Movies In The Masses

At today's youth the beautiful city of Vinnitsa now have another opportunity to self-realization – participating in the production of movies and TV series. But this is not some low quality video that will not go further than social networks, and present qualitative and television products. Which is so lacking in the market of modern cinema, and which will combine the quality and availability. This 'hobby' is a cultural and organizational. Here the project participants can try their hand at the role of actors, directors and screenwriters, as operators and editors.

The most important thing is to choose his position in detail find a list of his duties at the beginning of the implementation of certain projects and not to abandon their commitments. In various cities of Ukraine participants of this project, it is mostly people who are not going to permanent positions. Today it can be a library, and tomorrow – what a cafe, But producers of the films of Vinnitsa, was luckier – their hospitality has taken various art clubs. They often are set platform for various regional television broadcasts. In these weekly clubs for master classes in acting, stage and directing schools are invited stars home movies, which reveal their trade secrets, and employees of leading Ukrainian TV channels to share their invaluable experience.

Upcoming events scheduled for mid-2011. Together with other areas, young talents from the city Vineyard, will spend a small festival – a show that should wake of today's youth love of beauty. Way of access to 'live' frame, organizers want to do this. The works will be judged directors and actors from Ukraine and from foreign countries. Enjoy the beauty of 'shorts' are the usual audience for them in these days of entry will be free.