Division of Property

All property acquired by spouses during cohabitation, according to Ukrainian law, is their joint property, so the division of property in both spouses equal shares and rights to them. Often spouses without interference by themselves divide marital property (houses, vehicles, securities, jewelry, cash, etc.) But sometimes, without the aid of the court can not divide the property without unnecessary disputes. And then absolutely does not matter who earned the money to buy a car, or anyone decorations for the house during their life together. All property in any event will be equally divided between former spouses. In addition to the acquired assets under Divorce equally divided off all the debts.

In some cases, the court may depart from the principle of equal shares, for example, when children are living with a spouse. Under the division of property upon divorce does not get the property, which until marriage is the property of one spouse, or was given or received by inheritance during the marriage already. In this regard, it is recommended to keep documentary evidence that it was donated you personally, rather than family. Division of property upon divorce is not subject to wear and shoes of the spouses. Please note that the jewels are not the subject of clothing, therefore, subject to section two. Not subject to section things are bought for meet the needs of minor children (clothing, footwear, school supplies, etc.) All these things are transmitted in its entirety to one spouse, who will continue to live children. To avoid disputes and negative emotions recommend a lawyer. After all, an experienced specialist not just faced and solved similar situations, so know what pitfalls may arise in the division of property upon divorce of the spouses. And he knows how to divide property, so as not to have one of the parties did not raise resentment or anger at her ex-husband. After all, the future spouses still have to communicate among themselves, especially if they have common children.

Water Counters

More recently, in the cities, many people purchase water meters in order to save money on your water supply. Are both opponents and advocates of this trend. According to some, the savings is zero and the benefits of this do not get, given the cost of installing meters, while others urge that preserved a lot of money by installing the counters. On whose side the truth is still not easy, but let's try to do it. I think you first need to say, what are the water meters. They represent a special measuring instruments designed to track the number of water consumed.

It's no secret that there are many types of such devices, but to dwell on this detail is not necessary, because you can explain in detail all aspects of shop assistant. Before purchasing a water meter almost all are given the same question: "Will this new benefit?" I should say that the answer to this question can not be unambiguous. An elderly granny, spending no more than 2 cubic meters of water per month, buying a water meter not exactly hurt, but a large family is not always beneficial set accounting equipment. No less disturbing question that puzzles many, it sounds like: "Do not spoil the connection of water meters appearance of the premises?" You can almost say for sure, that the interior will not be crippled, as the counters are usually set in secluded places, and practically invisible. In any case, the counters can be hidden from view by a simple masking procedure Suggest what better to buy a water meter, I unfortunately can not but assortment is now huge and everyone will be able to pick up the equipment in accordance with their preferences. Experienced sales consultants will advise you the best option according to your wishes and budget. Thus, each is to understand that when you install the water meter must take into account many different parameters, so you can judge whether the installation of this equipment advantageous.