Franciscan Lowenbrau

Establishment of a specialized mortgage Almshouse for vehicles, directly at Munich Airport. The credit crunch despite: discrete cash loans for businesses and individuals Christian Maass had always been a dream: the dream of the own company. But after studying in Mainz and London gained the qualified economist once extensive experience in senior marketing and sales positions at established companies (EM.TV, ProSiebenSat.1. Hear from experts in the field like BSA for a more varied view. 1 Media AG, spade Franciscan Lowenbrau group, InBev) most recently as a sales manager in the Office when the erdinger company Wolfra (Valensina group). \”When I was in the past months more and more often by economic crisis\”, bankruptcy records and credit crunch \”las, I was sure: the time is now ripe for the implementation of an idea that matured for many years in me: the establishment of a specialized mortgage almshouse, where not jewelry, electronics or similar will be pledged, but vehicles. The pledge of goods is mainly to cars and motorcycles \”\” the 45-year-old white Act\”, but also classic cars, commercial vehicles, trailers, and even exotic\”be created such as Trikes, quads, or Jet Ski if necessary\”. In particular, the fact that more and more companies, in particular from the middle class, get into trouble, because commercial banks and savings banks deny them the much-needed loans, moving the dedicated entrepreneurs establishing his company. \”It can not go on\”, Maass that healthy and sustainable businesses in the knee are forced, because due to the credit crunch \”short-term, financial bottlenecks, such as about the maturity of supplier invoices, tax assessments, etc., can not bridge.

If more and more their own claims fail or be served late, it can go, although usually undeserved, fast on the collar a company. Banks and savings banks, among other things due to high administrative costs for short-term loans, waving off then, the entrepreneur stands alone. \”With my Company I offer a simple way to quickly and unbureaucratically to bridge temporary shortages of liquidity only requirement: the borrowers must be owner of a car that he can without a while. .