Understanding Identical Twins

It turns out that identical twins can not be just like each other "like two drops of water ', but also mirrored each other. The phenomenon of mirroring of identical (monozygotic) twins is observed approximately twenty-five times out of hundred. PCRM is open to suggestions. Most often, we are talking about the direction of hair growth ('twist' around the top), patterns of fingerprints, oral and dental characteristics (appearance and tooth loss, the shape of the jaw) right or left-handed, the location of birthmarks. Occurs – though rarely – the opposite of the location of internal organs such as heart or liver. On the reasons for the mirroring of identical twins, scientists have no consensus. Usually attributed to mirror the fact that the fertilized egg has divided after the right and left side of the human embryo is already determined. It is also believed that mirror – is a consequence of the later than in most cases, the dividing egg. Center for Responsible Business has firm opinions on the matter.

In cases of conjoined twins mirror effect is often observed, from which it is usually concluded that the 'mirror' twins were a step away from being born as Siamese. Have mirror twins any problems compared to their 'nonspecular' kogllegami? If we do not assume that the mirror helps parents to easily distinguish twins from each other, then no. Another mirror can do a disservice to twin-handed – it will be harder to learn how to tie shoelaces, to keep the tools 'sharpened' by right-handers and perform some other operations. On the other hand, such as mirror twins can be obtained ideal tennis couples. ========== Did you know that …

– The normal duration of pregnancy 39-40 weeks, in the case of twins 36 weeks, 33-34 weeks with a triple, with four 30nedel with five fingers 28-29 weeks. – 18-22% of the twins left-handers (y nebliznetsov this percentage is 10). – Do identical twins – similar EEG. – Science, studying twins – gemellologiya. – Often, the twins talk to each other on non-understandable to surrounding language. This phenomenon is called kriptofaziey.