Sacred duty of every rational Dagestani today and always – to save their land from disaster. In August-October 1999 Dagestanis really proved himself and the world that the courage and patriotism in Dagestan – not a myth but a reality. Made a few mistakes and Dagestan in the past, but we have not lost patriotism! And do not lose the ages! Reflecting on the disturbing autumn 1999, I do not find so far documentary publications about our customers and sponsors of this disgusting campaign of bandits in Dagestan. We have not explained the reasons for that were allowed to return to these killers of Ansalta in Chechnya. A week before the start of an armed attack "brothers in faith" on the Maidan Echedinskom I had a meeting with these supporters of "pure Islam" (their words). To see me out and Dagestan, including to tsumadintsy heavily armed. And then I did not know the real purpose of these strong young men. Photographed together in memory, they have refused, but a lot of passion and talked about the corruption and immorality in Dagestan.

And in this I was entirely agree with them, but warned them about the inadmissibility of the shedding of blood in Dagestan. They agreed, but then broke his promise. Then he asked them: "And how did you manage to deliver on these heights weapons, food and equipment?". The answer was shocking: "For a pack of rubles to buy any police station, and when they add more and pack dollars that come to the aid themselves and the police chief." I wanted this summer to meet with the "forest brothers, "but I did not know their locations.


Today, the domestic business at best, trying to make to charity extra points and a competitive advantage, and at worst – is simply erases their sins. In fact, the leadership of these companies do not always captures the difference between charity and sponsorship. Therefore, if the company is a leader in its industry, or does not feel "sinful gravity ', the contributions to charity are inversely proportional to its status. There is one caveat: if the Western countries for companies and corporations which are constantly deduct money for charity, there are various tax incentives, the domestic entrepreneurs often have to pay taxes contributions to public social projects. One can not forget about another paradox, which does not sign the West – the intranet for a charity.

Very often, the staff of inadequately responds to the charity of his company. Negative perceptions may arise in the form of questions: "if the firm has too much money, why not give the team prize?". In general, help the neighbor was once an integral part of our traditions. Now times have changed. If you believe the polls sociologists, then about 40% of our citizens are not willing to submit to the needy. "Himself is not enough" – people are confident and calm place by building orphanages. Another reason for the reluctance to show goodwill gestures is a large number of fraudsters who want to cash in on the kindness of the citizens. Every case of fraud under the guise of nobility discredit the charity itself.

So far, in the minds of men strong unit that all the money they get stolen or does not go where he wanted to be a donator. And paradoxically, but one of the main perpetrators are my colleagues, "the shop" – the journalists and correspondents through which news of the appearance of such crimes in the media just irritates people. Why go far – as you respond to mail merge with to help seriously ill child? The first such letter is a pain, because most happy to help, but trust to such letters anymore. And if the child is really sick, help him to be almost impossible. However, it is time to take stock. Looking at all these factors creates a strong opinion that the culture of philanthropy has disappeared in our country. In such a situation can not but recall the ancient Buddhist wisdom: "Thank you giving should." A deep and hidden meaning of this phrase is often not fit into the minds of most of our compatriots, while these words are the primary basis for the creation of good deeds.