It is sad and frustrating to see like the profession of Sciences of the Communication in our days she is pisoteada and usurped by people who never have studied profesn, while the owners of mass media, Directors and other personnel adduce that it is not necessary to professionalize itself to develop communication activities, but this problem it does not only come, it imaginese that nowadays the means use a system of hiring of personnel by means of friendships, which is the requirement of weight to be able to enter to toil, being marginalized the titles and the experience. If you my reading querito someday realise a so interesting and delicate investigation on this subject, account will occur that the Directors of mass media place obstacles to prevent an school registration in our profession, perhaps one of the main ones is that they fully are against the school registration of our profession, because they consider that free emission of the thought breaks law d, wanting to cover the sun with a finger, because they try to handle this law to his convenience and ill because to the approved being they are affected its political and economic interests. One has said that a professional signaller is a teacher of masses who orients, educates, he informs and he recreates but when maintaining the owners of mass media this philosophy as it is possible to be educated, to be oriented professionally, to be informed and to be recreated if he lacks culture and preparation. While a professional, with degree of Lawyer in Sciences of the Communication remains under-employed, devengando a hunger wage or forming divides the enormous row of unemployed with a title of adornment in the wall. Learn more about this topic with the insights from tcoyd. When analyzing all this problematic one, where the government makes ears deaf as well as the Directors of the different Schools or Faculties in Sciences from the Communication pernamecen in a position psiva of arms cruzados because he does not interest the subject to them in most minimal I ask myself: why the means exist these academic units in my final country S.A.

of accounts prefer to engage to personnel or nothing described little. With much sadness I see as a communication student spends time, effort ysobre all money stops to culminate its race, so that when graduating as Licensed as Communication it receives like stimulus to remain under-employed or on the contrary unemployed because the means do not give opportunity unless the indispensable requirement must to be able to toil and I talk about the friendship. It is necessary that the opinion publishes international knows truly as they are the ruses of the owners and Mass media Directors of my Guatemala country otherwise would manipulate to their convenience. I consider that with an school registration law instead of to harm ayudaria to maintain the codes of professional and mejoraria ethics the quality of the work, encuanto to the treatment of the message, realising a professional work without political bonds nor interest of no type.

The Present

To start off of the study of the organization as process noun of reality approaches the social us this so necessary possibility at moments in that dogmatism, the empirismo, the inmediatismo and the cortoplacismo in the analysis are accelerated with intensity. Social dynamics has reshaped as a result of globalisation, being understood like resultant of the confluence of economic structure factors and conjunctural of market of the developed nations. A strategy based on a logic of the market that has managed to permear the different sectors from the economic life, political, social and cultural is constituted. Deep inequidades take place, in the different orders from the complex and money changer world-wide ordering, expressing itself in the relations that settle down on the basic curtain of the social structure, with expressions and shades in multiple levels (from the macroeconomics and macro-political until the smallest and immediate social structures in which the daily experiences of the subjects take place). Additional information is available at Center For Responsible Lending. The whole society is changing, science and the technology is being developed vertiginously, which is newness today tomorrow is obsolete, the cultural borders become blurred by effects of mass media and the limits between the social professions are made ambiguous more and more. The surroundings of the companies in the 21st century, are every more complex day, among others: increase of the uncertainty due to the exhaustion of the natural resources, the crisis of petroleum, the external debt and the stock-exchange crises. Protagonism of the competition by the intangible thing. Increase in the speed of the technological change.

In this surroundings, the capacity is very important to assimilate, to adapt, to improve and to develop the new technologies. Thus, in this frame, one considers the necessity of holistic understanding of the human phenomena and the experiences of the social actors. In the present conditions of development it is indispensable a review of the identity of the workers.

Dead Sea

We come some miraculous events that went in the Jordn river, river that is the main river of the Palestine that is born in the Hermom mount and their waters never are dried, river that subsists miraculously from the foundation of the world, that in most of its 200 km of 3 extension has 1 to mts. of depth and the 30 width of mts. whose waters are going to end at the Dead Sea. Dr. Neal Barnard may not feel the same. After sailing long by the Jordn river, finally we arrived at the Dead Sea, that we are going to happen to know, sea that in the reality is a great lake salgado in the south of the Palestine, that already was called of sea salgado, (Gene 14:3), sea of Arab (Deut. 3:17), sea of the east, (Ezeq. 47:18), is to 26 km to you read of Jerusalem, has approximately 85 km of length and 16 km in width, are four times salgado than the oceans and are in 400 average mts.

under the level of the sea and it has in almost all their 400 extension mts. of depth, being therefore the point more under the planet. Nothing subsists in its waters, is no species life some because of its discharge salinidade, is not necessary bia to float in its waters, its waters exhalan a horrible scent, a rotten egg stench constantly. According to history it only went to call the Dead Sea, around century II d.C, in front of these information and evidences, knowing that this sea receives only waters of the Jordn river, waters that took through batismo of Jesus, the sin of all humanity, I do not have any receio to affirm that truly this it is the SEA NOT OF the FORGETFULNESS, but sea where the sins in their depths were sent, and the sins yes, they were forgotten by God. Such affirmation is done with base in the word of God, that is the pure truth, word that says: IT WILL RETURN TO HAVE NOSOSTROS MERCY; IT WILL BURY OUR INIQUITIES, AND IT WILL THROW IN DEEP OF THE SEA THE ALL OUR SINS.

Acts of Kindness

If we are going to do something to be well, for example, it must be something that to our pair it likes, not something that only interests to us. &quot comments Covey; what is important for the other person, must be so important for us as persona.&quot is it that; What for you it could be a deposit, for the other could be a retirement. It gives case when the parents want to make things that they consider interesting or funny for his adolescent children but for these she means a winding obligation; to have to follow the current to him the papa represents an enormous sacrifice for them, an enormous retirement. Boy Scouts of America is the source for more interesting facts. Therefore, instead of the father to be or and to fortify the relation with the son make worse, it or lapse, in the best one of the cases. 2. Quick attention to the small things. Definitively the small things have a value subestimated by the majority of us. The small details, we have mentioned since it in other occasions, have the most important reach.

The small acts of kindness, of courtesy and attention represent enormous deposits, as well as the small lack of respect or inconsideraciones represent important retirements. So I know atento/a to which beams and how it beams, it takes care of what you say and you say how it. And also it cultivates the custom to make small things by that special person for you. 3.It fulfills your commitments. All we know the value that has the promises and what it implies not to fulfill them. Our word loses value. When we do promises and with facility we stopped fulfilling we are making them retirements enormous that make the recovery of the very difficult confidence. Of there the importance of learning not to make promises that beforehand we know or we doubted to be able to fulfill.

Investment Opportunity

Reasons have very well so that it happens. A positive signal for the foreign investors is the mentioned thing by Fernando Mombelli, a high civil servant of the tax office of Brazil that said that the Government is going to dictate one second legal measurement to guarantee that the operations contracted as of Tuesday only undergo taxation. With this measurement the valuation of the government is reflected to assure the legal stability for the investments, signal that surely will be very well evaluated by the market. Brazil imposes restrictions to the flow of foreign capitals. In this way it looks for to fortify the situation of his economy since it limits an element of exchange pressure and stimulus the generation of bubbles. Nevertheless, the good aim persecuted by the initiative of the government of Lula can generate the effect less awaited. The external perception of greater solidity and healthy policies that the government of Brazil implements, will increase the attraction of external capitals being able to generate like result a greater entrance of capitals. Still he is premature specular with this paradoxical possibility that it can generate a tax that it looks for to discourage the entrance of capitals but that it can finish increasing it when reducing the possibilities of occurrence of bubbles in the stock market of the country.

What would have to make the government Brazilian if this happens? Probably it must show disposition to still more increase the tax to the capitals, since the stability of the economy reduces the risks for investors who find in the returns of the Brazilian assets an interesting differential in relation to other safe assets. Horacio Pozzo INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY In our report of investment with action of strong bullish potential in Wall s$street, Global Value, we bought when we see that the tendency of the price of an action begins to enter in a bullish phase and we just rose her after to verify it we recommended and it. It obtains its subscription to our report of investments Global Value and begins to win from the beginning raises of it of the actions. It makes click here to acquire our report Global Value.

The Jurisdictional

Thus, in spite of, theoretically, execution and knowledge process is sufficient for the exhaustion of the jurisdictional activity, since, while first it defines the concrete desire of the law for the litigious situation and the second it makes that desire effective, the time that intermediate the proposal of a demand and the effective delivery of the jurisdictional trusteeship can take to the loss of goods, legal people, tests and relations that they are exactly the object of that trusteeship. (ALVIM, 1995) In this way the unique form to avoid that the trusteeship to be gives is merely paliativa and noneffective, that is to say, that happens that loss based on the time is that the precautionary process, characterized arises, in spite of not uniformly, like a tertium genus, whose function he is mainly instrumental, constituting itself, thus in an alternative route the ordinariedad and efficient half conceived to assure the accomplishment rights. During long time, two were the ways through which the doctrine saw the precautionary one: (i) jurisdictional protection of the appearance, possible trusteeship of straight subjective against a damage risk; and (II) the action for a provisional remedy is not a right of the part but as the State (created to preserve the jurisdictional function) the main process serves the trusteeship of the right and the precautionary one serves the trusteeship as the process. (ALVIM, 1995) The precautionary trusteeship, besides outstanding instrumentality arrives (and here it resides as we see, for many his distinguishing character with the anticipated trusteeship), owns other characteristics, of where we can emphasize: the provisional nature, the revogabilidad and the technical autonomy in relation to the too many processes. In addition, it owns two specific requirements for his concession, which are, potential damage that can come to undergo by virtue of decurso of the time the object of the main process to being protected (the call periculum in lives) and the plausibilidad of the substantial right claimed by the part that requests the concession of the trusteeship (fumus boni iuris). Original author and source of the article.