Yekaterinburg Diploma

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The Nation

Entities are responsible for transmitting knowledge take little knowledge of the law, this phenomenon arises from the analysis that teachers do when they realize that the Constitution is rarely respected by the leaders. In my opinion this is not sufficient reason to deny the people what they clearly belong to him, such actions undermine the nation's intellectual heritage. 4) that which breaks with the parameters set by law is what we call illegal and more when the breakdown of artificial convention directly affects the people. What I find curious is that the people responsible for impoverishing the people. Since most teachers are poor. If you want to teach the constitution in order to enter the constitutional legality, it must give education the priority of the philosophers. Some teachers are turning to social science, studying the race queens.

But I'm afraid to say they would not be addressing the issue seriously. The teaching of the Constitution rests with the philosophers are not limited in the search for truth. For philosophers the reason the object is most prevalent in the explanation of social phenomena. 5) the countries of the earth who do not teach the Constitution their people, are the most mediocre. Because there is nothing more than mediocre to establish laws and then hide them. This approach is worthy of slaves and free men not engaged in the legislation. 6) the constitutions are formed with the aim of establishing the fundamental principles that should govern societies. 7) the constitution is not a formality required by law, is a necessity.