Quark Consciousness

Dance reality, trances and own growth the entire observable and measurable universe is the expression of a consciousness of acting. An awareness that life creates, like the rose flowers. We are expression and origin of this consciousness in one\”writes Hans Rosegger. We are the Aladin, rubbing at his magic lamp and we are the Jinn which is equipped, infinitely powerful cosmic forces. find it difficult to be quoted properly. Only our doubts as to the validity of non-material realities prevent to grasp this unit to us. And these doubts are so strong, that we are not even given the results of our own physics, molecular biology and mathematics, which all provide clear indications on parallel worlds, multidimensional hyper spaces and variability of time for decades, able, to liberate us.\” The second book of the Bergheimer author is from the States, where we are, without realizing it. It describes what is happening in trance States and why we draw the conclusions we draw. It shows the paths for our growth by means of the technology and the modern shamans on.

How to process the information in the brain and what we get with it involves how we perceive the world… The measurable physiological and molecular changes in the biological phenomenon of being are not the cause of its experience and perception, but they are an expression of the activity of consciousness. \”What we life\” call is always a symptom of processes taking place in the Urbewusstsein. The footprints are about what we see in the human world,\”this activity, we collect based on statistical rules. In the noise of chaotic movements of the Urbewusstseins, we discover rules and assemble them in a sense. We then compress the universal laws. \”The quantum computer brain\” learns these laws immediately and repeated it in every moment of our existence. To emerge from this Urrauschen the chains of causal logic, condense to quantum and Quark, atoms, molecules, cells, organisms.