Sanctification not and fanatism. It has believers that, when the subject is the sanctification, they leave exactly for the fanatism. Certain brother affirmed that, in the coming of Christ, the believers who will be taking bath they will be arrebatados! Why? Simply, because they will be naked! It also had a time where if it could not use perfume, therefore they said the ones that if considered saints: ' ' We already have the perfume of Cristo' '. However, the nudez condemned for God is the one that leads to the immorality, related with the lasciviousness and the pornography. Mr. also condemns the nudez spiritual, that is, the destitution of the favour of God, caused for the arrogance and the blind confidence in the human resources, as he happened with the shepherd of the church of Laodicia (AP 3,17, 18).

How much to the perfume (good I smell) of Christ, the education of Pablo is in the direction spiritual (2 Co 2,14-17). the television set? It is clearly that we do not approve the programmings unprincipled people and tendenciosas that in it are presented. However, one is about a device as excessively, as it is the computer, the radio, etc. You unite, speaking in radio, in the time where did not have television set, who age the villain? The radio! They said some ' ' santos' ': ' ' The radio is the box of the devil! ' ' But the time passed, the world evolved, and was demonstrated that the extremism was not optimum way to deal with the subject in focus. Sanctification and fanatism the sanctification also is not isolation. Certain time, a sister said that, when it devotes itself, the people do not obtain nor to look at for it, so great its sanctity! I believe that more saint of what did not walk in this land a person Jesus.

Coffer Atonement

He was used to be burnt incense per the morning and to the afternoon for the priests. Table of Breads of the Proposal – it was soon to the right of the entrance. It had this name, therefore all Saturday were placed 12 breads, symbolizing the 12 tribes of Israel on of it. Gold candelabrum – To the left of the entrance, with seven connecting rods. He was daily fulled for the priests so that never to erase itself, Only while he was being carried. Saint of the SantosO Veil – curtain that separated to the Lugar Saint of the Saint Dos Santos. Coffer of the Alliance – Symbolized the Presence of God and loaded the Boards of the Law – the 10 Orders – and the manna pot (food ordered for GOD in the desert). More saint of the Tabernculo.Propiciatrio was the part – nothing more than what the cover of the Coffer.

It was the place where Sumo Priest, a time to the year, in the day of the Atonement, sprinkled the blood for the redemption its sins and for the sins of povo.AS SACERDOTAISSamara VESTMENTS de Souza Freitas instructed You Moiss on the way where if it would make the intermediao between It and the people of Israel, giving to it instructions detailed on the priests who would have serviz it in tabernculo, its vestments, and its consecration. The first priests chosen for you had been brother of Moiss, Aro, and its children Nadabe, Abi, Eleazar and Itamar. They had greaters responsibilities of what the excessively levitas ones: Supreme priest: He was responsible for all the priests and levitas.