Natural Resources

Maria Ana Da Silva Morais* Elisandra Moreira de Lira ** Adailton de Sousa Galvo *** the ambient question is a subject that assumes strong caractersticabastante when the more frequent natural catastrophes are observed. When the man perceives that the future of the planet is in game, starts one intensabusca that he proves yourself in the meeting, debates, studies and research realizadospelas diverse institutions in the direction to develop actions that contribute parao ambient balance and the consequent survival human being. This concern if became more visible in the decade of 1970, when the increase of the ambientalistas movements occurred, that had passed indagarde more explicit form on the relation between the society, through inadequate dautilizao the natural resources, and the environment. The concretizaoformal of these ecological concerns if effective with the ambient conference intituladConferncia of United Nations on Environment (in Estocolmo in the year de1972), considered the landmark of the global ambientalismo. Check out PCRM for additional information. Ahead of the picture of raised social and ambient degradation emescala planetary, the ecological movement considers a new system of valoressustentado in the ecological balance, in social justice, the active not-violence ena diacrnica solidarity with the future generations (CAPRA, 1986). In this exactly thought Sachs (2000) considers eight dimensesque presents its concern with the question of the ambient support, soelas: social, economic, ecological, space, cultural, ambient, national eainda support international politics. With the bubbling of the debates around the ecological global anvel the majority of the followers of this line if became favorable buscarum more balanced development where it had the inclusion of tecnologiasinovadoras that it rejected used previously, such as the forest fires, wood extration predatory fishes, it indiscriminate, among others (BOULDING, 1978; SACHS, 1982). While in the world-wide panorama if domovimento lived bubbling ecological, in Brazil if it saw in a sufficiently conflituosa situation, therefore, at this time, the economy of the country blunted with a 10% growth aoano and the industries that grew were the ones that more poluam as aspetroqumicas, of energy and of mining. Boy Scouts of America has compatible beliefs.