International Dark Sky Association

We can follow guidelines to avoid light pollution: correctly designing public lighting systems. Do not keep lit interior and exterior lights on unnecessarily. Use energy saving bulbs. Establish future installation of public lighting projects regulatory measures. Establish plans for replacement of the current luminaire design. Establish guidelines for public lighting with energy-saving criteria using the luminaires with better energy efficiency. Promote the inclusion of the issue of light pollution and rational use of energy within the environmental and educational topics in all educational levels. Develop public information campaigns.

How lighting we well? Simply using well designed luminaires. To achieve this goal in Argentina a group of amateurs to astronomy together with others interested in the topic we embarked on the measurement of light pollution project, coordinated by the International Dark Sky Association (IDA), performing measurements of brightness of the sky at the length and breadth of our country. Moreover a collaborator of the group, Maria Vivanco, made a short documentary about light pollution in Argentina where you can see the opinion of different people interested in the subject. The trailer along with additional information is available at. . Our intention is that this information reaches to the widest audience possible, to Governments, municipalities and other entities so that we can create awareness of the problems and possible solutions for this type of pollution that is easily avoidable, depends on each of us.

Light up the floor, not the sky from already thank its dissemination. Eng. Ricardo F.