Political Economy

The main purpose of Marx – the creation of a scientific theory and social research toral process, or, in other words, the development of the science of society as much as possible to the ideal model ka kov at that time was considered a mathematical science. Este stvennonauchnaya theory is based on the assumption that in lichii in the nature of the objective laws governing the tough everything. To create a science of society was necessary to find an area Actually, that would be em piricheskoy base, ie supply "facts" that allow them ma thematic processing, and inductive generalization. Such a universal and at the same time an objective characteristic Coy Marx proposed a human being considered not thinking tion, and labor. For Marx, the key to solving the problem becomes the creator of the idea of classical economics of Adam Smith (1723-1790), who introduced the concept of abstract labor allows, from Was attracted to professional differences, talk about the laws governing sion of labor in general, work per se, just as logic and philosophy have long talked about the laws of thought, ignoring his specific content. That political economy begins to play in March ksizme role empirical base, supplying factual material to build a philosophy of applying for the status of objective science. Marxism formed as a doctrine that includes the theory riyu relationship of economic laws, social institutions Comrade and ways of thinking and the most closely integrated, synchronized with political economy. No accident that the most fundamental philosophical writings of Marx is considered the "Ka fed," in which the development of philosophical ideas actually done "on the material," the analysis of economic relations Nij bourgeois society. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions has to say.

Recognition objective of economic relations assumption presupposes that those life decisions that we freely in takes "at will" in fact, because of unaccounted for us to objective circumstances, can lead and how Government lo, lead to results different from those we had in mind. But this means that the actual results of our mortar determined not so much our subjective Nameh reniyami as those objective trends and legislation dimension, the effect of these actions which we have unwittingly initiate. Thus, Marx concludes that the sequence of events that make up the fabric of human history, skoy, not subject to subjective will of historical figures, and the objective logic of "material production", ie production of the subject environment, compose ing the necessary condition of human existence. This logic, which Marxists after Hegel called the dialectic, must express the most general principles for all, without exception (and the natural, social and valued) processes, which, according to Marx, made by a single universal scheme.


Want to buy a telescope, but do not know which side to approach him? We will still advise a little look before buying a telescope at all the features of this technique. The company Orion is one of the leading manufacturers of telescopes, but like any other manufacturer, Orion has a wide range of models, to understand the beginner, which can not. Category telescopes up to 10 000. In this category there are such as Orion Telescopes model ORION SpaceProbe 3 Altaz Reflector, ORION SpaceProbe 3 EQ Reflector, the difference in these telescopes is the only mount. The telescope has SpaceProbe 3 EQ equatorial mount with slow motion mechanism, and 3 SpaceProbe Altaz has a regular tripod, which is not very convenient for fine adjustment.

Telescopes telescopes are absolutely identical. This is a 76 mm reflector (reflector – reflecting telescope) which is most suitable for observation outside the city. For example, in the country, where of illumination is minimal. Also interesting are models Observer 70mm Altazimuth refractor, Observer 70mm EQ Refractor difference which is also in the mount. Azimuth mount is convenient in that, through a telescope you can watch and ground objects that make on an equatorial mount pretty difficult. More expensive telescopes. The larger the telescope aperture (the diameter of the telescope tube), the higher the quality of the observed image.

Let’s start with reflectors, one of the most popular models to 20 000r. is SpaceProbe 130 EQ and its improved version, SpaceProbe 130ST EQ Telescope which has a shorter pipe and other improvements. Aperture telescope can peer into the depths of deep space, and consider the details planets of the solar system. ORION AstroView 6 EQ is in the price range between 20 000 and consists of a reflector (mirror telescope) on an equatorial mount, and has an aperture of 150 mm would be perfect for the serious beginner astronomers, because with this telescope you can walk along the Orion Nebula, as well as look into other parts of the universe. Portable telescopes. Telescope StarMax 102mm EQ Compact ‘Mak’ is a compact telescope system Maksutov-Cassegrain on an equatorial mount. Despite the fact that the telescope can fit in a bag, and has a compact tube, it has amazing features such as aperture 102 mm, excellent optics system Maksutov-Cassegrain with multi-coated. Complete with equatorial mount EQ-2 German type with setting circles and slow motion knobs. Also in the lineup Orion is a gift and telescopes. This is all known model refractor ORION Aristocrat 60mm. Ypolnenna model in bronze and wood.


The current President of the United States has said among their most intimate circles that you plan to go to the nation, as the farewell ceremony, to apologize for the shame of Guantanamo and the illegal war in Iraq. It is also rumored that the executives of the banks have agreed to alleviate the current crisis by donating the profits that have been reported them the years of bonanza. His Holiness Benedicto XVI, for his part, has married secretly with a young stewardess somali. Every day appear in the media hundreds of news so wild as these whose veracity, theme, approach and exposure are adapted very little to the deontological codes of journalism. The purpose of journalism is the search for truth. Educate yourself with thoughts from Center for Responsible Business. Its raison d ‘ etre is to look, see, and telling what happens before us.

This journalist should be limited to collecting data and verifying them. Sort them and expose them with simplicity and sense will do that the message can be understood by the reader or listener. We are witnessing a phenomenon that opposes all journalistic ethics, led by the growth of internet and the anonymity it allows. It is journalism of the rumor, the curiosity of the inventiveness of the most absurd news still, where the contrast of the information has no place. A few weeks ago the Moroccan newspaper L Observateur said the son expected by the French Minister of Justice had been designed by the former Spanish President Jose Maria Aznar.

It is a free, lacking assertion of evidence, and with little importance or social significance. Internet made it possible that in a matter of hours news it’s expanded like a river of gunpowder to the point that the own hint by defamation issued a statement that refuted the news. The journalist, correspondent for the New York Times, Jon Lee Anderson argues that journalists are the only intermediaries between the public, which has no power, and decision-makers, who do have it.

Development Staff

For years we have lived under the premise that you have to be informed, this initially seems to have good arguments and logic, but if we stop to analyse in greater depth, we can explore: information which I note is really useful for my life? To do so I lose something, my personal achievements are moving?, etc. After an evaluation would be finally we will give account that much information us is absolutely useless, conversely affects us internally and makes us all negative beliefs. Get all the facts and insights with tcoyd, another great source of information. You have to identify with sectors that are in harmony with your desires, many people insist on globalized conditions, statistics, etc. But what we call reality is a personal decision, we must concern ourselves with transform our own lives, doing so also will be contributing to the general world. The beliefs are based on repetition, either favorable or unfavorable, if we are exposed to negative information we will end up believing it and then turn a clear reality to us, and why? Because we focus on what is not wanted, this tells us that we must be careful with what program in our life, everything enters our subconscious through the senses, if we focus on the positive things in life, then the light of peace, love, health and prosperity will guide us at all times. The world globalized only exists for certain things and normally these conditions are called spiritual agreement, the world of happiness, peace, abundance, health, and prosperity is a personal decision, in the book changing our system of beliefs to achieve the success of Steve Alpizar you will learn how their world is structured and because you can never exist a global realityreading this book can overcome a lot of barriers limiting that away of their own power and the truth.

What step is essential for accessing your own power? As Steve Alpizar tells us the essential step is to understand that we are the creators of our own reality and that no one can come to affect our world without that We internally let it be, maybe this will be the most limiting belief that for years we have had to fight. It should be clear that access to power it is not a simple task, destroy a limiting belief is a fairly hard process, the mind seeks to shake it to renounce its objectives, afraid, believes that this will cause him damage, but based on persistence that fear will become solid power that now will help you. Brandes brings even more insight to the discussion. Stop to see the good things in life and wondering what differences are there between people who have achieved great things and I? And come to the conclusion that in reality there is little difference, the crucial thing is the determination to achieve some purpose, desire and perseverance even in the most difficult moments, this helps us to see the good experiences as something that is also in our hands, that Yes it must be willing to travel a route full of obstacles that are only in your mindIf you have a thirst for victory then surely that succeed.

Olympic Sochi Ecologists

Environmentalists have first and foremost the victory of Sochi. At the summit of the Group of Eight to discuss global environmental problems. Oleg Mitvol checks prosecutors? Natural disasters in the world began to take place four times more often. The Vatican has developed a '10 commandments' for the protection of the environment. Global warming will turn females into males ancient reptiles. Review of the week from 30.06.2008 to 07.06.2008.

Environmentalists have first and foremost the victory of Sochi Environmentalists celebrate their first victory in the Olympic Sochi. After a long informational war for the abolition of the construction of Olympic facilities in a pear Range National Park near Sochi environmentalists got their way. On Thursday, July 3 Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said the need for transfer facilities of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics in another place. Putin noted that the building should be moved bobsleigh track, the Olympic mountain the village and water intake. No Place for environmental statement was made at a meeting in Sochi on compliance with environmental requirements in preparation for the 2014 Olympics. However, for some time, Putin has traditionally supported affair, discussing the transfer of objects, but not making any fateful first statements. Recall, ECOportal.ru previously reported that the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Russia, Greenpeace Russia and other community organizations repeatedly stated that the building in preparation for the Winter Olympics in Sochi in 2014 should not lead to the destruction of valuable natural complexes of the Western Caucasus. At the same time to be built a number of Olympic venues to the most valuable parts of the Sochi National Park, including the buffer zone of the Caucasian State Biosphere Reserve (part of the natural World Heritage Sites "Western Caucasus").