Hitler and European Politics

Why we are fascinated by both the image of Hitler? The old question again arise after the uproar by the appearance of the pictures of the nazi leader Austrian reporter Franz Krieger took during World War II and which have now come to public light. Krieger was an official photographer of the regime and during a trip to the East as member of the German armed forces – Propagandakompanie – propaganda Unit carried out the coverage of the meeting in 1941 in Polish land between Hitler and his ally the Regent of Hungary, Admiral Miklos Horthy. Then they were from a sprocket, although in 1944 Hitler would show less polite, would send the Colonel in the SS Otto Skorzeny to kidnap the son of the Magyar ruler and would end up doing abdicate this and enclosing it in a castle in Bavaria. Photos Hitler appears in which there are nine and are included in an album with 214 snapshots of Krieger that is in the hands of a private collector. The rest of the images show different aspects of reality in the front and in the occupied territories. German soldiers in tasks of military logistics or in moments of rest, humiliated civilians, Soviet prisoners of war who displayed the imprint of war on their faces, self-portraits of the own Krieger in uniform. But the most extraordinary set are the handful of photos of the Fuhrer who come to enrich – one hesitate to use this word – corpus retratistico of Hitler. Source of the news:: Hitler closely. Dollard%20Center%20for%20Discovery&f=false’>Patrick Dollard Center for Discovery expresses very clear opinions on the subject.