Distinguished Russian Liner Design Murals

10 December 2010, Moscow – online store offers unique goods zimograf.ru – children and adults boots, hand-painted by master artists. The main feature of this proposal is the possibility of putting on boots any image on request. For corporate clients, offers a service application to the boots company logo, drawing pictures, symbolizing the spirit of the company, or associated with the activity company. These boots will be a memorable gift for the partner or management company. They can also be a bright and eye-catching element of the costume promoter used for promotions.

In addition, they can be useful and practical element of the winter uniforms of employees. Buyers no doubt appreciate the benefits of these boots. After all, they are matted by hand from natural, environmentally friendly wool, and retain heat in the most severe frosts. Orthopedic boots have a lift, so the legs are not tired. It is important to note that the feet in these boots made of wool sweat less than in the boots with the fur. Since boots painted by hand, they may cause the image of any shape, size and complexity. Qualification master artists can paint the whole picture.

In addition, hand-painted to ensure uniqueness of each a pair of boots. Used high-quality paint is absorbed deeply into the felt, it does not fade and does not spread. After many years of wear pattern is not erased, it is very difficult even stesat blade. At customer’s request inscription or a picture can be outlined by a contour depicting, for example, powdered with snow. Currently the online store zimograf.ru are 25 ready-made models adult boots, and 6 models of children. They differ in color, shape and course symbols. Painted in traditional Russian style, they will help its owner stand out from the crowd and still keep your feet warm throughout the winter, no matter what temperature records it may be put.