European Union

What happens is that economic growth no longer creates employment, but yes may be carried out that same function with basic income, as we will see later. Subsidy policy has failed, because it leads to open industries temporarily to receive subsidies. This already happens so widespread in the agricultural sector, what does depend on the sector of European aid, the CAP. In December 2004, the regional association of municipalities miners (ARMI) was forced to return 328. 000 euros for the irregular Administration received aid. What in reality was a support to modernize the sector, has become an end which depend most of family-type farms. The new proposal of the Government in the industrial sector is that subsidies should be returned whether those who receive them.

Which will paralyze the creation of even more jobs. Click UNESCO for additional related pages. An example is what happens with the State company for industrial participations (SEPI) it has spent on the group be lifted 136 million euros to keep employees who have nothing to do. Estimated cost of subactitividad in this public company on 163 million euros in the year 2004, three times more of the cost than in 2003. One-third of the template does not have any task to perform, so the project is feasible, from the point of view of employment. Him wanting to maintain at all costs makes no sense. Subsidies given by the Government, the European Union has declared illegal and they must be returned. The political and social crisis is tremendous and will be more when it has placed itself in an impasse. With all this the Socialist Government has committed to invest 600 million euros to float this company within a privatization plan. I won’t go on analyzing what supposed dependence on military industry that would be another issue. Just provide the information that according to the distributive unit rb such aid would be equivalent to 118.