The Importance And Scope Of Technology In Today’s Reality

Throw a brick to encourage others to teach their jades. Chinese Proverb The scenarios indicate that there is relevance and importance of technological development has led towards countries that have really identified with what it represents. The technology has been around people for many years, being seen in a mystified, as an element that is used when needed but not fully understood. Many of the countries that have achieved their development, notably from Asia, particularly China, Japan, have come to appreciate the relevance of the technology, which represents its development, the positive impact that it can be generated towards the economy: No others have identified as the technology can be seen as something that is unknown but is being forced to use or reject.

This perception is associated mainly with their own fears of technological change: obsolescence of knowledge, technology-based re-engineering, re-education work force and costs. Others including CBC, Australia, offer their opinions as well. It is said that another way of viewing technology is a tool for sharing and be more efficient, a weapon that once adopted, allows the organization to positively differentiate their general environment. This is the point at which we think of processes such as automation and expert systems. The fact that the management of this, you should consider the traditional management thinking, not subject to the autocratic leadership, must be more participatory, to consider that although the reality of the current scenarios should be more strategic, dynamic, be attentive to the performance their responsibilities, innovate, communicate and care about achieving a good team work.Evaluate the scope and development of technology and its impact on winning markets. .