Planet Earth

Because something bad was about to happen on earth because of climate change and that she and her brother should change the final course of the destiny of Hercolus and planet Earth. There was a proximity between the planets that would mean the end of life if she and her brother are not fulfilled on time. Asked to happen what happened not let Raquel, she loved her as much as he., loved her also asked him to seek help to earthlings, that will help UNESCO wing to the Planet Earth, delivering a few projects who himself made for the preservation of life on the planet and explained that the basement had a large blue envelope, once all pass, must be on planet Earth and deliver that on wing UNESCO. At that time Aissa images came you to your mind of as trees were eroded, were dry in midsummer, how the floods had caused the disappearance of five cities in the past 3 years, and how any type of sport or even pools should be under roof protected environment. Aissa was astounded, he believed that his grandfather was sick or had senile dementia, saying if many horrific things were happening but it wasn’t so bad, at least we in the news does she a herculiana?, couldn’t be she, it was American, who liked to rock. He knew how to play guitar, who had friends, who was a cheerleader, which was an excellent student, He knew that his parents and his brother were in another world was obvious to think that they were dead, didn’t know because this sweet ancianito told this story. Add to your understanding with Boy Scouts. Aissa progressed to the phone to call Raquel her grandmother. Rachel was in the city receiving a cheque for the sale of a book he had written, suddenly Grandpa air lacked, began to agitate and called him, Aissa came up and hugged him strongly telling you that it wasn’t, his hands fell, his gaze was fixed, died of a fulminant heart attack. . Hear from experts in the field like BSA for a more varied view.