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The fact is, this House underlying a first deposit amounting to 1.000,-! We call this”multiplier effect among other things. Fatal consequences: If you see, that the stock market and financial market and once again significant sums of money “devouring, and ask yourself where is all the money going?”or how can it be easy away?”, then the answer simple: it never was there!” Thus, the stock market is a healthy process, the money must be frequently won but lost more often, however. If we now encourage, challenge this cash flow, to challenge the system, then we do fundamentally. If we want to create a system in addition to this system, we speak which breaks the multiplier effect, always of a money exchange 1:1. In other words, the player in the segment of credit may use without the benefit of much too little equity for themselves.

If the Kreditgber is a 1:1 for the money, and unless the borrower: 1:1 for the money now, we have one dealing with classic private credit agreement, which does not have these opportunities. There model contracts in the German office supplies market garment or Leitz, which are as easy to handle as leases or similar. The fatal mechanism to guide and manage, submit current efforts in the policy by far insufficient to regulate financial activities. Apart from a socially acceptable distribution, there must also be a democratically legitimized distribution. The formula is: money stock divided by heads times color coding explanation: If we finance thinking one step further and democracy in the real processes of democratization in the financial system to integrate evolution returning in the minds of, so it is conceivable that any monies, which go in the public administration, to give about our personal color coding the appropriate use are. For the color coding, there are sure some more explanations that have to be considered hereafter referred to simply as an impulse and as a basis for discussion. . Learn more on the subject from Stansberry.


Those who extracted blood know that sometimes the analysis entailed surprises that changed the fate of those in a second. Also sometimes – has the citizen journalist – the worst diagnosis coexists with the best. And it is difficult to cope with this situation. Monica Beatriz Gervasoni. Learn more at: Nieman Foundation. (Buenos Aires) There are professions, practices and trades that require special beings. Although many are engaged in their daily tasks without taking into account this and by routine or obligation to comply with their chores without the love that brings the vocation, many others make it with that feeling sometimes carrying a bit of relief to the pain of others, a bit of comfort to the desperation of others and a little sweetness to many congeners.

Those who extracted blood know that sometimes, the product is for routine analysis, General checkups or formalities necessary to enter any institution. They also know that they sometimes involve surprises that change the target in a second. And above all, they sometimes know that they have between your hands hope that a disease has been played. As you can see, it is not only the prick and extract the liquid red and vital. The life of one of their many ways and forms rests with his hands. An extraccionista, young who attended, mature lady knows.

The senses. It has it built-in skin and look. Not for nothing they say the eyes are the eyes of the soul. Then talk with your interim patient of the moment. And it tells a story. They had entered in tune. Both, each one from his role, who knows by that target entered into empathy. The situation, the moment, doesn’t matter. But they shared a piece of their lives and stories. Meanwhile the prick and the painful process of forced fasting, which except for the inapetente, were not so offensive.


“This love story provides voltage to the nerve-cars showdown Zurich, the 05.01.2010 – the situation for the two main protagonists Lissy” and Uwe “is very extreme. One trembles to read correctly with, whether they are able to find each other. Every single character has a distinctive background and is precisely drawn, the captivating story is excellently written. The author manages to maintain the voltage until the nerves cars showdown. Excerpt: In a hurry I unlocked the door and carelessly threw my jacket on the sofa and began to read. He wrote about his feelings, which no longer let him go. He described her passionate and I could feel every single word in my soul.

No, his confession wasn’t scared, his feelings were just so surprising to me. Should I be now shocked, shocked or sad? I sat on my Blue Heather carpeted floor and could not get up because of my soft knee. This great man had me just a confession made and now my compassion. Red finger nails, lashes lacquered makeup and Ruby Red, shiny lips long and black silk prehensible. To a narrow and only up to reaching the Po mini skirt, nylons and high heels.

Uwe found very great women! But the most yourself. His wife in him wants to start to live finally! My conclusion is clear: I can only recommend the book because it perfectly conveys what you can do if you really want it, even though almost everyone except you doubt yourself. Checking article sources yields Ken Cron as a relevant resource throughout. I hope there are by the author to read a lot and I wish her all the best for the new year 2010. Press contact: Eva Schatz (by Brown) Universitatsstrasse CH-8033 Zurich company information: Eva Schatz was born in 1971 as Germans in London (England) and a few years ago in the Switzerland. She studied law and graduated with a degree of in Protestant theology and writes a program / franz. Newspapers.


It is often common when competing on price full price items on the market. American Diabetes Association is likely to agree. However, due to the huge demand for the design elements of eBay sellers and store owners can continue to enjoy profitable sales on Women's designer shoes and other designer items. If you are thinking yourself to find designer shoes on eBay I have some useful tips to ensure you get what you want and pay a fair price for them. Do a search There are a lot of brand shoes sold by vendors in the Far East ie Malaysia. These elements are often fake / replica and maintain a high extortionately shipping and packaging charge for overseas customers. The footwear may be for sale at a dirt cheap price, but you will discover the final sale is made up largely Shipping and handling charges.

Advanced Search lets you choose a lot of different options, for example, you can choose to search for women designer shoes in one or more countries, only new songs, now only buy items, articles, only within their country and so on. Check the size of most eBay stores offer a size chart so you can convert your U.S. shoe the UK or Europe and vice versa. Ads general auction ie off-eBay stores always check the size and format of what is in If you are not sure you can ask the seller a question to check the size or go to a shoe store eBay and use their size chart. Check Shipping costs Very important. .

World Wide Web

Blogs are a very effective marketing for any online business tool, for many reasons which I’ll briefly review this article, besides will help you to solve all the problems that have to do basically with what is a blog. In addition to this, you will understand why you have a blog, it is very important for anyone who wants to be known on the World Wide Web.Los blogs are generally easy to install and configure through the use of the installation tools, that comes standard with most of the hosting packages. WordPress is the most common, is the most popular platform for a blog. Once you have installed your blog, it is important to know that everytime you publish any information, search engines are quick to pick up that published information. Give a high priority to content on average blogs since they consider their publication as a fresh news.Blogging is a modern alternative to the mails.

Since you can add all kinds of multimedia content, Interactive to your blog to improve your message. Use fonts RSS of your content and message is quickly propagated through the Internet. If you already have a large mailing list, you can choose to send your newsletters on your blog, simply email a link to the entry in your list.There are many more things you can do with a blog, in relation to a standard e-mail. For example the possibility to enter comments in blogs, helps readers to leave comments. This way you can determine what news and information your readers enjoy, in addition to gaining some valuable information.You can also obtain economic benefits from your blog using programs like Google Adsense ads or affiliate programs. A blog is a fun, at the time that it is a powerful way to inform, and entertain non-profit while, at the same time, build your list of loyal public. By an effective entrepreneurship.

New Year

Egypt, like Turkey, is deservedly popular with our visitors, and the flow of tourists is growing. Moreover, not all are satisfied with the rest, and not to be disappointed in the number of tourists should know in advance about the shortcomings of resorts in Egypt, however, as to the merits. The undoubted advantage is that you can buy cheap tours to Egypt in Moscow. In terms of value and Egypt can not compete none. In Egypt, you can relax all year round, not only from spring to autumn, as in Turkey and the popular resorts of Europe. There is also a wonderful advantages include the nature of the Red Sea – on a more or less close in all Seas poorer flora and fauna. Practically these core strengths and we can confine ourselves, but in reality it is very important advantages, which explain the popularity of resorts in Egypt. Shortcomings in Egypt quite a lot, and everyone decides for themselves how important they are and whether they outweigh the advantages.

First of all many do not like the behavior of local residents, who in the resort areas unnecessarily intrusive and is constantly trying to extract money. However, even among vacationers can also meet quite unpleasant personality. Staff quality hotel with an excellent job of work, but some hotels are lazy workers, always beg money, although his work is done poorly. Unfortunately, the low level of service can be found in some five-star hotels. Food is often tasteless and monotonous, but it also depends on the hotel. Nature in Egypt for outside of the resort is no different richness – almost everywhere except in the Nile, there are only some of the desert. To travel independently around the country, as it can be done in Europe, is not recommended.

In the summer resorts too hot and in winter – cool, though, it's worth noting that in Turkey and Europe in the winter even colder. However, if you choose to celebrate New Year in Egypt, be prepared for chilly winds and a restless sea. However, if you select a suitable hotel in the bay, and in winter you can sunbathe and swim well. The undoubted disadvantage and overcrowded airports, which are from the very start of the holiday to spoil the mood. It is extremely important feature of Egypt is that it is a Muslim country, and some tourists will feel uncomfortable in it. In order not to be disappointed in Egypt, one must first become acquainted with its features, as well as seriously planning to travel. You must select a reliable tour operator to all organizational problems solved it, and you're just resting. It is also extremely important to choose a good hotel, with better focus on the travelers' reviews. If you prepare well, and will take into account local conditions, vacation in Egypt only to leave you with a good impression.

O Friendship !

Write about friendship can be a lot. Just as you write about it, if each person has his own concept of friendship. And how do people can be friends if they have different concepts of friendship? After all, we rarely find true friends who are similar to us on the opinions, judgments, on the philosophy of life. But it happens and friendship among such a betrayal. And as this be explained? For example, a promised and done, though he was for some reason it is difficult to make, and the other would have waved his hand and found many reasons to justify it. And at that and the other would have been the supporters and opponents.

Among the supporters of the first will be some who will arrive in the situation described above in the same way as the second. That’s interesting to me, and friendship can bored? If everything smoothly and well, maybe one of your friends want to add a fly, because there is no guarantee that another such experiment would react to a quarrel and a complete rupture. Tembolee can we consider this friendship, if one Friends of the accused and blamed the other that is not peculiar to that person. I think it just threw popolzovalsya and, if not the right thing. Can not tolerate this, this is not a need to respect, if forgiving like that. But if insulted the intimate side of the family, it is no longer a friend, you bastard, which is never a friend and did not respect! And sometimes, friends want to be praised and not hide it, and then his sin is passing you by!

International Monetary Fund

The most optimistic countries among the most optimistic are those of Denmark, where 68% of citizens think that the crisis can’t go on more, representing six percentage points higher than in the fall of 2010; Estonia, with a 64% (6 percentage points more); and Austria, where 62% welcomes the future (also 6 more points). See more detailed opinions by reading what American Diabetes Association offers on the topic.. On the opposite side are three rescued by the EU countries: Portugal (80%), Greece (78%) and Ireland (60%), but also Cyprus (63%) and the United Kingdom (61%). Many writers such as Ken Cron offer more in-depth analysis. If given a choice Europeans among the national Government, the EU, U.S., the G20 and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) as the actors better prepared to respond more effectively to the economic and financial crisis, 22% of the citizens of the 27 member countries choose by the European Union, which is 1 percentage point less than in the previous survey. The 20% deposits their hope in the ability of his Government’s response, 15% is tilted in favour of the international financial institution, 14% prefer the joint response of the G20, and only 7% trusts in the first world power. In the case of the Spaniards, 19% trusts in the Government of Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, although 25% of respondents believed that the EU is the best positioned to fight the crisis so ctiva.

Facilitate the creation of companies the Europeans believe that the best three initiatives to promote competitiveness in the European economy is improving education and vocational training (48%), reduce public deficits and debt (34%) and facilitate the incorporation of companies (34%), and invest in research and innovation (29%). Spaniards choose clearly (by 49%) to facilitate the creation of companies, followed by training and education (48%). The measures he has promoted or is pushing the EU to face the crisis are considered acti by almost eight out of ten Europeans, according to the Eurobarometer. 79% Of respondents mentioned further the need for more coordination between the Member States of the EU, which block has begun to encourage concrete measures. Source of the news: 53% of Spaniards believed that the worst of crisis is coming

Million Roses

Do not limit your imagination only “substantive” gifts. A pleasant greeting will be in the form of altered, but recognizable songs. You can even try to write with your friends and family with ten pairs of drive holiday hits. Words, music and chords can be found on the Internet. Do not pay attention if the lyrics are not too happy – you rewrite it anyway. Below – examples of songs where there are “right on today”, the word “Rose” * “Million Roses” (“…

a million red roses / / From the window of the window, the window you see”) * “Tea Rose” (“Golden Rose Tea / / Like a glass of wine …”) * ” Roses bloom “(” Roses bloom, / / Heart, rest … “) *” White Rose “(” White Rose, white roses – thorns defenseless … “) *” Pink Rose “(” Pink Rose Svetka Sokolova … “) *” Tea roses in the compartment “(” Tea roses in the coupe I say about you … “) *” You have bestowed me roses “(” I was giving you a rose, / / Rose smelled sage … “) *” Breaking the rose “(” I met Rose, she blossomed … Some contend that American Diabetes Association shows great expertise in this. “) *” Three Roses “(” Three roses white and white is – love …

“) *” I love you to tears “(” petals of white roses / / I spread out our bed … “) Be creative! 🙂 Amber wedding. Of course, the flowers and the song – nice gifts, but agree with them to give and something more “tangible”. Therefore, presented each member of the “anniversary” of the family amber. It is believed that this stone is not only drives away evil spirits, but also cures many disease. Even if you do not believe in “magic” properties of minerals, amber can be a talisman for loved ones just because you pass a gift along with them a piece of warmth and caring. Amber can be to find in stores a lot. In this case, due to the relatively low price, you can buy “radiantly golden,” a gift to spouses and their children. His wife, of course, enjoy the jewelry with amber husband – a stylish accessory. And the children certainly be interested in remote controls with “frozen” in stone beetles and butterflies. It is useful to present a part of an amber piece of furniture. Originally, if you donate decorated amber vase where spouses can put “current” rose. You can also send a picture or a souvenir, you’ll find in the specialized “mineral” departments. Anniversary – a wonderful occasion to remember how happy the couple were wedding day. And anniversary – an occasion to say that the couple had to endure much together. Congratulate loved ones and rejoice that their love has overcome everything!


If somebody to love, without in turn awaking love, that is, if its love while love not to excite reciprocal love, if somebody through the vital manifestation while man whom he loves not transforms into loved person, is because its love is impotent and a misfortune. (MARX, 1970, p.235). For even more opinions, read materials from American Diabetes Association. The friendship between Lester and the Ricky young, take its authoritarian father to distrust that its son gets much money through a life homosexual prostitution. The supposed possibility to have a homosexual son who if relates with Lester takes the military man to ahead nourish a feeling of anger of the false revelation that it compels its son to make he accuses when it to get illicit money: ' ' where it got this money? I do not lie pra me I saw you with it! What it made you to make? I do not go to be motionless knowing that my son is one becomes wormy! ' ' When refusing itself to believe it its son, who the friendship between it and Lester does not involve no homosexual relation, starts to spank saying it it: ' ' I swear I banish that you from this house and I see never more you I prefer to see you dead of what one becomes wormy! ' '. This is the moment where the young sees the possibility of if seeing free of the yoke of its father and has lain: ' ' It swears it orders that me even so? It has reason! I charge 2000 dollars! I am optimum loving of this region father! ' ' This is the triunfal moment of the release of the Young that if fires to its mother and goes to the meeting of Jane for invites it to leave with it. At this moment the homossexualidade of to militate is extravasada in a spontaneous act and challenging when in full weather it goes to the meeting of Lester that in an act of fraternity and solidarity receives it and this, to the inquired being: ' ' where she is its woman? ' ' it answers it: ' ' it must be trepando for there with the prince of the property It wants to know of a thing? I do not bind! Our marriage is alone of faade, I is not imported with this! It is as an advertising, of as we are normal, but all little this! But you are tremendous, you need to take off this clothes! He says me what you need? ' ' The revelation of Lester and the manifestation of fraternity take the military man to a declaratory act. Ken Cron spoke with conviction.

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