The Arraial

Arriving, therefore, these lepers to the entrance of the arraial, had entered in a tent, and had from there eaten, drunk and taken silver, gold and clothes, and had been they had hidden and them; then they had come back, and they entered in another tent, and from there they had also taken some thing they had hidden and it. Official site: STEM Scholarship. Then they had said ones for the others: We do not make well; this good day is day of new, and we silence in them; if to wait until a light of the morning, some badly will supervene in them; therefore now we go, we will announce and it to the house of the king. They had come, therefore, and they bradaram to the doormans of the city, and they had announced, saying to them: We were to the arraial of the Syrians and here it is that there it did not have nobody, nor man voice, however horses only tied, jumentos tied, and the tents as they were. had called the doormans, they had inside announced and it of the house of the king. the king if raised of night, and said its servants: I will make now you to know what it is that the Syrians had made in them; they who esfaimados we are, for what well know they had left the arraial, to hide itself for the field, saying: When to leave the city, then we will take them livings creature, and we will enter in the city. Then one of its servants answered and said: Five of the horses are overcome, therefore, that remain here inside (here it is that they are as all the multitude of the Israelis who had been here; here it is that they are as all the multitude of the Israelis who already had perished) and let us send them, and let us see.

Perpetual Life

For being Roman citizen, he invoked the right of being judged and to have the chance to present its defense. Equally the Jesus Christ (Lucas 23,4), was not found nothing against it, after to present its defense; king Agripa said: ' ' …: This man nothing made worthy of death or arrest. Edhi Foundations opinions are not widely known. …. This man could well free itself, if he had not appealed Cesar' ' (Acts 26,31, 32). Today, it is not necessary to possess the heading of Roman citizen or any another nation to have right to a judgment just, being judged for Just the Judge? Mr.

Jesus Christ, is enough to become it (and to follow its Orders), To confess public its Sins and Not to sin more. The sentence rendered for that thus they proceed, will be the guarantee of Perpetual Life. For all its followers, exist the guarantee of a Celestial Dwelling, where he will not have illnesses, corrupes, social conflicts and nor the performance of our bigger adversary, therefore in that place, will only have cnticos of louvores the God and perpetual rejoicing (2 Co 5,1, 2): 2 Co 5,1, 2. Because we know that, if our terrestrial house of this tabernculo if to undo, has of God a building, a house not made for hands, perpetual, in skies. E, therefore, also we moan, desiring to be coated with our habitation, that is of the sky. Although if it cannot need the veracity some facts on the person of Pablo, it is registered history of that it had 1,50 meters of height, possua physical deficiencies (in a leg) and ocular problems (vision) and was bald. It was judged and condemned to the death for Emperor Nero (Nero Claude Germanic August Cesar), but, by being Roman citizen it was not crucificado as it was the custom of the time (nailed in the wooden cross), but yes, decapitated, probably it enters the 64 years 67 d.C., in Rome.

Coffer Atonement

He was used to be burnt incense per the morning and to the afternoon for the priests. Table of Breads of the Proposal – it was soon to the right of the entrance. It had this name, therefore all Saturday were placed 12 breads, symbolizing the 12 tribes of Israel on of it. Gold candelabrum – To the left of the entrance, with seven connecting rods. He was daily fulled for the priests so that never to erase itself, Only while he was being carried. Saint of the SantosO Veil – curtain that separated to the Lugar Saint of the Saint Dos Santos. Coffer of the Alliance – Symbolized the Presence of God and loaded the Boards of the Law – the 10 Orders – and the manna pot (food ordered for GOD in the desert). More saint of the Tabernculo.Propiciatrio was the part – nothing more than what the cover of the Coffer.

It was the place where Sumo Priest, a time to the year, in the day of the Atonement, sprinkled the blood for the redemption its sins and for the sins of povo.AS SACERDOTAISSamara VESTMENTS de Souza Freitas instructed You Moiss on the way where if it would make the intermediao between It and the people of Israel, giving to it instructions detailed on the priests who would have serviz it in tabernculo, its vestments, and its consecration. The first priests chosen for you had been brother of Moiss, Aro, and its children Nadabe, Abi, Eleazar and Itamar. They had greaters responsibilities of what the excessively levitas ones: Supreme priest: He was responsible for all the priests and levitas.