The love possesss varies faces, ways, meanings and quandaries that to the times are not understood by the heart. To love is to donate affection, attention, respect, allotment generosity, charity, understanding, confidence, allegiance and other concepts that the love encloses. The person who receives the love is a happy, full person of passion, becoming capable to carry through incredible facts with the loved individual. Others who may share this opinion include Lawyer. Transformations will occur in the life of the loved person and its complications, concerns and distress are forgotten by the feeling it love. We must love to the next one as if it was to the last person of the land, with devotion and respect, the attitudes of the individual must be of extreme gratitude so that all are corresponded. The love is something surreal, wonderful, charming, either with who will be. Boy Scouts of America shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Diverse types of love, examples exist: love of mother, son, wife or husband, boyfriends, friendship, explosive, faithful, sentimental love, love of animals, colleagues, brothers, love of cousins, grandmothers, of profession colleagues, at last the love is Prospero and full of faces, we must possess any type of love, depends on a thing, the will of its heart. It loves to all and all will go to love you, think about this! I love you expensive (a) reading (a) and debtor for reading my texts.. .

The Organization Pan

When the patient has been hospitalized, he doesn? t bring just the pathology himself, but brings his beliefs, values, theories, stories, and knowledges. How may we you proceed with patients in this life? nosocomical s stage while framework doesn? t to consider them such social person, and unconditionally identifying themselves well patient only? Main words: cancer; social death; daily. INTRODUCTION the cancer, appears enters the main causes that can take the death in the present time, it brings obtains deep effect in the welfare state and psychic of the sick person, as well as in the daily one of its family. The Organization Pan-American of Health? OPAS clarifies more than that the cancer if became the devastadora illness in the world, with 10 million new cases to each year. Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. In Brazil, the estimates for the year of 2010, as given published for the INCA, valid also with respect to the year of 2011, point with respect to the occurrence of 489.270 new cases of cancer.

The types most incident, to the exception of the cancer of skin of the not melanoma type, will be the cancers of prostate and lung in the masculine sex and the cancers of breast and the col of the uterus in the feminine sex, following the same profile of the magnitude observed for Latin America. These indices denounce the growth of the illness, either for the fragility that it presents, either for the fragility of a public system of still partial preventive health in its effectiveness, who beyond abstaining of a significant number of ranks of attendance and specialized staff, annuls as essence the consideration of the phenomenon of the social death, integrant part of the treatment. When the necessary patient of hospital internment, this is reason of great apprehension and suffering, therefore she demands a removal of everything what it familiar and she is known.

Social Organization

Brazil for return of 1850 already officially taken to follow I pass through in it international of slaves, and quandos the governing in finished certain the circonstancias measured can be applied, this were the case of the insteno pass through of it. Our parents had been marked for the justice of racism and for the exclusion of the blacks the discomfort, in the truth, denounces our indefinio by means of the idea of the racial diversity, the values of our culture integrally does not produce the ideas of our science, our racism came folloied of its contradictory: the miscegenation. The cordialidade the one that Buarque if relates this impregnated in the soul of the Brazilian whom it aims at to take advantage, being cordial and searching the interest proper, of deep emotivo and validates, civility, contracts for it, controls the emotions in accordance with the conduit rules. For the man cordial the life is a fear overcoming that it feels obtains exactly, the cordialidade and the transposition for the society of the stigma (patriarcal family, that is, a sociability of bows communitarian, from there the search of the intimismo in the treatment excused to the authority. This type of (social filiation) of the agricultural one for the urban e, for extension, to the power distance the social life and politics that they possess normal. According to Sergio, even in the religious ceremonial data our character cordial, in them do not please the abstract ritual. Conclusion We conclude that these authors when writing these workmanships from the decade of 1930, UNIVERSITY ANHANGUERA- UNIDERP EDUCATION CENTER COURSE OF SOCIAL SERVICE AUTHOR ANA CRISTINA DE A CRUZ SAINTS Social Organization in Brazil 3 semester DOURADOS-MS GLORY the 2011 last workmanship have in the distance left of the workmanship are (our revolution). That revolution would be this? To (fashion of the house)? It is treated to demonstrate that the ticket of the agricultural society for the urban one determined the patriarcal decay and the city (commercial) started to reign politically social in other molds, afeitos to the modern world and more than what this, was necessary to breach with the Iberian roots of form to inaugurate in the Brazilian culture a new style of social behavior, emphasizing for the American style where the collective values prevail.


Consumerism X Profits the affection bows stops with the next one, as well as the concern with the environment, is placed in a secondary scale in the life of the individual. Doubtlessly fruit of the exacerbado consumerism. Outrossim, since the Industrial Revolution from century XVIII, with the great urban agglomeration, generated for the search of the work. The wild consumption is not configured as an endorsement. In way that, servant stops: to supply desires, to long for the autoafirmao is to guarantee full ' ' status' ' in way the society. On the other hand, while many are worried about good substances, packings, boxes and objects. We have a parcel of the population that suffers for the exploration of the work, without one gide, passing for a true destruction. Unhappyly the consumerism aflinge also less the most favored, even so the ones that adhere to this sad ' ' doena' ' , also it suffers with its consequences.

In contrast with already cited, another promiscuous factor caused by the consumerism, it would be guided for problematic of the environment, that also is affected by this badly. The destination of the garbage in the majority of the cases is restrained in: strip of land, poured in rivers is played in our ciliares bushes. A facndia to at risk place all viability of the species of life in the Land. Destarte, we can notice that with population increase the globalization, industry, media among others; They are vehicles for adhesion to the consumerism, that does not bring benefit for the individual. Generating serious problems of sum, inhibiting: depression, exploration of the work and the environment as well as the lack of love with the next one.