Faith And Love

Faith and love in their branches recognizes Christ the divine tree, we know, and that evil always known Because God never admits in his plans. I am the vine, you are the branches and ear bread is divine, grapes and I press, my thoughts. Flowers in full my growth for the wedding feast of fate, good water, convert it into wine! Divine got good fruit tree, Christ, full. Sonnet divine sign and full life out of the tomb the dead body incorruptible Divine, Jesus, who imagined his own death, the sign of Jonah and the whale. All the divine soul in Stunning full glory on your body in this manner, the victorious triumph of the strongest eternal and immortal, free from pain.

Accurately and resurrected three days before yesterday crucified body from the tomb where he was buried. Abyss and fullness, sky cries in the Eternal glory, risen, Al congratulates Prince of Peace! It is the Messiah, Resurrecting The sign of Jonah. Sonnet Wine strongest overcome evil with good, with this couple achieve the triumph of death and sin, the grace of Jesus crucified stronger than the force of the devil. Beat love without hate in pandemonium And the glory of God has saved us, the risen Jesus Stunning Three people, divine heritage. The flower of the Gospel in human glory of God's word is sovereign, God Force divine spirit. Invincible faith in our destiny Glory Road Triumph the paving eternal love, is our fate! The strongest God overcomes evil with good, eternally.