Cargo Transportation

Our transport company is equipped with all necessary equipment in order to qualitatively carry oversized. Transportation of cargo and oversized cargo Oversized require careful handling to myself, whether it's transportation or oversize freight Petersburg oversized in other regions of Russia. C Our oversized freight transportation company will be performed in compliance with all rules and requirements for this type traffic. Our advantages: We provide transportation to the territory of Russia (freight Moscow – Ufa Tver trucking, trucking Moscow – Krasnoyarsk, Russia) and international transport (freight Kazakhstan, cargo Minsk). Cargo transportation of dangerous, oversized and heavy cargo delivery machinery for road and rail.

We offer cargo transportation by all modes. We will take care of customs clearance and freight road transport in other modes. We provide services for an armed escort of goods in the implementation of cargo and freight CIS Russia CIS. Professional freight forwarding and transport logistics. Container, multimodal and intermodal transport. Our company is in good faith to carry out their responsibilities to customers, all orders will be completed on time regardless of the volume of cargo transportation. We guarantee quality transportation regardless of the complexity and range of distances, our staff will quickly solve all issues and problems.

You will be satisfied with our work. Shipping to Russia and the CIS, by transportation Moscow Our company provides transportation to all corners of Russia, long cargo Moscow – Krasnoyarsk, trucking Moscow – Surgut, trucking Moscow – Ufa, trucking Moscow – Tyumen, trucking Moscow – Perm and CIS countries. The most popular routes in our company shipping Tver – Moscow, Tver region trucking, transportation, Tver, Moscow transportation, trucking Sochi, trucking Russia – CIS. CIS Cargo Transportation is also in great demand among our customers, so for example, demand for transportation of Belarus, Minsk, and other freight lines trucking Russia – CIS. Carry Freight Moscow – St. Petersburg, Tver carriage for a short time, we can carry oversize any complexity, transport bulky freight Petersburg and oversized in other regions of Russia, our company will perform without delays. Our transportation company provides assurance that the cargo Petersburg-Moscow and Moscow transportation – St. Petersburg, Tver carriage or transportation of Sochi will be executed exactly at the stipulated time and in spite of situation on the roads. Our transport company offers transportation, Moscow, Tver trucking, trucking Petersburg – Moscow. Also, OOO "RusBiznesGrup" provides transportation from Moscow to different directions, transportation Tver – Moscow, trucking Moscow – Perm, trucking Moscow – Ufa, trucking Moscow – Tyumen, trucking Moscow – Surgut, trucking Moscow – Krasnoyarsk. Our company provides not only transportation, Moscow, and Tver freight, trucking Tver region at affordable prices. Main areas: transportation miami, transportation of Kazakhstan; shipping belarus, minsk transportation; oversized cargo, cargo LPG cargo Petersburg Moscow, St. Petersburg, Moscow transportation, trucking Moscow Perm, Moscow Ufa shipping, trucking moscow Tyumen, Surgut, Moscow transportation, trucking, Moscow Krasnoyarsk, transportation, Moscow, Russia CIS transportation; shipping Tver and Tver Region; freight Tver.