Prince Charming

Try to be as close to the truth, do not praise generosity greedy person. Will look like a mockery. If such a compliment is given expanded very hard (not enough imagination) you can just list all of the most vivid adjectives which come to mind (see paragraph 4). It is advisable not less than ten. It’s really impressive. Now on to the wish. Classics – a desire to be yourself. Just wish you happiness, luck, love and fulfillment of all desires, if your communication with a person can only be called friendly.

If you are writing Greetings to a friend, you can write a heartfelt wish for – you know what this person is dreaming than living. The main thing is to avoid painful. Can in fact something very want to, but not love to talk about it right? Be tactful. When you finish the greeting, you can simply sign from N. You can use a more sophisticated signature: with love, love, with best wishes, miss you, always yours, yours truly …. Congratulations to look like this: burn down Marina! You are our sunshine. You the same warm, funny and gentle.

You’re happy about us with her smile and good mood. Remain always as good and beautiful. Let luck and good luck accompany you! We wish you to meet my Prince Charming and finally get a raise. With love, your friend Sasha and Masha. This is a simple version of the greetings. You can make more complex and, most importantly, would be a fantasy. For example, take any story (even the famous cartoon), and make out all the compliments in the same style. Something like: let your love be as the de strong as Shrek, funny as Donkey, passionate, as Dragon. Importantly, more humor and positive message of congratulations. Do not forget about the differences between male and female greeting. Actually, congratulations man should be slightly less sweet than for women. The whole structure is the same – compliment, suggestion. But do compliment professional qualities, rather than external data men. Most importantly, think about the good, making compliments, and do not spare the time, otherwise of this scheme will not work.