O Friendship !

Write about friendship can be a lot. Just as you write about it, if each person has his own concept of friendship. And how do people can be friends if they have different concepts of friendship? After all, we rarely find true friends who are similar to us on the opinions, judgments, on the philosophy of life. But it happens and friendship among such a betrayal. And as this be explained? For example, a promised and done, though he was for some reason it is difficult to make, and the other would have waved his hand and found many reasons to justify it. And at that and the other would have been the supporters and opponents.

Among the supporters of the first will be some who will arrive in the situation described above in the same way as the second. That’s interesting to me, and friendship can bored? If everything smoothly and well, maybe one of your friends want to add a fly, because there is no guarantee that another such experiment would react to a quarrel and a complete rupture. Tembolee can we consider this friendship, if one Friends of the accused and blamed the other that is not peculiar to that person. I think it just threw popolzovalsya and, if not the right thing. Can not tolerate this, this is not a need to respect, if forgiving like that. But if insulted the intimate side of the family, it is no longer a friend, you bastard, which is never a friend and did not respect! And sometimes, friends want to be praised and not hide it, and then his sin is passing you by!

Human Nature

The question of human nature was concerned people's minds since time immemorial, in all its complexity and vastness indicates, above all, the etymological analysis of the word "person", in which we see the person as an immense, multi-dimensional and contradictory infinitely finite being. Since the Semitic word Adam (dust of the earth, red clay), clearly points to the grounding, limited, temporary nature of man: "For dust you are and to dust return" (Gen. 3:19). Greek anthropos (man), by contrast, has the opposite meaning – the call up (based on anthropos prefix?? "Boc" is derived from an adverb?? "up"). The Latin word homo (man) is associated with the word humus (humus), occurring of humus (earth, soil). But the land here is different: it's the soil that takes a seed of life and truth that must be nurtured. The Slavic word "man" comes from the Indo-kel (rise, rise) and Greek?? (Eternity, life), or Slavic vek, meaning life-force that tends to eternity. 1 Thus, man is limited and limitless, infinite and finite, mortal and eternal, "he – a king, he – a slave, he – a worm, it – God. " "As a" measure of all things, "he has no action, because is not reducible to any one of the dimensions that are manifested in the evolution of nature, history, society and the development of his personal life. " 2 But if a person is multidimensional and inexhaustible, how can "embrace immense, "as unfathomable to comprehend that which recorded the human language? To answer this question, try to build the structure of human beings from the biological matrix and according to which a person belongs to the type of chord, a subtype of vertebrates, the Class Mammalia, order of primates, the hominid family.

Turkish Sauna

We are not novices – go to the baths on a regular basis, we love her and respect, so we were really confident that surprise us with something in the sauna actually impossible. Well, lie on the hot marble Turkish bath, sit in a Russian steam bath, take a steam with each other broom, delve into the cold baptismal font – that's great day was not wasted. But sometimes you want something more – caring, affection, new sensations, of total relaxation – a kind of oriental bliss in the style of "Thousand and One Nights." And what would bath was only for you and all the attention only to you – a normal human desire – to become the center of the universe. We had only just crossed the threshold sauna suite, sauna and dreams of happiness began to come true. We have not yet entered the steam room, and already was warm and cozy from the sincere smiles and warm hospitality … All of us wait, give a little look around – we slowed down our bath attendants, who cheerfully waving brooms actively touted us in a steam room. Looked around and … you get bored.

What a pity that we do not our friends. It would be good to come here a friendly company, relax, take a steam bath, a cup of tea or something a little stronger, play billiards, to torment each other performance of your favorite songs at karaoke. And then we both somehow got lost in the size and diversity of the sauna suite. But on the other hand is nice – here only we and all for us.