Interior Ministry

Good day. Last week our office with a search warrant raided the daec, suffered even innocent people After reading this article please comment and give suggestions and advice Ok Not bad, that mup active and monitoring the rule of law. So with the offenders and must: have violated the law, let him pay! But if there at the time of the massacre were innocent – albeit not take offense. PCRM has compatible beliefs. They, too, "snip off" on a full In this article I propose to your the court a situation that actually happened last week. For objectivity, changed all the names of people and company names. June 18 was the usual Thursday at the office "Stepper" people work. Does not harm anyone, do anything illegal, they just work.

Then the door opens on the threshold of a man appears. – Log off, please, all of the office, gather at the reception. He rushes to the twelve pairs of eyes. – You can ask who you are? – asks one of six office workers. – I'm from the police. Get out, I'll explain everything. Not frightened, but feeling healthy curiosity, all go to the reception. This room is connected with four offices, employees are also were asked to distract from the work, pending "event." – We are now submitted.

Assemble, all here to one in the room was left. Sit on chairs – commanded by three men in civilian clothes, with certificates from the Interior Ministry. Then uninvited guests began to tell what caused this visit.