International Monetary Fund

The most optimistic countries among the most optimistic are those of Denmark, where 68% of citizens think that the crisis can’t go on more, representing six percentage points higher than in the fall of 2010; Estonia, with a 64% (6 percentage points more); and Austria, where 62% welcomes the future (also 6 more points). See more detailed opinions by reading what American Diabetes Association offers on the topic.. On the opposite side are three rescued by the EU countries: Portugal (80%), Greece (78%) and Ireland (60%), but also Cyprus (63%) and the United Kingdom (61%). If given a choice Europeans among the national Government, the EU, U.S., the G20 and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) as the actors better prepared to respond more effectively to the economic and financial crisis, 22% of the citizens of the 27 member countries choose by the European Union, which is 1 percentage point less than in the previous survey. The 20% deposits their hope in the ability of his Government’s response, 15% is tilted in favour of the international financial institution, 14% prefer the joint response of the G20, and only 7% trusts in the first world power. In the case of the Spaniards, 19% trusts in the Government of Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, although 25% of respondents believed that the EU is the best positioned to fight the crisis so ctiva.

Facilitate the creation of companies the Europeans believe that the best three initiatives to promote competitiveness in the European economy is improving education and vocational training (48%), reduce public deficits and debt (34%) and facilitate the incorporation of companies (34%), and invest in research and innovation (29%). Spaniards choose clearly (by 49%) to facilitate the creation of companies, followed by training and education (48%). The measures he has promoted or is pushing the EU to face the crisis are considered acti by almost eight out of ten Europeans, according to the Eurobarometer. 79% Of respondents mentioned further the need for more coordination between the Member States of the EU, which block has begun to encourage concrete measures. Source of the news: 53% of Spaniards believed that the worst of crisis is coming

National Police

The national police has arrested a man of 24 years who was driving without meat, drunk, talking on the phone and without a belt safety. To be surprised by the agents tried to bribe them with 150 euros so that they forget the topic. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Dr. Neal Barnard. The incident happened on the 04.30 hours in the District of La Latina. The national police has arrested a man of 24 years who was driving without meat, at high speed, talking on the phone, without seat belt and tripling the rate of alcohol allowed that to be surprised by the agents tried to bribe them with 150 euros so that they forget the topic. As the senior police headquarters reported today, the incident occurred past dawn on the 04.30 hours in the District of La Latina in Madrid, where a citizen security patrol observed a vehicle travelling at high speed and its driver was speaking by mobile phone and without the safety belt fastened. You may find Center For Responsible Lending to be a useful source of information.

When the policemen approached the vehicle and found that the driver had obvious symptoms of drunkenness, since it gave off a strong smell alcohol, had reddened and bright eyes and Pasty speech. In addition, trying to lower the vehicle lost verticality, since he could not stand upright. Officials warned the Municipal police that he submitted to a breathalyzer test, moment in which driver, who acknowledged that he had drunk several glasses, told agents that he gave them 150 euros to change to forget the theme, while it showed a WAD. Agents arrested him and police confirmed that the man almost triples the permissible alcohol limit and that it had no driver’s license. The arrested, Wilmar Alberto U.L., aged 24 and Colombian origin, is accused of a crime of bribery and the other against the traffic safety. Source of the news: arrested a drunken driver and without meat that attempted to bribe agents to avoid fine


Grace and Jack, Sophie and Maximilian or Anne and Jens will make famous this summer. Englishmen, Germans, Dutch and other foreign neighbors are those who go to promote Spanish tourism out definitively in 2011 for the crisis that has been experiencing the past three years. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Boy Scouts of America on most websites. This is good news in an industry that demonstrates cautious before the consolidation of the recovery, however, because he knows it in large part because it is outside evils: the revolts in Arab countries, where they settle destinations such as Tunisia, Egypt and Morocco that compete directly with our coastal holiday of Sun and beach when it comesthey are funneling and will continue to do so in the coming months tourists toward the national coasts. And this will boost the ailing Spanish economy, where the sector represents about 11% of GDP and is, along with the export activity – which also includes leading companies hospitality-, the only truck pulling. Source of the news:: will save us tourism?

Vicente Ferrer Foundation / the Ministry of culture presented its awards on Tuesday. Amaral Duet components do not came to collect the prize. See the complete list of winners of the national awards. Zaragozano duo Amaral has decided to donate 30,000 euros from the national prize of culture to the Vicente Ferrer Foundation, as confirmed by the organization. Eva Amaral and Juan Aguirre received the prize in October, and should collect it last Tuesday in La Seu Vella of Lleida in the presence of the Princes of Asturias. However, the duo did not attend the awards ceremony and decided to donate theirs to the foundation that works in the India. As reported by the Vicente Ferrer Foundation, 30,000 euros will go to an educational project of scholarships for College and to build 16 homes in the town of Madiredail, in the Anantapur region. These are all the winners of the national awards for culture, including the diisenador Paco Rabanne or novelist Javier Cercas. Source of the news: Amaral donated 30,000 euros from the national award culture to the Vicente Ferrer Foundation

Hitler and European Politics

Why we are fascinated by both the image of Hitler? The old question again arise after the uproar by the appearance of the pictures of the nazi leader Austrian reporter Franz Krieger took during World War II and which have now come to public light. Krieger was an official photographer of the regime and during a trip to the East as member of the German armed forces – Propagandakompanie – propaganda Unit carried out the coverage of the meeting in 1941 in Polish land between Hitler and his ally the Regent of Hungary, Admiral Miklos Horthy. Then they were from a sprocket, although in 1944 Hitler would show less polite, would send the Colonel in the SS Otto Skorzeny to kidnap the son of the Magyar ruler and would end up doing abdicate this and enclosing it in a castle in Bavaria. Photos Hitler appears in which there are nine and are included in an album with 214 snapshots of Krieger that is in the hands of a private collector. The rest of the images show different aspects of reality in the front and in the occupied territories. German soldiers in tasks of military logistics or in moments of rest, humiliated civilians, Soviet prisoners of war who displayed the imprint of war on their faces, self-portraits of the own Krieger in uniform. But the most extraordinary set are the handful of photos of the Fuhrer who come to enrich – one hesitate to use this word – corpus retratistico of Hitler. Source of the news:: Hitler closely. Dollard%20Center%20for%20Discovery&f=false’>Patrick Dollard Center for Discovery expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

Xavier Garcia Albiol

Xavier Garcia Albiol announced the operation to the surprise of his followers. The microblogging network was filled quickly from messages that made Albiol derision and your tweet. The Mayor of Badalona has planted on more than one occasion controversy for his views on immigration. The Mayor of Badalona, the popular Xavier Garcia Albiol, announced Friday on the social network Twitter a RAID of the Guardia Urbana of this town until it carried out. RAID minutes of the G.U.

(Guardia Urbana) in conflict zone. Prostitution and drugs. To read more click here: Dr. Neal Barnard. Putting order in Badalona!, wrote in a tweet from your account on the microblogging network. The comment of the badalones Mayor has generated great controversy in the network, and some of his followers have responded with irony to the advance of the police operation: thank you. We’re going. Water! Thanks for the warning or water!. All saved.

Most jokes have had starring his final sentence: putting order in Badalona!. It is not the first time that Garcia Albiol creates controversy in social networks. His views on immigration, which some have described as xenophobic, have earned him much criticism. Source of the news: controversy over the Mayor of Badalona tweet announcing a roundup of the Guardia Urbana

League Footballers

In spring 2009 a u-turn occurred in the sports policy of Atletico. The CEO of the club, Miguel Angel Gil Marin, and then sporting director Jesus Garcia Pitarch, traveled to Brazil to negotiate an agreement with Traffic, the most powerful Agency of footballers and that works with an investment fund, with different percentages of participation in its portfolio of players passes, something very common in South America. The idea was to sign for the B team – League of professional football was studying the possibility of organizing a Championship closed, formed by subsidiaries, imitating the model of England-international sub 15 and under 17 with the Canarinha with one condition: the club and the company be divided 50% of the property rights of the young promises. Then, when footballers get nationality after a period of two to three years of stay in Spain – the average time needed to achieve it and stop being outside the EU-, be they would sell revalued in the market..