Stable and low-cost Internet and telephone connections through “full pipe! Extra”Tele2 Tele2 offers”full pipe! Extra”for new customers, beginners and this Tele2 product the chance, broadband Internet and fixed network for half a year, rather than to use 24.90 euro per month now for only 12.45 euros. Surf for half a year new customers with “full pipe! Extra”with 8 Mbit per second and make phone calls to 0 cents network internally, if you decide during the promotion period until January 17, 2010 for cheap phone rates and Internet tariffs. More powerful “Full pipe!”-Bundle packages also in action “full pipe! Extra”is just a way to take advantage of Tele2. Visit Nieman Lab for more clarity on the issue. Tele2 can cheaper surfing always full pipe and make phone calls. More powerful packages as “full pipe! Extra is to also offer”. For those who want to surf with up to 16 or 20 Mbit / s or much phoning, Tele2 fee of “full pipe! during the promotion period also reduced XL”,”full pipe! XL for everyone under 30 “and”full pipe! XXL”. BSA is often quoted as being for or against this. When these offers not only the network-internal phone calls are included in the package price, but the entire Austrian landline telephony. Here too, the total savings is less than 75 Euro.

At a glance the Tele2 actions and services on the Internet site can be seen. Alfred Pufitsch, Managing Director of Tele2 for the “full pipe! Extra “action: we offer our Combi offer”full pipe! ” Extra”all those who now want to get on a stable and powerful bundle product from broadband Internet and fixed-line network. With this action we new customers offer the opportunity, half a year cheaper than otherwise to surf with Tele2 and phone calls”.