Thus, the produced garbage was played the opened sky, and, in some cases, he was burnt in the deep one of the yard of the residences. This age an attitude that did not harm the population due to little amount of houses and garbage, without counting that most of it was organic, therefore, passvel of being used in the plantations as seasoning. Another fact that must be salient in this period, it is that the quarrels on the garbage in Brazil still were insignificant, fact that is related with the great amount of people liveing in the field. From the decades of 1970 and 1980, with opening of roads binding Are Domingos to the remaining portion of the country, the town start to receive great lead of migrantes directed for governmental politics that stimulated the search of so dreamed ' ' ownership of terra' '. As the land in this region she was strong controlled for local oligarchies, as of the Mutran, for example, according to Emmi (1987), these migrantes had started to fix housings in the town, that grew quickly becoming main vilarejo of the city which belonged, Are Joo of the Araguaia.

With this transformation in the space the garbage started to have new characteristics, therefore the roads if had become the main door of entrance for a infinity of industrialized products, that beyond fulfilling with its paper of merchandises, had provoked an increase in the amount and diversity of dejections. The nature passed not of the account of to recycle all garbage produced for the population, therefore, from now the garbage derived from products that came imported of other regions of the country and the exterior, that arrived at mentioned vilarejo through the road transport, as the trucks, for example. Already in the decade of 1990 it has considerable a population growth, that takes part of the population to demand the emancipation politics, that is, the desatrelamento of Is Domingos of Is Joo of the Araguaia, and the consequent rise of the related territory to the city condition.

Latin America

It is not impossible that strong tremors have shaken our country in the past, and could come back to happen in the current days. 3 SCALE RICHTER the Richter scale is a system created by is not perceived by the people; 3,5 the 5,4 frequently are not felt but it can cause damages; 5,5 the 6,0 cause small damages, mainly in buildings badly constructed; 6,1 the 6,9 can cause serious damages, mainly in places very town; 7,0 the 7,9 earthquake of great ratios with serious damages many deaths; 8,0 or more 1922 5.1 points in the Richter scale; Espirito Santo 1955 6,3 points in the Richter scale; Mato Grosso 1955 6,6 points in the Richter scale; Cear 1980 5,2 points in the Richter scale; Amazon 1983 5,5 points in the Richter scale; Rio Grande of the North 1986 5.1 points in the Richter scale; Minas Gerais 2007 4,9 points in the Richter scale. According to Ronaldo Decicino (2002): ‘ ‘ The tremors that occur in our country elapse of the existence of imperfections (small cracks) caused by the consuming of the tectnica plate or are reflected of earthquakes with epicenter in other countries of Latin America. ‘ ‘ neotectnico of Brazil. In it, Saadi and its team had identified at least 48 imperfection-masters in the domestic territory.

is exactly throughout the tracing of these imperfections that if concentrate the occurrences of earthquakes. Saadi professor (2002) still explains that: All plate is cut by some small blocks, of some dimensions. These clippings, or imperfections, function as a wound who does not heal: although to be old, they can confide at any time to liberate energy. If you have a cut block she compresses and it of a side and of another one, it breaches where already the breaking exists.

Region Points

The use of any model is relatively simple, but a previous reading of the manual and a little of knowledge of geographic orientation make an enormous difference, to enroll itself in some course that today exists in some cities in Brazil or to look a friend who has some model and knows to enter to it the fascinating world of the navigation saw satellite. The market makes use of some manufacturers of receivers GPS and all have models of low cost, that can be installed in the panel of the vehicle or exactly taken tiracolo, while the ways mapeiam that will be being covered, also supplying to the altitude and the speed with precision. Some models perfectly make possible despite you unload the data in a computer, that in turn will locate the called points of navigation way points or land marks, depending on the manufacturer, in a map of the region, leaving everything signaled. 4. Conclusion the objective of this alfabetizao is to develop the capacity of understanding of the geographic space, so that from it the pupil is capable to extract given excellent of what he looks for and to formulate real hypotheses with the information of that he makes use in the map.

In addition, to place to the disposal of the pupils, the knowledge of these new technologies, so that they can contribute for the development of science. The geotecnologias throughout its development had been almost always involved for an atmosphere of estrias that approach them to the reality for the resolution of complex problems of the most different origins and scales, however them become inalcanveis the understanding of most of the people, that if want are made familiar to this type to know, due the ignorance, the unfamiliarity that normally, propitiates the speculation and the mstica. Unhappyly, this process, many times, it is practised from that would have to facilitate the understanding. .

The Limits

Weaknesses as aphasia, apraxia and ack of knowledge blind its logical victims for the space relations and connections auto-evidentes to the majority (FENICHEL, 1945, p 109 cited by LOWENTHAL, 1985). The limits of the forest can be on the identification of forms, but normally they modify the number, size and forms of objects, others they see always them in movement or they locate all the things in the same indefinite distance, being tracings in accordance with the limits of the men who live in the forest. An adequate measure of the sensible function also is prerequisite for the general vision of the common world. No object if really seems as he is to the first sight the blind been born ones not only fail in recognizing visual forms, as well as does not see forms clear, not to be as a mass of consequence of colorful light. Credit: United Way Worldwide-2011. They can recognize objects for the tato, but they do not possess nothing as the common conception of a space with the objects that has in it. A purely visual world also would be an abstraction unreal, a direction steady concrete and of the environment depends on the sinestesia, vision combined with sound and tato.

To see the world more or less as the others they see somebody to it must, above all, grow; the many young, as the many sick people, are incapable to discern adequately between what they are for and what is not. A boy not only is the center of its universe, it is the universe. For the children, everything in the world is alive, created for and for the man, and endowed with proper will: it follows to the sun, its parents had constructed it mountains; the trees exist because they had been planted (LOWENTHAL, 1985). Incapable to organize objects in the space, to imagine places it are of its reach, or to generalize from percipient experiences, the children are especially poor gegrafos.