The Organization Or The Individual

"THE ORGANIZATION" not the individual? Nelson Astegher. The American psychiatrist Ralph Cook says in the book a The Country corrompidoa that American citizens have abandoned their moral Staff by a collective morality, institucionailizada. That is, they have abandoned the belief committed reflective sentimentality and popularity, ie, responsibility for obedience. Bitter medicine indeed. There are at least two kinds of moral influence to American citizens today, (and everyone else), social morality and personal morality and individual morality.

And it is the social moral sentimentality proposing compromised. Personal Morality: Can you begin in business or professions with their feet on the bottom rung of the ladder, is gaining strength in you to climb to reach the summit. You can do this if you have the will fueriza and pushing. Succeeds the man who calls him … as soon as they start earning money, form the habit of saving part of their salary. Other than a dollar each ten wins.

The time will come when you have some money saved can control the circumstances, otherwise the circumstances control you. If an individual has earned their money power and successful efforts will boost its neighbors traibajar harder. In America is the only merit test. The birth means nothing. The merit is the supreme and only essential qualification for success. Personal Morality emphasizes the hard working, hard work and self confidence. Reports the most individual. It teaches that each person is responsible for their own achievements, and if they are diligent, honest, hardworking and independent, will accomplish the things you value.