Haiti Tragedy

Haiti child Gallegos then that in Haiti the dead buried their dead from the rubble who survived walked as dead in life, receiving the charitable solidarity human interventionism and the occupation military, because when it has been victim of colonialism, nothing better than helmets blue UN and marines los from USA, will hear say: vale later which was never, as an anthem among the dilapidated buildings and the crushed bodies, paying the orphans of children with the Rapture and the adoption of an expectant mother to Angelie Jolie. After that in Haiti the living buried their dead from the dead, taking them out of the rubble as those who were no longer bodies but mounds of meat and bones rotting outdoors, because there is no more place in the devastated graveyards of memory and oblivion, they were taken to mounds to bury them in graves’s history. A tremor in another poem, another poem in a tremor in the memory of the Haitian poet, Evelyne Trouillot: The quivering of our breath scatters petals prisoners of the hand that Withers would keep time in a memory without sinking or tremors and find the virginity of hope where no die darkened mothers of destroyed dreams of broken children of buried sorrows of thousand stories that nobody will say only this memory full of tears. Will not be enough three years for Islanders crowd of the dead memory, because on every mirror in human tremor flowers will be trembling in the winged petals of remembrance, paying in a devastated country gardens cirios of powder with shovels of Earth in the desert streets where once loneliness and poverty, the sweat of slaves and the chain of the releasedthe city sunny islands of black clouds, crossing them Sun with his solar knives and pirates, because the Kingdom of this world Alejo Carpentier, seems Ti Noel converses with the mulatto Obama democratic, with the colonialist Sarkozy, with the model of ebony Naomi Campbell, with the multiracial chorus of We Are The World, with blue helmets and the Marines, saying: suffers, expected and works to people who will never know and that in turn will suffer, will wait and will work for others, that neither will be happy, because man always craves happiness located beyond the portion that is awarded.