Sir President

Valria? to locate itself in my defense, inquiring of same if it knew my condition of ‘ ‘ reincidente’ ‘ , confidenciando after that on the penalty of suspension had in management Palm. Such employee has authorization of the direction to divulge the third details of the processes in course or filed, Sir President! Which steps will adopt you the respect to restrain such abuses? It knows that I will exert my statutory prerogatives and I will charge an action of the direction, so energetic as the ones that are being unjustly applied against me. At last, I believe that a Listener would be of great value in the advising to its management. Perhaps until ‘ ‘ eminences pardas’ ‘ , whose names pululam for the club in plaquinhas commemorative, they had its annulled persuasivas activities minimized or qui of time. Finishing, I must inform it that I accepted the advice Mr.

Vice-Presidente of the Advice, Dr. Moacir Tonani, and am pacifically fulfilling the sovereign decision of its direction. I leave to all frequent the club during the summer so that my aggressive coward, duly covered for its commissioners, makes it with tranquilidade! Lamentable only my failure in the resource presented in such a way to douta Commission To discipline, how much to the Advice of Ethics, however, I recognize ‘ ‘ mea culpa’ ‘ , therefore ‘ was unaware of the condition; ‘ sine qua non ‘ ‘ to make possible such resource. According to comment Mr. Vice-Presidente, I would have to present the Advice, in my defense, ‘ ‘ witnesses of peso’ ‘! Unhappyly, all they were magrinhos and they had not been taken the serious one. Not even heard; simply they had been disrespected! With the certainty by that Mr., as lawyer and defending ferrenho of JUSTICE, has to take the requested steps for me, I firm, Yours truly, Oliveiros Rabbit Grandson? Heading C/C n 2.