Cristobal Colon

There are also of cilantro and parsley, avocado (the famous guasacaca), milk and even pork rinds. The mojos are very well with potatoes, boiled Yucca, meat, hallaquitas, boiled and soups. The ajiceros are spicy preparations to garnish dishes, which can be preserved in vinegar, milk, oil or hot water, these elements, which allow you to preserve for long periods of their ingredients. Cristobal Colon journals, documenting that the pepper was the pepper of America and that people did not eat without it. Amazon natives employed taparas, as a vessel for its preparation, and the water boiled cassava, for pickling. Ajiceros, were originally used to accompany fish, but now the stews, casseroles, arepas, empanadas, meat is garnished and up comes with the bread. The preserves are preparations based on fruits or vegetables, hermetically packaged and sterilized, or solidified with salt, vinegar, oil or sugar, for its preservation.

Canned food can be in brine, vinegar, oil or sweet. Slices of serrano ham, dried in the oven, ground and then mixed with salt marine, Serrano ham, a classic preserved in brine salt, used way to add flavor to the fish. Pickles are preserved in vinegar, all kinds of vegetables, preserved in vinegar – forgive the redundancy-, mustard or a combination of both. Similarly flavored Vinegars, constitute a fundamental ingredient in the kitchen gourmet, managed well, provides us with abundant taste and variety of aromas. Canned in oil, offer us the opportunity to give a touch of flavor to our preparations, whose key lies in using lightweight, entibiado olive oil previously to no more than 40 degrees centigrade. Finally the sweet preserves are used to enrich the flavor of savory dishes.

In salad dressings and sauces, jam gives a divine touch in flavor, consistency in your body and shine in your presentation. I still have the island mojo of my parents on the palate, so that the public is in the weekly recipe. Until soon friends.


It is useful, my anSicht after the Notion of sin”to be used as that evokes best the countless inner images of guilt and shame and the fear of it resulting. Sin describes our idea of freedom on which our life is still largely built on admirably. Sin and everything that we directly and indirectly bring in verbindung, is an aspect of the belief system, which was founded on good and evil and decidedly constricting and restrictive affects our entire lives. This is mainly because the word sin in a moral garb was dressed, that is punctuated by the scent of fear, and that is by no means linked to love and divine reality in connection. The image I have of the term sin when I beschaue him from the platform of the freedom of, is, that he referred to the distance of a relationship, which I have to myself, to my environment, my fellow human beings and not least of course the divine in itself. Thus the unconsciousness is, the distance sinful path that points away from me; and awareness that experience close, which shows me that I meet myself in Unsunde, direct relationship to myself, to God, and my surroundings. Thus the unsundige way is even close, the verbundenheit, for which I learn just decided, therefore, that I live a close relationship. Considered in a context of real freedom, both ways, the sinful and unsundige, equivalent experience entschieden willingly, and not differ by one good and the other is the evil way, but only in its quality of experience, which is experienced by the closeness and the distance to the things themselves. es would likely agree.

In my interpretation of the image remains after all that subjektive, which distinctively effect, has been neutralized, only the objective information, which cause and effect explains which makes plausible my closeness and distance, which I just know me. And from there, where I me even now am, unlimited lists many, guilt and shame-free resources. Neutral information, which I am also so where ever and where I want to go anyway, creates no moral shackles. The freedom is a divine law, which is our gift to itself, and limit we must of course on a voluntary basis also. In other words, the freedom out everything is born, the will to limit, and whether we choose now conscious single experience or dual, substantive experience, us entscheiden for proximity or distance, is and will remain one. Each experience is equally valuable and important beyond the review, is unique and only valid – we have a choice. The separation from the unit, our trip to the Individualitat allows us therefore the choice with all existing either connected or disconnected to perceive us, so us to be close or distant. There is no question of guilt which is the BerechtiGung of our being questioned continuously and also not the restrictive shame, which forbids us our free opportunity by means of votes imaginary authorities. “Here we find ourselves in a unendlichen room of freedom, which lets us be alone with the really only wichtigen and relevant question: what do I really want?” A question that can be ausformulieren of course in many ways. For example, in this way: what would I learn as this individual, which I’m really? What I would like to experience as a human being, and where are my personal goals? I, innocent SIN or unsundig, but in any case, in a divine manner, even in future experience donating, in upcoming time forward me what wants for way?

The Former

The difference of what I mean is explained in the episode. “This is my friend.” or “my girlfriend is you” comments that are each known are probably, but they contain a claim in order to benefit something, what has my opinion finding absolutely nothing in a friendship. To make a claim that it is part of one and that it is bound to a titled where something as “my” or “mean”? One looks around in its environment, watching the people, then you will notice that that bypass him near people often with the. Commands are issued, lack of courtesy or decency, you tried the others to the own benefit to control and manipulate. This is similar to a tragedy which the notion of friendship karikatiert as to really meet him but rather. How is so visible, speaks to the own benefit to winning and thus to an illusory concept of friendship. As I mentioned above but already I can see quite a valid term of friendship, his cause but other has stored as that is in general use, namely in the freedom. Briefly, a definition of freedom was given to understand what is meant by that.

She was then given, if you can act in accordance with his own inspiration. Thus is “my” friendship not a possession claim, so not in one but in a “a”. Clarification: “This is a friend” instead of “This is my friend” the former can be seen, that eliminates any binding claim, where he remains at the latter. Now, what distinguishes this kind of friendship? The common events are preserved, but they gain a different character, a casual. It is striving to not do something, because, it is hoped a benefit of it, but because it is his own free existence glad that is so different from all other relationships. Here now there is maximum tolerance, because as long as do not restrict the other individual acts, a free decision power is possible. Furthermore the handling is skills you more respectfully, since not claimed, but they can be offered as a voluntary or can be pulled back each time.

This applies to both parties or Interaktionsparter, since those are committed in this sense are to maintain their freedom. The advantage seems to lie me here on the hand. Freedom as the cause of friendship requires some individuals however. So you must be aware, that one is always on its own, as to a commitment in the form of a compulsive possession claim can impose on anyone. What implies for the subject is that it can be free of all chains of others. The way however was not an easy one, because you have to give up many amenities and must make many concessions, the a or only with pain other may open the eyes. (S.Simmert)


This conscious decision is on the one hand given to us, because we can now call me ever again particularly stressed freedom our own and on the other hand, because we out continuously decided finally also from this freedom for our awareness, thus in a process freely determined the are growing, which has continuity and stability only due to our constantly new confirmed decision to the awareness. Freedom gives birth to freedom, or anders here formulated, freedom makes it possible, that we can choose our freedom. As we can see, everything depends on each other, has an important relation to each other and therefore the one also in direct allows you to and indirect way the existence of the other. If we so want to weiterbeWegen continue our journey on our Bewusstwerdungs, say, if we want to become more conscious, offensichtlich certain conditions are required. Want for example, we gain a degree of awareness do what us allows a whole remaining range of conscious freedom, we must bring up the corresponding trouble and satisfies the requirements of.

At some point which is development, and this the specific topic that I especially respond to, wants to, is necessary for our conscious process of becoming a voluntary us contact, a recollection to the unit. This means that we need connection, leading support for the unit out at that time. Our individual terrestrial human development has thus reached a temporary climax and calls for reconnecting, the direct voluntary quest to get back to the unit for its Convention further. Thus is ensured that our reached Individualitat, the conscious experience of absolute freedom, will be integrated into the service of the collective, and we do not fall back learned individuellen awareness in isolation, in the illusion of separateness with by us. In other words, if we have achieved a certain VermenschliChung, embodiment, so expiation, it is the necessary next step is that we remember our true self, which is connected with the unit.

The Chance

The fact, that all this has prevented us to be authentic, sometimes we have hampered, deviated from our real goals, the personal spaces deteriorating our self-esteem and undermining our assertiveness, turning us often slaves to desires, passions, transient joys has irrespetado. Why, that should not surprise us that we have allowed that they restrict our free will, that we we journey on path wrong, accompanied by people who we do not correspond, which deteriorates our personality, affect the character, which sometimes find ourselves frustrated, disillusioned, weigh shaded and why not, with large empty existential. You arribas also reminds us that our gregarious feeling, which did much to so that we succeed to survive in a hostile environment when we started our journey as human beings, have replaced it with alarm systems supersofisticados, by security agents induced guard back to measure. Instead of the warm touch of partner or Companion chose, which inspires us protection and support, that we consider that it is appropriate, we have the flashing light of an infrared detector that warns us if someone has invaded our living space. Thus, already don’t play us. What has happened? What is the cause? Possibly not realizing that we’re prisoner of social control that has invaded our freedom, that we are alienated, we are imprisoned in a false conventionality, with standards imposed by Act through a behavior that forces us society to be able to live in their midst. It also reminds us of Arribas, that should not surprise us that those human beings that have inhibited his consciousness in whole or in part acting strangely or have no problem in being open in the love, the emotions. In this transit through this dimension, it is important to consider that it is sometimes our conscious mind what us this preventing grow and it is necessary to find the springs that make changing this state of affairs. It is time to pay more attention to our results, to what we have learned, experienced in our path so far, surprise us, really how much we’ve grown, as we have the opportunity to live, if we are genuine in our actions if we are prepared to make the changes that will allow us to better increase our horizon in pursuit of a true and authentic realization. We are responsible for our actions, touches us to each light our candle that alum the path by which we must travel, when it comes to the game, incumbent upon us to go only with the result that in our saddlebag we carry a positive good deeds charge, a real advantage of our given divine potential, that allowed us to know to successfully take the chance that gave us pass through this dimension. Original author and source of the article.

Divino Salvador

A Roman Segur carved in a marble plaque, along with a family shield Mendoza can be seen on its inner side. We continue the street until you reach the Church parish of the Divino Salvador built on an ancient mosque, it is a church of basilical plant with apse composed of three naves, being higher than the lateral central and rectangular. The architectural complex consists of two perfectly different parts that correspond to two stages of its construction: the header gotico-mudejar in the 14th century and an expansion in gotico-tardio of late 16th century and early 17th century. We will continue our journey by calle Ramon y Cajal where we find the Church of the convent of the conception and the famous Arch of the nuns. The Church is the so-called drawer, being able to highlight your home of Renaissance style, the spherical dome erected over the main Chapel and vaulted Crypts of the founders.

Today, typically used to assemble cultural exhibitions, so with luck you can find you any existing. We will continue our journey through the streets of the Castle, Trafalgar, alley of Carrion and finally calle de San Juan to lead to the Plaza of Spain with its Arco de la Villa. This square has its origins in the 16th century when the city overflowing the walled enclosure. During the centuries XVI and XVII was place intended for the celebration of the different bullfighting at the initiative of the Noblemen and gentlemen of amount of Vejer. Throughout history has been changing name when this always identified with the existing political regime, among them: Plaza of the Villa del Rey, Plaza de la Constitucion, Plaza de la Republica to finally be called Plaza of Spain. A fountain in the center of the square, made with Seville tiles, was built in 1957 and since then it is popularly known as Plaza of the fried fish. To finish the tour, we will continue from the Plaza of Spain by the Corredera Street reaching our starting point in the Avenida de los Remedios.

The Back

And although the traffic lights allowed me to continue I stopped my progress, because just at that moment, by hand it counteracts it came an ambulance with the guine post to bend towards where I was. Here I would note that the driver of causing car crash (the back), he bled the front by hitting against the windshield (by not wearing a safety belt). The theme is that the ambulance stops against the shocked auto, but invading part of my rail, so that by only 20 cm I could not continue my progress. I.e. was trapped between wrecked cars, ambulance, the cord and the two cars that were behind me and not mutely as Yes other motorists had to dodge the shock and continue along the third rail (of the right). As the accident was not serious, they carried the injured walking up to the ambulance to make cures there same; Therefore they had already spent 10 minutes and by what he saw had for long; While both cars back continued as panchos against your home. Suede is situation I got off and went up to the third car that was behind mio and asked him please to do reverse, so could leave the two that we had been immobilized. ifies is currently assessing future choices.

This way I could continue my journey; However some fifteen blocks later it seems that the Universe told me: so what are hard to understand, socket here you’ll this one. And when I turned on the side, the block I found a truck that was pierced on the street trying to enter a barn, and than coincidence oh!, I could not pass. At that moment I realized that the two situations that I had crossed was a message, and unlike the first that at the beginning I had obscured a bit on this, to realize that the universe was speaking to me in their own way, not bother me at all, even if I had had to wait half an hour.

Graciela Silvia Cueto

Small children, who will grow fast. Be journey of pleasure to different places in Europe and in every place be pending if the aforesaid called or not. After that healed the bad love, you feel admired and grieved. Because the bad love heals. And, luckily, it dies. And then you would like to return to that past age. For example, me I would like to return to be with Grandma, i.e.

go to a past where you could enjoy his presence and not be aware of the call in I don’t remember who. That I understand you, because I have lived many lives in a life. And surely you atendere and we will ask that you can pass. But more nothing I think help you regain yourself. To rescue you from this uncertainty and regain your self-esteem. Why nobody has because expect calls from anyone.

If people don’t call, it is not good for your life to waste time waiting. The time is now. And we must try to be as happy as possible. And you’re your Center. Maria Laura, commented wisely, something learned from his own experience: causes of suffering may be out, but I can’t choose to feel pain or I would not that you were like my friend Norita, who dedicate this note she not wondered only, with anxiety, yes he will call it. In addition, interrogates himself, if not sweet waiting involves suffering. Arises, also what kind of person is the cause of your expectation.Therefore, many times, we hope the call which will be our ruin. The thief of dreams and illusions. There are, there are BA Graciela Silvia Cueto original author and source of the article.

The Peaks

what I mean by that? Regardless of the risk that I will take of mistaken CIMA, the source of my anxiety lies in the fact of not getting, or worse still, having to opt for surrender. By abandoning the trip. And I’m fully aware that I am a human being filled with many weaknesses and although always try to have a balance between these and my strengths, sometimes I lose the battle. If it is that by finish me life, forces, so many times I make mistakes, it fails even if it is to be a few minutes at your side; I want you to know that you’re part of my reason for living. Therefore I ask you a favor: help me. How can you do it? Thats for you easy. You do not have more to show me the way: with the detachment of your loving traveling by wind cold and clean perfume, can help me distinguish what through the sense of sight do not distinguish by smell: the right path. The latter is show me which of all the peaks of the cordillera is your bracket, one that to me what may be because it is for you: the soil that gives you life, love and wisdom.

Anyway, luckily we do not know what is what awaits me. What matters is not to lose confidence in one’s self and know that life is unpredictable; already after what just passed me, since it happened I realized that the ink with which I write is a resource that is exhausted. Only when I ran out I realized this, so is life. What counts is what you are doing, when we are aware of the time runs out. And support on the road at the foot of our strength of character and spiritual wealth. And find resources for motivation and inspiration. I’ll give an example of the latter: dream that once I find on top and beside you, through metaphors and or cuentos transmit all the wisdom and love that I ejercite in the path in this wonderful journey of friendship. And speaking of inexhaustible resource, the morning has just finished, see you then. I hope so. Original author and source of the article

The End

So the first instinct is to return to the guard clothes where I arrived the first time. There I will be safe for a while, they can reflect on these events. Upon entering, you are more dark that makes a few hours. I’m looking for and way blindly between these huge and stink things that humans use in feet. And I find a very strange rock: it has a definite shape, and is completely hollow. But probably nobody me here. I recuesto me and close my eyes, but I can not sleep.

Invades me a sense of horror and awe: how is that despite being so huge and strong, people can be so fragile? I don’t understand this irony. Since. Was perhaps this the end of happiness for this small, Fabiola? Not I know if you really want to find happiness on sites like these. In the end. What happened today, it will be better to stay here. I think that it is best to try to sleep a little, and I prepare to return home tomorrow. The night passed more quickly than expected.

I wake up slowly. But my body is covered with something strange. It is a rare substance. My arms and legs are too sticky, and in the air there is a stench much other than which had perceived before. I leave the stone and tree of a single boost. I am very dirty, but will gradually evolve a strange dust of my body, and finish cleaning me with help of wind. And I start my journey back. There is something peculiar that I thought a moment, and is that it gives me a lot of curious know what happened with that girl. Yesterday left it in your room without leaving a single sigh mine, because my breath had already been kidnapped by the intrigue and terror.

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