Beyond these humilhaes that the people comes passing, he also appears the problem of super capacity, patients in the corridors of the hospitals due to stream beds in precarious situations running the risk to catch a serious infection in contact with hospital garbage, dirty bathrooms at last a total abandonment. The hospitals today are not giving more assistance that in human being we need this to them has that to finish! Its governing in general go to invest more in the health, education, sport and others are important, but the health also is, needs to have health to practise sport, needs to have health to study and for other ends. It has that to change this situation Brazilian we do not support more. This cannot continue cad the money of our taxes that are highest? For where it is going? They speak that they are repassing alone speak Bad will be that the repassed money this being same for these ends? Or this entering in the pocket of corrupt politicians or other tubares of necktie? They are these and other questions becoming vacant for air without no reply. Money rivers are being deviated and nobody knows you are welcome, nobody saw swims. All we need in them hospitals to take care of of our diseases and our families, we depend on these institutions to survive.

But as vocs politicians in general they gain stuffed wages, has highest plans of health they do not depend on public hospitals, they can pay particular, little they import for vocs itself we die in lines of hospitals or not. But this has that to move, trusts ours the vocs stops representing in them, to work and to bring in general optimum for our Brazil, to obtain resources for our cities. We go to raise this back one of the chair and to work of truth, to make to happen not to be alone in the promise. Governor goes to manage with more seriousness our money and our country, and to invest more in the health that this precarious one. We cannot more life in this abandonment, we are human beings we deserve respect.