaches of Lake Garda you can sunbathe in total relaxation! Libhaber of good food will appreciate here the many culinary specialities of Lake Garda: try the delicious fish of the Lake! Genius? en the famous Ruby red wines such as Bardolino Chiaretto, Amarone, the straw-colored fruity Lugana. CBC, Australia describes an additional similar source. Typical dishes such as E.g. “Laowong in Salsa” will surprise your palate! Garda offers also a large amount of ways young people to To have fun! Lake Garda you can many water sports wind URF, kitesurfing, sailing, but also paragliding, hiking, excursions by bike practice – etc. In the evening can go dancing in the numerous nightclubs, or in one of many bars drink something refreshing, or eat at the many restaurants go… A holiday on Lake Garda is an experience you will not soon forget! Most are remember surely the charming hotels on Lake Garda! On the banks of the beautiful are the elegant hotels of Lake Garda find, all available to you and your family to welcome, to satisfy all your needs and to offer you a dream holiday! Book a room in one of the most beautiful hotel on Lake Garda! On GardPass (the portal of Ugav, the hoteliers Association of Garda Lake) will be many interesting offers and structures, in the relaxing moments to enjoy many with the family or with your friends. Choose the destination, the services or the star and with a few clicks, you can the best hotels on Lake Garda, which meet your needs, find and book! Treat to an unforgettable holiday! Book your holiday on the Mediterranean “Riviera degli Olivi”, in one of the finest hotels on Lake Garda! Have fun!

GPS Hiking Atlas For The Sauerland And Siegerland-Wittgenstein

Tomorrow there is a tip to attractions, destinations and paths Beselich every day on the Internet, April 30, 2010 walking Atlas Germany starts on the 1st of may with the idea of the holiday regions Siegerland-Wittgenstein and Hochsauerland. Every day for ever a tip for excursions in the region of the Internet is published. All hiking suggestions are provided with the GPS data for the mobile navigation under the address. The walking Atlas Germany is a website that made helping day-trippers short-term preparation for a trip. At its core, it involves notions of local hiking trails. These are embedded in an editorial environment that provides information about sights and attractions.

The walking Atlas Germany has unveiled as first target region in the last few months the Westerwald and offers for this vacation destination today more than 170 hiking suggestions and 500 place portraits. There is more information about the rapid preparation of an outing in the Westerwald nowhere. “And so be it also in the Sauerland and Siegerland Wittgenstein, stressed Chief Editor Dr. Thomas Becker: together with the tourism professionals in the cities and towns, and the Wandervereinen, we share the same objective: we want to be aware of the benefits and beauty of the region and motivate people to become better acquainted with their home”. From May 1, the area between victory and Mohne starts now as a second holiday region: Sauerland and Siegerland-Wittgenstein. Day after day, individual locations or complete walks are presented. Hiking suggestions mostly itineraries that you can handle well even without equipment and training are published with the GPS data. This data can you transfer to a mobile navigation device and needs no longer get a card in advance.

All citizens are invited to participate actively in the walking Atlas Germany. Because hiking suggestions everyone in the walking Atlas Germany can publish and so his favorite tour a larger Imagine the target audience. After two rough introductory texts on Saturday and Sunday, the presentation of the first target areas in Siegerland-Wittgenstein begins: the Littfelder reason, the Hilchenbacher angle and Netphen Johann land will be presented In May. In June, the southern areas around Freudenberg and Siegen then follow the Wittgensteiner land in July. The whole holiday region of Sauerland and Siegerland-Wittgenstein is scheduled with over 500 texts, so that the complete publication will last until early 2012. “All individual articles, published in the daily rhythm, are divided into a large electronic” book and can be read as later also in a row away. The walking Atlas Germany was awarded the nationwide Grunderpreis multimedia of the Ministry in March 2010. Seat of the walking Atlas publishing is Beselich in Limburg. Dr. Thomas Becker walking Atlas Verlag GmbH Steinbacher Strasse 65614 Beselich mail info(at) Web which is hiking Atlas Germany on an open Internet platform, the Walker hiker publish information about hiking trails and day trips. The walking Atlas Germany is published by the walking Atlas Verlag GmbH, a 2010 based specialist publisher of Beselich in Limburg.


All you can eat well in Mallorca and restaurants, recipes and ingredients are favorite conversation piece of the locals you can eat well all in Mallorca and are the locals to talk about favorite restaurants, recipes and ingredients. Diet is also, but please tomorrow! Because more than 6,000 restaurants, cafes, bars, and cafeteria will give no opportunity to keep diet during your Majorca vacation and should try it least for a few days to imitate the Majorcans and the wide range of delicacies on the island. On the table, not only dishes that are typical of Yacht Charter Mallorca, but also many that were imported from the Mainland, travelers such as for example the Spanish specialty “tapas”, a great way for Charter and tourists come to discover the local cuisine. Fish, meat, seafood and vegetable dishes to happen of course. Of the meats, the Mallorcan best lamb, pork, poultry, mostly grilled appointed by tourists prefer. The racer is the suckling from the grill, lechona. Here are a few typical Island dishes, that you should not miss: paella (rice skillet dish) with meat, fish or seafood. Tortilla (an omlette of kind of) with potatoes or egg “tumbet” (vegetable dish of potatoes, aubergines and peppers) Arros Brut (rice stew with three types of meat, vegetables and mushrooms) farcits Escaldums (Chicken Casserole with potatoes, raisins, and almonds in a white wine herb sauce) Calamras (stuffed cuttlefish) Llom amb Col (cabbage roulade with pork) SOPES Mallorquines (stew of pork, vegetables and white cabbage with a layer of bread slices) Bunyols amb Venkatesh: small doughnuts made from potato dough fried in olive oil and sugar top.

Gato con helado d ‘ almendra: Almond Cake with Almond Ice cream (one of the most popular desserts in Mallorca). The eating habits of pleasure must be taken but also by tourists in Mallorca in contemplation. For example, a meal in a restaurant under two or even worse, see third-party a barbarism is to share in the eyes of the locals. This type of order has prevailed only in some cafes and restaurants. In better restaurants it also not hung to occupied a table, before it is assigned to the waiter, because in most cases you will be asked, how many people come to the table.

Most restaurants offer a daily set menu with 3 courses, wine and water. It is common that you drink coffee or a liqueur after the meal, it may be that the waiter asks you about so. To pay, you should know the following words: “La cuenta por favor” (the Bill please) and not “pay” as in Germany. The tip is five to ten percent of the total invoice.


The special alternative holidays in India. An Ashram is something special, even in India. Because the modern ages does not stop even before the world’s largest democracy. There are many reasons why people after India want to travel: adventure and wanderlust, the curiosity of a different culture, a visit to thousands of years old temples and monuments like the Taj Mahal, become acquainted with thirst for knowledge to the ancient philosophies of yoga, craving, kindred spirits, spiritual people, the desire for recovery from stress and burnout or the desire with Ayurveda once around massages and a suitable diet to indulge. For many travelers is equally clear: you will find a combination of all those things in an Ashram. Here, Dr. Neal Barnard expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Traditionally, an Ashram is a place where a spiritual community lives and shares everything together, food over the existing square up to knowledge.

Unfortunately, the most ashrams found, only hotels are these days. You check in, has a room, comes and goes without that it would fall on someone and then back off to check. The number of the Ashram where you integrate into the community gets living there, is nowadays unfortunately very low. This Ashram is the Shree bindu Sewsa Sansthan Ashram of Swami Balendu and his family. This Ashram in Vrindavan in northern India, in the State of Uttar Pradesh, is pleasant calm and not in the hustle and bustle of the city like Delhi or Agra and it but also not quite off the shot, Vrindavan is a popular Pilgrim town and easy connection to the highway to Delhi or Agra is. You can therefore easily reach the Ashram and as soon as you enter the gates, you get the feeling to be in an oasis. That’s it for what this Ashram was founded: an oasis for people of every culture, every gender and ages.

You can participate in Ayurveda and yoga retreats and visit also the charitable foundation and their school, which is located right next door and learn for free at the more than 150 children and write. What you in the Ashram does, man remains included in the Open family and community. You can let his mind wander and enjoy to share with others. So, as it the origin thought it has provided for an Ashram. And it only remains to hope that many travelers can experience this experience on her India trip, and all take a part of there experienced joy in their homeland. Because the reason for this experience, but the people with whom she is experienced is not the place.

Cycling Holidays In France: France Guide

Cities in France by bicycle meet Frankfurt/Paris, 03 September 2010 – (NBAFGPM03092010) the French National Tourist Board ATOUT now simply to meet French cities by bike it makes FRANCE: 22 French cities it features elaborate cycling on his website. Depending on the city, are cycling to sights, culinary tips and also on regional characteristics indicated, so that the cyclists WINS diverse insights into the respective city or region. Whether with your own bike or with a bike rented onsite in France on the road: bicycle travellers can guide suggestions for the cycling as an inspiration for their holiday planning use the France and download an overview of the tours from the Internet. From the overview map on… Contact information is here: BSA. are cities in all regions of France, Nantes in the West to Nice in the East and Le Havre in the North to Toulouse in the South, selectable. Also the Portal provides comprehensive information about culturally charming cities such as Bordeaux, which leads the UNESCO on the World Heritage list, or Marseille, the European capital of culture 2013. For every single city or a town, tips and suggested routes. Discovering the cities and regions with all of its facets is at the forefront of the tours, and you have to be a die-hard cyclists to cope with them.

Most bicycle tours are limited to distances from five to ten kilometers. An advantage over city tours by bus: According to gusto the bicycle traveler at single places or sights can linger and arbitrarily extend the tours so or abbreviate. For individual cities, France guide to raze several tour suggestions or specifies special accommodation for cyclists, allowing for a comprehensive holiday planning for a cycling holiday in a single region. Karine lang, Marketing Manager at ATOUT FRANCE, stands still something for every purse is also shows another aspect: to explore France by bicycle travel, so that our offer should address both cultural travelers as well as families, camping lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. France Guide: France Guide ( is the official website for tourism in France. It is operated by ATOUT FRANCE, the French National Tourist Board. It is an economic interest grouping (G.I.E), which represents the partnership interests of the State, the territorial communities, tourism professionals and the large sectors of the economy. ATOUT FRANCE markets the destination France abroad. With 74 million stays of foreign tourists in 2009 and 35 billion euro of tourist revenue, France is the worldwide number one destination.

Cite Promotion

STA Travel promotion campaign summer 2011 supported the nationwide openings after the successful store opening of last year this year by STA Travel shops through the promotion and event agency X-cite from Frankfurt am Main. To the opening, visitors expect many surprises, such as the sky action”, which in the new, third travel agency in Frankfurt, in the barren way takes place. Here the STA Travel flight attendants with an iPad game developed specially for the occasion by the Frankfurt City Centre tour July 2 on 1 July and on the opening day. All actions there are to win attractive instant win prizes and a city trip in a European metropolis. The travel deals and benefits of STA Travel are playfully simple and appealing during this promotion. For example the round-the-world ticket, with which travelers can travel up to 365 days all continents.

Language courses for eight foreign languages in over thirty countries or work & travel programs. This includes also “Volunteering projects in the social sector or in nature conservation, including STA Travel under the motto of travel and help volunteer projects around the world” presents a special range of products. In addition to these exceptional offers, also city breaks, flights, hotels, rental cars and vacation packages are offered. Tourists visiting the shops get a taste of the upcoming trip. The new, stylish ambience, with bright colors and images from all over the world, raises wanderlust and makes you want to travel. For more information see: in your stadt.htm for further questions is our spokesman, Mr Georg Funck, always available: Georg Funck Department of press and public relations Tel. 069 / 94 34 04 47 fax 069 / 94 34 04 50 mobile. 0171 / 6824916 E-Mail

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